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sucking my own cock and cumming in my mouth 30,Aug,13 19:00
Self rimming/ lick your own ass 16,Jun,13 18:10
self sucking 29,Dec,11 10:31
sucking my self 12,Aug,11 10:12
self facial 19,Nov,10 08:56
self sucking 19,Jul,10 15:12


By smokieb69 at 26,Dec,20 14:18

By smokieb69 at 05,Apr,20 08:04
I only really do it directly into my mouth, after I have cum I lose the urge pretty quickly. Having said that, I cum in my own mouth quite often

By smokieb69 at 28,Mar,20 01:39
Those durex lubes are not great, try sliquid silk- amazing for anal play!

By smokieb69 at 16,Dec,19 06:30
almost every time I jerk off

By smokieb69 at 01,Nov,19 02:03
yes! best thing ever!!

By smokieb69 at 11,Jul,19 09:46
Yup, I do it pretty often. Sometimes a full load, occasionally swallow all of it. I love my precum the most- so I try maximize the precum through edging and anal play, so I donít lose that urge to eat it

By smokieb69 at 11,Jul,19 09:36
Self sucking is best. There are a few ďtricksĒ that help, but itís mostly about the length and flexibility of your back. Some positions are easier than others, obviously a bigger dick helps but is not actually essential. Otherwise just jerk off with your dick above your face and spray it into your mouth

By smokieb69 at 21,Jun,19 04:53
all 5, but not all the way in

By smokieb69 at 30,Apr,19 07:09
Yes, I do it pretty often
I love my precum and always try taste that
Sometimes swallow my cum too

By smokieb69 at 30,Apr,19 07:04
Yes, I do it and I am over 40. Check out my pics. Preferably have a hot bath first, always at night - never in the morning, take your time and donít force anything

By smokieb69 at 03,Apr,19 05:43
lots of requests for pics I see - there are pics on my page of me doing it

By smokieb69 at 21,Jan,19 06:11
hey, I would be keen to watch and also suck myself

By smokieb69 at 21,Jan,19 06:10
go to the virgin active gym at old eds, go into the steam room naked and it wont take long

By smokieb69 at 14,Jan,19 03:56
a potato masher, a banana, carrot, cucumber, plastic water bottle, shampoo bottle, ice cubes, beer bottle stem, bockwurst sausage

By smokieb69 at 26,Dec,18 20:16
Yes, I have lots
What are you trading in return

By smokieb69 at 26,Dec,18 20:10
Like this?

By smokieb69 at 20,Dec,18 01:43
Yes, I do - check out my pics

By smokieb69 at 09,Nov,18 01:58
I tried for a while to get my wife to do it. Managed to convince her to try it. Now she likes it and tells me to go and fetch it so that she can fuck me

By smokieb69 at 09,Nov,18 01:17
Definitely when I have played with my ass as part of the fun, dildos or vibratory in my ass and then busting my load on my face and in my mouth

By smokieb69 at 09,Nov,18 01:10
That I suck own own cock and cum in my mouth, that i love getting fucked in the ass with a strapon, that sometimes I dress up in lingerie and that I post pics of all this online

By smokieb69 at 31,Oct,18 00:51
Yes, I recently convinced my wife to fuck my ass with a strap on
It took a while to convince her, but now she seems to enjoy it. I think she likes the power dominance, the vibe in the harness that works on her clit and the enjoyment that I get from the fucking. Itís been amazing!

By smokieb69 at 15,Sep,18 22:14
lots of people do it - most cyclists do it. I don't think anyone will care. I wax my legs (and my ass)

By smokieb69 at 04,Sep,18 09:50
I have been enjoying my ass for many years. When I bought my first anal toy, my wife was pretty shocked and not very supportive. Fast forward a few years and after gently explaining how amazing it feels, how its is equivalent to her Gspot etc etc, we recently bought a strap on and she fucks me with it. I sometimes play myself, with a large collection of toys but the best is when she straps it on and fucks me. It is an amazing, complex experience with sensations that I have never experienced from anything else

By smokieb69 at 10,Aug,18 06:57
I like wearing them sometimes:

By smokieb69 at 14,Apr,18 04:24
like this?

or this:

or this:

or a more feminine version:

By smokieb69 at 05,Apr,18 03:49
i have a few times - one night last week, I was super horny but also needed some ass play. I spat on my fingers and slipped them into my ass while playing with my cock. Blew my load, cleaned my hands on a shirt that i had conveniently left next to the bed and went to **** - she was none the wiser

By smokieb69 at 11,Mar,18 01:48
wow! impressed! and now hard!

By smokieb69 at 11,Mar,18 01:41
this is a fantasy of mine - I suck my own cock, but it would feel amazing to have a cock in my ass while I do it

By smokieb69 at 04,Jan,18 19:22
yeah, this is pretty normal - most of us lose the urge to eat it once we spray it. The other suggestions here are the best - come directly into your mouth.... like this:

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 04:32

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 04:30
i wrote a blog about my experience in the sauna at gyms

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 04:29
i do sometimes. normally at home, but i want to go out with them on more often, or even to work

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 04:25
plenty of times on nudist beaches and a few times in the sauna at gym

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 04:21
wow - lots:
that i suck my own cock and eat my cum
that i love toys in my ass and playing with my ass
that i have been fucked by a womanwith a strapon and i want more of it
that i sometimes dress up in panties
that i post naughty pics of myself online
that i have pissed in my mouth

and more.....

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 04:18
yip, i also do that (still do)

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 04:17
wow - so many!
some of them are shown on my page here

on a nudist beach
on a normal beach
in the woods
at work
in steam rooms and saunas at gym
at the urinals (restrooms and at work)
in a cinema
in the car while driving
in the backseat while being a passenger
in a public pool
on a bus
on a train
airplane toilets
airplane in my seat
store change rooms

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 04:07
i have a couple of massagers and toys for my ass - its amazing! having a toy in my ass makes me produce lots of precum, which i lick up and then it makes me cum far more and have the most intense orgasms

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 03:58
very lucky husband! not only are you smoking hot, but you play with his ass and prostate too

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 03:48

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 03:46

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 03:44

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 03:44

By smokieb69 at 08,Dec,17 03:41

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By smokieb69 at 17,Jul,17 04:52

By smokieb69 at 17,Jul,17 04:50

By smokieb69 at 17,Jul,17 04:48
love nude beaches

although this one was just a normal beach

By smokieb69 at 17,Jul,17 04:45
does this count?

By smokieb69 at 17,Jul,17 04:43
yes, quite often - normally like this:

By smokieb69 at 22,Jun,17 05:11