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Do you retract the foreskin when taking a piss?

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Started by #112574 at 18,Feb,11 10:21
I know this is not a burning question---I'm just curious. I prefer not to pull back the foreskin but get a steadier stream if I do. So sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. What abut you? (Obviously for uncut guys only)

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By Lickm25 at 18,Jul,19 06:57 other posts of Lickm25 
Just enough for the stream not touching the skin....

By routemaster at 18,Jul,19 03:22 other posts of routemaster 

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By CharlieB at 18,Jul,19 02:44 other posts of CharlieB 
Depends. Sometimes I get a steadier stream one way and sometimes it's the other way. Usually, I have to adjust by the moment.

By romarokaz at 17,Jul,19 15:14 other posts of romarokaz 
I pull it back then back down, or sometimes pull it back just enough to get a good stream and for shaking

By wycowboy at 15,Jul,19 17:08 other posts of wycowboy 
I'm cut but when flaccid I still have some foreskin and if it covers the head I pull it back so I don't piss on myself

By pussylover78 at 15,Jul,19 15:35 other posts of pussylover78 
Always, I don't like pissing on myself.

By tcputts at 15,Jul,19 14:11 other posts of tcputts 
If I had a foreskin I would never retract it to pee

By #573046 at 13,Dec,18 15:26
I do that all the time when I am peeing.When I was younger I peed with my foreskin around the head and sometimes I got double stream or I peed on myself so I started retract foreskin before peeing.

By lilwillie at 10,Dec,18 10:28 other posts of lilwillie 
3I was circumstised at 40 years old ( not recomended) and about 20 years later I started having painwhen I was erect. The cut had always been a bit uneven and tight on the lowerside, but now the "expansion joint" had disappeared between my Glans and the shaft on the lower side, where the folded skin had sort of merged. I had another operation which seperated it, but now if I don't pull what remains back it is half over the hole and sprays anywhere! but I do like showing it anyway

By #557060 at 07,Dec,18 20:29

By HardAtWork at 06,Dec,18 18:24 other posts of HardAtWork 
Definitely better aim with it pulled back...

By #529487 at 03,Dec,18 10:42
always, I like to know it's going in the right direction.

By uncutjoy at 03,Dec,18 10:07 other posts of uncutjoy 
I usually never retract to pee unless I need to get some distance, then I'll pull back my tight foreskin and frenulum so my urethra streams it a long distance.

By #571440 at 03,Dec,18 05:39
fuck no! i **** uncut. It's like peeling a banana

By #559941 at 30,Nov,18 14:58

What foreskin?

By #451923 at 18,Mar,16 01:42
My friends mother taught me how to pee properly when I was a young boy. It was embarrassing at the time but she cornered me one day and told me to pull back my foreskin to clear the head before pissing. I guess she knew I was uncut because she had to clean up my spray every time I was over. She had older brothers and a father who were uncut. Later in life she divorced her husband and got a new boyfriend. They took us to a water park and when we changed out of our wet clothes I noticed her boyfriend had a huge uncut cock. Since that day I always found myself jacking off to the vision of her with his big uncut cock.
By condoblueskies at 30,Nov,18 02:55 other posts of condoblueskies 
Were you imagining her freaking out at that big dirty foreskin?

By #476377 at 14,Aug,16 05:57
Yeah, otherwise it will fly in all directions
By condoblueskies at 30,Nov,18 02:54 other posts of condoblueskies 
Not necessarily

By Carrot at 19,Aug,16 11:15 other posts of Carrot 
I retract half way. But if someone is looking i retract full.
By Ramil1 at 27,Aug,16 10:07 other posts of Ramil1 
thats what all men with foreskin should be like . Show everything off and give it some air

By condoblueskies at 30,Nov,18 02:52 other posts of condoblueskies 
Don't do that for me man, I like to glimpse an overhang!

By #513166 at 12,Oct,16 06:40
i always do it, i think its better for the hygiene
By #285354 at 14,Apr,17 18:02
I agree- 99.9% of the time I pull it back- On a rare occasion, for example outdoors, on a cold day, I allow the piss to warm my head.

By condoblueskies at 30,Nov,18 02:51 other posts of condoblueskies 
Did you know urine is bacteria free when it is expelled? True,

By condoblueskies at 30,Nov,18 02:46 other posts of condoblueskies 
I'm a cut dude, but I love to see uncut dudes use their foreskin to piss at the piss trough or wherever! So dig it!!
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Mind you, if I were uncut I'd like to piss with my skin forward, use it like a piss spout that it is!

By #509938 at 14,Apr,17 14:25
In private,every time, just NOT in public lavs or something with others around...just couldn't.

By Nevermore at 14,Apr,17 07:58 other posts of Nevermore 
I don't but I'm thinking maybe I should start.

By qhaos at 14,Apr,17 07:17 other posts of qhaos 
Sometimes i enjoy peeing without retracting my foreskin, i think it feels better, but i usually retract it, but not completely, for better hygene, i **** having my cock dirty, i girl may want to suck him in any moment and he must be alwais ready!

By fatso at 20,Feb,17 18:47 other posts of fatso 
I pull mine back. Otherwise it goes everywhere. I also stops dripping. I **** to visit public urinals where there is a puddle on the floor, either because a guy can't be bothered standing closer or just dribbles. Would they do the same at home? You'd hope not!
By licksipsuckit at 14,Apr,17 01:04 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah sadly they do the same at home and every where they go.. *lix*

By biggripper1 at 13,Apr,17 19:00 other posts of biggripper1 
I keep the head covered when peeing, as it goes everywhere. After masturbation I have to pull foreskin to end of cock as it does go everywhere.

By Greek18cm at 09,Apr,17 20:01 other posts of Greek18cm 
When we were younger as childs a female cousin came from geemany for summer as always...

Ww were at the beach and she caught me peeing. After we talked,she noticed that i have a foreskin and taught me to retract it when peeing...

But this lessons had an other purpose...and ending

By niceonebighead at 20,Feb,17 14:51 other posts of niceonebighead 
alway skin it when pissinan stroke it if i got anyone watchin

By 0-00 at 12,Oct,16 15:20 other posts of 0-00 
Mine is permanently pulled back

By Bjarne at 12,Oct,16 02:25 other posts of Bjarne 
I hav a very small forskin, so may forskin is always pulled back. Nice if the gay besides me tak a look

By #496814 at 21,Aug,16 06:20
No need to. This is my foreskins natural state when peeing:

By #511422 at 20,Aug,16 06:54
sometimes not...

By leopoldij at 19,Aug,16 17:24 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't. I don't have any.

By #206678 at 19,Aug,16 16:25
Yes if standing at a public urinal. No if sitting down. No in the shower. No if playing in the nude outside.

By doedeldi at 19,Aug,16 10:45 other posts of doedeldi 
a litle

By #356167 at 15,Aug,16 16:20
No i don't. I like the feeling of the piss touching my foreskin. No bad odour either if you keep it all clean down there.
By dreamy2686 at 16,Aug,16 11:09 other posts of dreamy2686 

By sigma30 at 15,Aug,16 16:42 other posts of sigma30 
yes I always retract it while pissing.

By Lenatur at 14,Aug,16 07:17 other posts of Lenatur 
Sometimes YES

By Lenatur at 14,Aug,16 07:16 other posts of Lenatur 
Sometimes NO

By Lenatur at 14,Aug,16 07:14 other posts of Lenatur 
Feels Good

By gypsy at 13,Aug,16 22:01 other posts of gypsy 
I always retract it

By gypsy at 13,Aug,16 22:00 other posts of gypsy 
yes always retracted

By foreskinlover52 at 18,Mar,16 10:56 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I almost never do..I enjoy the feeling pissing through my foreskin..

By chris23d at 07,Aug,14 00:11 other posts of chris23d 

By iowaguy at 06,Aug,14 19:33 other posts of iowaguy 
I always pull the skin back when I go helps not build up odor.

By #463304 at 06,Aug,14 12:25
I pull the skin back when i piss...its a habbit i guess

By Rayb1054 at 06,Aug,14 12:20 other posts of Rayb1054 
4 50 years i didn't because i was cut now after restoring my foreskin i do and it's AWESOME

By nastyguy1979_69 at 05,Aug,14 20:30 other posts of nastyguy1979_69 

By Cutewilly at 05,Aug,14 08:23 other posts of Cutewilly 
I always retract it.

By #316057 at 05,Aug,14 04:14

By qhaos at 05,Aug,14 03:51 other posts of qhaos 
yes, every time, otherwise I make a mess! pee everywere except in the wc!!

By smplcsms at 02,Sep,13 11:01 other posts of smplcsms 
yes, except when I deliberately pinch the end of the foreskin so as to allow the whole head to be enclosed in a warm little bag of pee - the sensation is rather special. Then of course I have to let it all flow out! And fill up again. Try it and see if you like it.
By foreskinfetish at 03,Aug,14 22:14 other posts of foreskinfetish 
It also feels fantastic to do the same when I masturbate!

By foreskinfetish at 03,Aug,14 22:13 other posts of foreskinfetish 
I never skin it back to pee. Had kidney stones a while back and in the process of going in after them, the doc damaged my nozzle so if I skin it back, it sprinkles all over. If I leave my skin hanging forward, the empty skin-tube guides the pee perfectly. I also like to do what smplcsms suggested and pinch the end closed so the skin fills up with pee. Feels great!

By Narcan at 02,Sep,13 07:01 other posts of Narcan 

By tt1969 at 31,Aug,13 19:58 other posts of tt1969 
im the same as u some times I do but usually when stream goes off course

By bigone21 at 31,Aug,13 17:58 other posts of bigone21 
I retract, just a bit..!

By #94215 at 18,Feb,11 22:11
I don't pull it back, never really thought about it before. Tried it today, and my piss sprayed everywhere, then it became difficult to piss as I got hard! I'm also nervous about pulling my skin back too far when i'm soft and it getting stuck, or that I get hard while it is pulled back and gets painful - I can't pull it back over my helmet when i'm hard, my frenulum is too tight
By #139037 at 26,Feb,11 13:04
Sounds like you are in need of a circumcision. That should help ya...
By #95706 at 28,Feb,11 00:24
No! He doesn't need to be cut! There are ways of fixing a foreskin that doesn't retract well. It's easy. A lot of perfectly good foreskins have been needlessly sacrificed because of ignorance like that. There are ways to stretch the opening over time so it can retract easily. Make the right decision. I didn't even have a choice, being cut as a baby. You're lucky enough to still have it.
By bigone21 at 31,Aug,13 17:57 other posts of bigone21 

By chris23d at 31,Aug,13 14:22 other posts of chris23d 

By #285354 at 30,Aug,13 21:04
Always, its cleaner and I have much better aim.

By chris23d at 05,Jun,13 20:32 other posts of chris23d 
I always skin it back

By #23195 at 30,Jan,12 15:42
I never pull it back, if I do it I become hard and i'm not able to piss haha

By stinger432 at 20,May,11 09:26 other posts of stinger432 
This is how I piss

By babarch at 03,Apr,11 09:38 other posts of babarch 

By #128230 at 19,Feb,11 03:03
If I have to pee outside I allways retract the foreskin cos then I'm able to pee further. That way I do not backsplash on my clothes and shoes. If I pee in a urinal I'd never retract it cos the stream is so focused that in that case infact it backsplashes too.....
By oldbugle at 21,Feb,11 04:59 other posts of oldbugle 
Same here,.....with the skin back the flow angles upwards from the head so not easy to do in a toilet where I always keep the skin forward to make the flow more manageable.

By just16cm at 20,Feb,11 15:15 other posts of just16cm 
Always, much cleaner

By Slpaho at 20,Feb,11 15:05 other posts of Slpaho 
I pull back bcuz if i dont man it sprays everywhere. The only time i dont is when im n the shower cuz i have lots of room in there

By #33070 at 19,Feb,11 02:27
Not most the time When standing sometimes just a bit Most time no

By slipper at 19,Feb,11 01:31 other posts of slipper 
No... it has a hole in the end!

By niginni at 18,Feb,11 11:15 other posts of niginni 
yes i pull my forskin back when peeing, as if i dont it sprays every were

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