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Public Sex

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Started by #71131 at 11,Aug,10 13:27
How many guy's love to have sex outside in public. If so let everyone know why you like doing it outside.

I like it because i love being watched, and love being naked outside.

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By #11431 at 08,Nov,10 06:40
my partner likes it and I go along with it occasionally if the fancy takes me .. but I prefer it indoors and in comfort best . Did more of it when I was younger and even went out of my way to seduce a group of lads and get gangbanged outdoors once .. but never repeated that foolish action again !
By #64234 at 08,Nov,10 15:04
Can you give us a bit more detail please
By #11431 at 09,Nov,10 08:12
OK well it was when I was much younger , and I used to walk in the park near me . There were always teenage and early 20s lads playing football and I used to fantasise about group sex with a load of strangers. One day I put on some summery gear and wandered into the park. It was in the day time and I found a spot close to where a small group of lads were having a kick around. I lay on the grass and rode up my skirt to reveal my stocking tops. I began to unbutton my blouse to reveal a nice lacy bra too. After a while I could see they were glancing at me and eventually one lad wandered over and just stood by me staring .... I lifted my skirt up a little more to reveal my panties and he reached out to lift me up by my arm. I stood up and we went into a group of trees close by, followed by the others. He unbuttoned my blouse and I slipped it off , then undid my bra .. he grasped my boobs and I can tell you my nipples went rock hard .. harder and more painful than I can remember before or since ! Another came behind me and unzipped my skirt and that fell to the ground , he then tugged down my knickers and there I was standing naked bar my hold ups , in front of a group of 5 lads. I was terrified but really really excited. The first lad by this time was sucking my nipples and the second one was fingering my cunt from behind. The first lad tookout his cock and I began to tug on it .. slowly I was eased down on to the grass and on to my hands & knees . The first lad got behind me and I knew that this was it ... but I just couldnt go through with it .. dont ask me why , I just realised what an idiot I was being and that it could all go horribly wrong .. I just stood up , apologised and grabbbed my clothes. I am grateful that they were not aggressive about it as I had led them on badly , but they were OK .. and let me get dressed .. I walked quickly home and never repeated it fact it was over a year till I went back to the park again. So that was my never to be repeated adventure .
By botanic at 09,Nov,10 19:28 other posts of botanic 
wish I could have seen a film of that .. thats got me very hard ....

By supablack at 11,Aug,10 14:36 other posts of supablack 
it is a huge turn on to be watch, I like being outside feeling the breeze and just knowing you could get caught is a turn on, the list could prob go on forever

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