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Who can't retract their foreskin?

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Started by #132958 at 13,Apr,11 09:50
I'm 18 years old and uncut but my foreskin won't retract, it doesn't cause me any pain or anything, and I can still jerk off normally. But I just wandered if anyone else has this problem?

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By DonVoltonus at 30,Nov,18 15:27 other posts of DonVoltonus 
I used to have this problem, but had a dorsal slit done because it was painful to retract, and as my body grew, uncomfortable during erection. I would say it's great, because you can have lots of fun with a handful of lube and an exposed cockhead, but you don't become desensitized like with full circumcision.

By condoblueskies at 30,Nov,18 02:44 other posts of condoblueskies 
There are other dudes who have this type of foreskin, but not all of them see it as a problem. I would say, suit yourself, if you want a looser skin then stretch it etc, otherwise leave it alone and enjoy it, yea!!

By #178278 at 24,Jul,11 03:48
After reading these horror storys, all I can say is "Thanks Dad for having me circumcised when I was born".
By slipper at 24,Jul,11 15:28 other posts of slipper 
Because someone has a hang-nail would you advocate finger amputation??? I know, I know... a totally absurd analogy. Soooooooooooo glad for you; and I thank my dad for his choice, too!

By oldbugle at 13,Apr,11 11:04 other posts of oldbugle 
What about during intercourse? careful that it does not tear with penetration. It might be agood idea to start stretching the foreskin back around the erect head every day until you can easily push it back when erect.

By max212 at 13,Apr,11 10:50 other posts of max212 
I'm circumcised, so I don't know from experience. But I thought you should be able to retract your foreskin by puberty... 18 at the latest. Either way, your dick is hot. You have almost no overhang it must be tight. You should be able to stretch it daily to loosen it up.

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