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Straight men and anal toys?

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Started by #86039 at 14,Aug,10 12:09
I'm a real straight man, but since a was teen i like to play with big anal toys.
I play alone and with my girlfriend who sometimes give me a fist in my asshole (amazing ).
How many straight men, and I mean STRAIGHT, enjoy this?

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By kre8tor69 at 05,Nov,20 21:57 other posts of kre8tor69 
A lot more than will say so here! If you check sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff. If you take that into consideration then many more of us guys can have anal fun as well as sucking and being sucked by other males ust for the fun of it!!!

By XxXKing808XxX at 28,Oct,20 15:37 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
love anal toys and getting pegged

By NickACE at 19,Oct,20 13:54 other posts of NickACE 
Alot, I mean its not "gay" to have a woman fuck you with a strap on...but even if it was who cares. Pretty sure almost everyone has done that or something like it.
By Scorps at 19,Oct,20 14:15 other posts of Scorps 
🙄 Ya think so, do ya...
By NickACE at 26,Oct,20 07:27 other posts of NickACE 
Just trying to encourage some butt sex lol

By XxXKing808XxX at 19,Oct,20 15:45 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
I really enjoy anal play...having an orgasm during anal pegging

By JustWill at 03,Sep,18 16:49 other posts of JustWill 
Congrats on being a "real" straight man. Those damn artificial straight men are so fucking annoying...
By Scorps at 19,Oct,20 14:18 other posts of Scorps 
HA! This place is chock full of them artificial ones. But, shhhhh 🤫 it'll just be our lil secret. 😉

By Auscock21 at 20,Sep,20 11:42 other posts of Auscock21 
I'm 49 have fingered my ass for years but in the last 7years have really enjoyed stretching my asshole and really want to suck my friends great looking cock. I fully recommend that if you are a straight man get into sticking things up your asshole and experience something fuckin sensational if you love your cock and can't suck it suck one just like it.

By Smoothmann at 26,Mar,19 20:09 other posts of Smoothmann 
I am straight,but I have enjoyed butt plugs and dildos in my ass for years! I have much stronger orgasms with them

By smokieb69 at 04,Sep,18 09:50 other posts of smokieb69 
I have been enjoying my ass for many years. When I bought my first anal toy, my wife was pretty shocked and not very supportive. Fast forward a few years and after gently explaining how amazing it feels, how its is equivalent to her Gspot etc etc, we recently bought a strap on and she fucks me with it. I sometimes play myself, with a large collection of toys but the best is when she straps it on and fucks me. It is an amazing, complex experience with sensations that I have never experienced from anything else

By Narcan at 03,Sep,18 16:45 other posts of Narcan 
Just bought myself the Lelo Loki Wave - HOLY SHIT!!

By GloriD at 11,Apr,18 19:05 other posts of GloriD 
I'm bi so I guess I don't count. That said with how good anal feels, I have no doubt that I'd enjoy it as much as I do if I were straight, though I'd have been entirely less likely to try it. Well I didn't so much try it as my boyfriend at the time convinced me to let him fuck me.

Seriously, if you're straight and don't want to because you think it's gay or something like that. Look it like this, you aren't masturbating your ass, and you aren't simulating being fucked up the ass. You are masturbating a part of your manhood that you can only properly get to through your ass. Specifically your prostate, the part of you that makes you cum.

Well you can masturbate your ass. Sexually it's one of the most sensitive parts of your body. For me more than my balls, less than my nipples. Honestly it takes a lot of getting used to though. It took me a very long time to actually learn to enjoy anal beyond prostate stimulation. Simulating getting fucked by someone is pretty gay though. But hey, I'm half gay
By #554098 at 02,Sep,18 01:09
JimmyB, you might have got caught up in the words, and what others have said here.
I can't speak for other guys, but I loved the feelings from the girl, with the toy!
Any real man wouldn't give a fck about these BS labels, and just an occasional, real penis, sensually, from a trusted friend, as it isn't a any big deal, and maybe a fantasy for more than will admit it!
Nothing wrong with it, and it won't make a 'straight guy' 'gay' if he likes that, from time to time.
I think the problem, for most that would really like to experience, is that they don't know anyone they can trust, or know, that would!
I doubt that any guy, with a REAL PENIS, could make it as incredible, sensual, and erotic, as the women that did it, with me, with their toys!

By #566236 at 01,Sep,18 16:14
I enjoy riding a homemade dildo time to time.My goal is to cum hands free, but it is so hard to achieve,wothout right sex toy.

By Curvedc at 23,Jul,18 16:39 other posts of Curvedc 
I always thought of myself as straight but did get turned on by hard cocks and anal play so one day I was alone I found my wifes 8 inch lifelike dildo lubed it up real good and proceeded to slowly fuck my self with it while I jerked off it was the most intense orgasm Iíve ever had from that point on I was hooked hope to try the real thing one day

By #561720 at 20,Jul,18 08:09
I was always curious and one day when away on business bought a dildo and took it back to my hotel room. It was my first time so I made sure to use lots of lubricant applying it generously with my fingers around my anus and on the dildo. I slowly started circling my manhole with the head of the dildo eventually inserting the tip inside me. My butt seemed to just suck it into me after the head was inserted. The feeling of penetration and the toy rubbing against my prostrate was something I've never felt before. I experimented moving the 5 inch dildo in and out of my ass for quite awhile eventually finding a position where I could move it to massage my prostate without my hands. Then I started touching my semi hard cock with my free hands. Eventually, I started to orgasm. It was the most intense and long orgasm I've ever experienced. Waves of intense pleasure shot through my entire body! Spurt after spurt of cum kept ejaculating from my penis for several minutes! I had never had so much cum and for so long when masturbating normally. Later I researched other toys and tried a few specifically for prostate massage.
By #554098 at 23,Jul,18 00:59
I actually met a really amazing, sweet, open-minded woman, in a college class on Greek and Roman art. We connected, immediately, and started dating, and I would drive her home, rather than her taking the bus. After a few times, we had lunch together, and just spent a lot of time together.
One afternoon, after a class, focusing on the statues, and Censored Frescos, at Pompeii, she asked me in, saying something about 'reviewing' the pics, and maybe Goolging more.
Ok, some of the Frescos have been 'Censored' because they depict images of men, loving men, in the 'Classical' Greek and Roman way!!
She was aroused, and we Googled a lot of things, and needless to say, she pre-planned it, and had a toy ready.
I never imagined a woman wanting to love a man, anally, and she laughed, suggesting it, and I went along with it, never trying that, and who knows??
I **** LABELS, and I don't need to call myself anything, but having her, loving me, with the toy was the most erotic, most intense orgasm, and feelings I have ever had!
Not saying I want a real penis, but I am curious if it is different. . .

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 07:44
Count me in.I think I am straight but I really enjoy anal fun with myself.I remember first time I tried using banana with condom on it.And that first time it slided nicely so banana fucked my virgin ass and I felt heavenly and so good when banana slided fully inside my asshole.As today I enjoy riding a dildo sometimes and putting buttplugs in there.But I still havent had real cock inside me.

By ScottsCock at 13,Apr,18 08:34 other posts of ScottsCock 
I will wear a plug sometimes, it really makes me cum harder. I have a dildo that has been up my ass more than once as well!

By #552396 at 11,Apr,18 18:34
i do, very relaxing, cum better too,

By #553253 at 11,Apr,18 17:09
The first time I got off, and had a FLOW of cum with no erection, was during my first anal sex, it was in public, nude beach, in front of my girlfriend and her friend, who was the one who pointed out, I was cumming uncontrollably...she was right, I couldnt stop! Now, I guess im bi....because if you can do that to me, im yours!

By #553294 at 07,Apr,18 18:52
100% straight guy here. I can barely tolerate the doc's finger while getting a prostate exam - much less putting anything else up there!

By #102374 at 18,Sep,10 18:02
if you are gonna stick something in your ass it may as well be able to shoot a lpad in there.
By #536760 at 21,Aug,17 05:46
WTF Dose that mean ?

By #539298 at 21,Aug,17 05:43
I've never had a man enter but a lot of toys, took awhile to get the wife in on it but now she loves the power

By CLinz49 at 17,Sep,10 10:33 other posts of CLinz49 
I love the feeling of my ass being entered and filled with a thick object. I've found that a pronounced head makes the feeling even more intense, if the head is bigger than the shaft then the overall size is less important. :-)

By #86039 at 14,Aug,10 17:15
I never try a real cock, but i don't like men.
I cannot image myself kissing, sucking, or even touch another man, but i like the ass fuck feeling. I play often with my girlfriend and she is crazy about this, when i play with her and some toys (mutual play of course) the sexual game is real cool.
She even introduce to my ass a hand and give me a real fist fuck sensation.... amazing
By Aussie123 at 21,Aug,10 01:29 other posts of Aussie123 
Guys, I first start ass play after one hot women I was have sex with started putting her dildo in my ass while have a 69er, My cock just about exploded when she pushed it right in.. the feeling was strange at first.. but made me really hot and extended sex session to a level I'd never experieced. Now I just love the feeling of something up my ass, The same women brought a male friend around on one session, this was the first time I had a real cock in my ass..Hmm a let down !! I prefered her fisting or her toys playing in my ass !! So am I Gay ?? NO.!! Bi..?? maybe a little. Just enjoy have something in me while having sex or eating a hot, juicy pussy.. HMMmmmm.

By oldbugle at 18,Aug,10 07:39 other posts of oldbugle 

Not only am I straight but I find the idea of any sort of 'bum play' a complete turn-off! This is probably due to upbringing in England during the 1950'/60's. I've managed to shake off a lot of the rubbish of an English upbringing but not the idea that the genitals are for love-making and reproduction and the 'backpassage' is but the human interface with the sewage system.....

As we know, there are distinct sensations in the alimentary canal that can be felt as sexual,....and some modern toys such as the 'Aneros' anal stimulators are expressly designed to exploit them. It does seem to be true that a different and to some, very intense orgasm is possible from prostate stimulation......

....Sadly, for me, my inate and predjudicial upbringing always rules this out.....

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