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Started by sethvir18 at 15,Apr,11 21:18  other posts of sethvir18
Anyone else jelq regularly? What improvements have you seen? I've been going on and off for 3 years and have gained 2 inches and a lot of thickness, though I started when I 17 so I don't know how much was natural and how much was from that. My current gains amount to about 1/10 of an inch every few months and my girlfriend says I get noticeably thicker in the same time period. I do 50 pulls left, right, and straight. Also do 50 pc squeezes whenever I think about it.

Wanted to share the joy of progress because of an experience last night. At the end of my 20th birthday my girlfriend and I decided to sneak into our bedroom for a quickie. My ex-girlfriend (we were eachother's first time and she's currently dating my friend because I could never deny him a bangin' body, I was also only about 5.5 inches long the last time we had sex) happened to appear in the doorway at just the right moment. She watched the entire time while I pulled out and started cumming, hitting my girlfriend in the face twice before covering her belly. She then turned and went into the living room without making eye contact. It was the best thing ever.

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By cumonme1 at 30,Mar,18 07:52 other posts of cumonme1 
How long does it take to see an increase in size

By #2331 at 19,Apr,11 10:18
There is no medical proof of this.
Any doctor of any type will tell you this.
This would be a very publiside item if true.
By oldbugle at 19,Apr,11 13:15 other posts of oldbugle 
Here we go again,.......

.....It's not scientifically possible to 'prove a negative', frankly, it is just your personal hope and opinion that it can't work.

......Secondly, doctors in western countries have tried to lead the population to believe that doctors and medical science is a pure system of complete knowledge,...however, it's all too easy to see (and sadly, to experience) the glaring gaps in their knowledge,, with the best will in the world, doctors don't actually know as much as they would like us to think that they know.....And if you get a tame doctor on his own he will usually admit as much.

.......Thirdly there IS PROOF, medical and otherwise that it IS quite possible to bring about changes in many parts of the human body by means of specific excercise and manipulation, provided that one has dedication and determination over months and years,...and the penis is no different in that respect.

The 'enlargement industry' IS largely one huge 'scam' and you can't double the size of your penis in a couple of weeks (or double the size at all actually) or by popping a few tablets of some herbal extract.....however, don't just rush to repeat assumed negative dogma about something you obviously know nothing about and have had no real experience of.

......Can't help wondering WHY certain people are so keen to rubbish this subject as complete nonsense and lies (as if they actually know something about it) when ever it comes up.....

....It's like they are desperate that other men can't enlarge or improve their penis because it some sort of sexual threat,...weird!
By licksipsuckit at 30,Mar,18 07:41 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l don't know about dicks, but lve pumped my nipples for that last 8 years on and off, when l first started l was doing it a lot, more for the feeling and sensitivity it gave them and yes, lve noticed they have in fact gotten larger over time and when erect, theyre heaps bigger than they were .. they are so big now l cant stop them from poking through my blouses and l notice others cant help but see them too now because of the size of them.. so l totally agree that you can manipulate your body bits, lm sure l could stretch my pussy flaps too if l wanted them larger.. its skin and lve seen ear lobes stretched to fit huge gauges in them... that's something everyone has seen lm sure *lix*

By sethvir18 at 20,Apr,11 21:58 other posts of sethvir18 
Another hole in that statement would be that it is actually highly publicized. If you exercise a body part, it will become healthier over time. Jelqing makes perfect medical sense by slowly breaking down and rebuilding those spongy cells.

By poedee at 30,Mar,18 06:19 other posts of poedee 
I have been doing it for years, I was 7in in 6 grade. Im old now but I am 10.7

By Kondomonster at 27,Mar,18 13:51 other posts of Kondomonster 
This is all nice to know information. I'm surprised that there are YouTube videos on this subject. And there are videos of guys actually doing this. Not animations or using props.
By sethvir18 at 29,Mar,18 23:23 other posts of sethvir18 
Wow I had forgotten about this thread. I am a pumping addict now, though only when my girlfriend comes over; my wife has asked me to stop because she has a tiny vagina and I am too thick already.
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Penomet for the win.

By #1252 at 18,Apr,11 19:07
I also started to jelq a few months ago! .gif'> diferences are still very small but the erection quality is way way better!
By sethvir18 at 20,Apr,11 21:56 other posts of sethvir18 
Glad to hear it! Bigger, harder cocks and exploding cumshots make the world a better place.

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