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Started by #95836 at 12,Aug,10 13:48
I have been wanking for the past 10 years as the GF has gone off sex. I would love for someone to just play with me for a change, don't have to have sex, I will even just watch someone else have sex and just sit quietly in the corner wanking, just something would be better than nothing. I am not gay or bi but thinking that it might be the only way to get some action without letting my GF know as I would not want to hurt her.

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By lawrenceo at 14,Apr,20 08:05 other posts of lawrenceo 
Just the man; would love to give a guy like you a nice wank. It is always good to have another hand on it.
By tb1 at 14,Apr,20 08:21 other posts of tb1 
yes it is
By DJS at 14,Apr,20 08:46 other posts of DJS 
I knew you would doodatt for him..
By tb1 at 14,Apr,20 14:18 other posts of tb1 
I sure would doodatt
By DJS at 15,Apr,20 03:14 other posts of DJS 

By lawrenceo at 15,Apr,18 02:09 other posts of lawrenceo 
There are so many of us who are lacking a wank buddy.
By tb1 at 06,Dec,19 07:04 other posts of tb1 
very true
By lawrenceo at 14,Apr,20 08:06 other posts of lawrenceo 
A pity you are not closer; you would be one that I called on.
By tb1 at 14,Apr,20 08:16 other posts of tb1 
Thank you, I'd luv too

By cody8789 at 06,Dec,19 17:51 other posts of cody8789 
Bjukas penis is too small to wank
By Scorps at 06,Dec,19 18:20 other posts of Scorps 
I thought maybe the authors cock was like a magic genie lamp...
By cody8789 at 06,Dec,19 18:24 other posts of cody8789 

By Skittles at 06,Dec,19 10:27 other posts of Skittles 
Bjuk, were you member 95836??

By oldbugle at 13,Aug,10 03:25 other posts of oldbugle 
Have you tried asking your GF/partner WHY she has given up on your sex life?....WHY has she just "gone off sex"? Have you tried to persuade her to get back into it? Have you tried to seduce her recently?
By #95836 at 13,Aug,10 06:38
She has a lot of pains from a ulcer so having sex hurts her, so as she can't do anything it just puts her off sex all together.
By oldbugle at 13,Aug,10 07:20 other posts of oldbugle 
Without any wish to be rude or unkind, but somehow I don't think we are getting the full story here........

.......Maybe I'm wrong but to come here looking for a 'bi' experience after 10 years while being "not gay or bi" is likely to present as many problems in your life as you are presumably trying to solve!....just my take on what you have said so far......
By #95836 at 13,Aug,10 08:43
Why does everybody think there must be some other reason? I am telling the truth, and as for trying bi why not i'm not getting anything at the moment, why not try something new after all something is better than nothing. How would you cope with only wanking for the past 10 years? OK she will give me a hand-job about once every 3 months or so but only out of guilt i think, but she is not good at it as she go's at it like she is plunging a sink or something.
By oldbugle at 13,Aug,10 10:08 other posts of oldbugle 
So, as I thought, there IS more to the story!.......if she gives you a hand-job sometimes however rare that means that there is STILL some kind of sexual relationship even tho' it might not be ideal......

.......What do YOU do to keep the relationship alive?.....

If she's "not very good at it" why don't you show her how to do it properly?......

....Could it be that the main problem is that sex is for her to supply and for you to enjoy?.......Just asking?
By #95836 at 13,Aug,10 11:41
I do all I can to keep it alive, I am always cuddling and kissing her, I buy her all the things she wants, and I am always telling her how beautiful she is.

I have shown her how to touch me the way I like it but she never listens and go's back to the way she feels is best.

I have told her that I am not asking her for sex any more and for her to let me know when she feels that she will be able to do it without any pain, but she never does. I ask her if she would like me to just play with her (on the outside, not internally) and she always says no.
She keeps telling me how much she loves me, but I don't feel loved. And that is not just because of the total lack of sex.
By #22155 at 13,Aug,10 12:48
leo, I think you're in a tough spot, and I'm not going to judge you...

is she good at blowjobs? certainly that wouldn't hurt her. Or, would she be keen to you performing oral on her? fingering her? toys? is she the type of lady that might be keen to renting a porno and watching it together?

I mean, if you want a gay or bi experience, that's your choice....plenty of people here can help you. I just wonder if all might not be lost with the gf quite yet?
By cruz69696969 at 06,Dec,19 03:38 other posts of cruz69696969 
I agree there are other ways to be intimate without fucking. I had a girlfriend that had been raped by her brother and intercourse hurt her. But she gave incredible handjobs.

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