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By Strongmember# at 14,Feb,21 01:37
(raising my hand) I don't know about this particular poster, it seems off to me. Anyhow. This used to be a normal phenomenon in older times. It also still happens frequently in many other countries where they have very strong beliefs against gay people. These arranged marriages have allowed people protection to discreetly be themselves without being persecuted by society. I have a recent example of a friend of my ex gf in Indonesia who was crying at our cafe table because the love of his life was about to go marry a woman to please his family. Not everyone there is so drastic, but they are also not open. We had another friend who brought his bf home all the time to his family and they unknowingly let him sleep in his room because it was his "guy friend" but this friend knew better. He knew it would be better to play such games his whole life rather than tell his family.

By Strongmember# at 14,Feb,21 00:47
@Phart I am sorry. I made up that post to see how people would react. I then had this "seemingly brilliant idea" to try to find out your name or something about you by researching your profile. I was not going to announce your name if i found it but say the initials maybe.

So anyhow I was trying to make this whole point, but when I looked at your profile I read some of your old writing. It humanized you so fast, and eventually I was tearing up. You seem like a good man.

When I argue with you I only want to convince you of what I believe because I think it is important. I have no ill will. I'm sorry that I played that prank pretending to be some globalist group member. I don't want to be in threads where we are threatening to hurt eachother. I did this partly because I saw you support Sr. Cums with a post something they want "desire,hatred,and division,confusion,poverty,depression in the citizens"

I don't know who you were referring to , if just so called "liberals" in power, or certain movements, or if you were broadly thinking that so many people on the other side of politics from you really wants all that. I just felt like there is something wrong if we are all thinking that the other half of the country is a bunch of completely immoral assholes. I think we have more in common than our differences. I have had many family issues related to issues you talked about. I have my own pain, more than I want to lay out here, but my family and my childhood, my recent separation from my fiance, I also have my own love for America and its freedom. I have my work, which I won't go into depth with, but use my finance background and business school degree to focus almost exclusively on small businesses that aside from money are doing positive social good in the community or working on the newest innovations to help our environment. I care a lot about many people and ideas. I don't call myself a liberal but I would probably be put into that basket based on certain positions I take. If nobody else cares, I hope maybe you will hear my words and see a real human being just like you.

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 22:26
Anybody ever fluff themselves up before going out in public sometimes? Or go even further, like work up a good erection, pop on a cock ring, stuff it down, pants on, leave the home... Anyone?

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 22:06
Yes. And we will. Our grip on power recently assured to a highest probability, some of our more clandestine tactics are at this moment irrelevant. I am a representative of a group that shall not be named. You call us Globalists. Just know your actions will be futile and we have eyes everywhere.

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 18:23
No. I don't really care to guess. I'm tired of arguing that is not result-driven with sincerity. There are things worth discussing inside of what you presented, but the tone is through the roof. But maybe you enjoy fighting politics for fun so that's also acceptable.

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 06:15
in a few threesomes or orgies ive seen or touched some big 9-10 inchers. That was just thrilling visually to see. As for blowjob there were 2 times, 2 different men, but similar in body type with black skin over six feet and muscular. Both had 8.5 with idk normal thickness for the length. first time i was more of a noob. The second time i was on some strong party favors and went to town on it.. for at least an hour or more. It was kinda funny because he was fully gay and I was acting that way so he was joking with me and calling me faggot.

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 05:55
i like them first off when they are different from mine in certain ways, like shape and color. Aesthetics behind that are probably similar to a body or face.. being smooth, symmetrical, clear skin..

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 05:52
im generally against telling other people what they are or are not, and assigning labels. However, my comprehension of sexuality is that Straight - Bi - Gay is not like choosing 3 distinct flavors of ice cream, or similar maybe better metaphor. I think the big vast space between full straight and full gay has space for many people who are into just a few things of opposite sex. At the point you accept a blow job from a man I think you enter that space and can't exactly say you're pureblood straight. Aside from maybe dealing with long prison sentences or something.

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 05:46
depends on the girl. of my exes majority got jealous about it.. which I thought weird but understood and stopped in front of them. 1 in particular was super relaxed about it. I could just jerk off with laptop on one side of couch while she was on the other side watching TV

By Strongmember# at 11,Feb,21 03:56
first time happened real quick so didn't think.. and it was easy and pleasant..

By Strongmember# at 10,Feb,21 22:54
your question for me?
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or perhaps you are mistakenly typing that there. I didn't mess with your niggas thing. I read all of it. While I had a nuanced opinion about how the American culture can sometimes be lost on the uneducated.. perhaps not you but people who hear you talk that way.. but i didn't bother because I liked your first message.

The title to this thread is about the 4 people who were running on the US ticket. When it was written who will prevail the original intention I am pretty sure if I ask the author, was who would get into the White House. That has already been concluded is my point.

By Strongmember# at 10,Feb,21 22:08
Time to archive this thread. Are people still posting in threads about whether KC or TB will win Superbowl

By Strongmember# at 10,Feb,21 21:56
As Jesus would and we all should. I believe you. I just wonder if it hasn't bothered you that many things ive seen said in this forum I would have to say went well past the category of opinion or nuanced analysis but resembled strong old school racist thinking. I see very little debates turn to mutual understanding, but a lot more debates turn into more anger and namecalling.

By Strongmember# at 10,Feb,21 21:43
If I'm turned on I'll take a hairy pussy but always prefer shaved, being hairless makes eating out the pussy much more enjoyable for me, so then I do it better.. better all around

By Strongmember# at 09,Feb,21 05:37
Sad Sad Sad. Im a little sad for poking my head in here.

By Strongmember# at 09,Feb,21 05:32
Random thought. Anybody in this discussion of the black race?

By Strongmember# at 09,Feb,21 03:40
I'm trying to stop arguing politics on the web.. especially dick sites of all places.. lol.. this thread has been on a while.. will it live forever?
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I'm trying to stop arguing politics on the web.. especially dick sites of all places.. lol.. this thread has been on a while.. will it live forever?

Maybe kink it up. Tom doesn't kneel cause everyone is sucking his cock.. eh. takers?

By Strongmember# at 09,Feb,21 03:37
I like to be respectful of all the sized men here. I appreciate both small and large for different reasons. Small is cute and lets me feel like the dominant one. Surprised nobody mentioned girth here ..ever since the dick pill people tapped into that insecurity as well. If I had to say.. maybe shorter than 4.75 inches and thin or normal girth. exception if it was super girth 5inch. I think I've only seen less than 4 one time, and it was like 1.5 inches. Ok..rambling late

By Strongmember# at 09,Feb,21 03:27
have watched in mirror sometimes, but as a compliment to something else jerking to. Not that I turn myself on but if I think I look good I get ego boost high. Otherwise, my sexuality with men is such I desire opposites. Someone just like me would be unappetizing.

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 05:36
I hope JC's heavy desert n*gg#r tan won't bother you when you see it in person.

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 05:32
Omg. how about researching before writing out your ignorance.

1st. Biden is not racist by having conversations about race.

2nd. Idk where you live, but there are many shades of people. Brown often covers African descendants who are more brown than black. It also covers many from South Asia. Btw Asians aren't yellow. Sometimes Latin people could be grouped as brown depending on context.

Maybe next time listen to the lessons of our new President.

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 05:27
What if they were paid off to let them in? Many people and groups on both sides have motive

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 05:24
Great argument for gettng rid of guns!

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 05:22
There was an official 'stated reason' and apparent evidential clues, I am sure top on the list of Powell's regrets in life, that were never found..... but honestly, more importantly:

Who perpetrated 911? What nations most responsible?
#1 was Saudi Arabia
But we didn't dare bite the hand that could refuse to feed us

Iraq was maybe number 5 or so. That worked out great.. pushed us way into debt.. created a power vacuum for emerging gems such as Isis.

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 05:10
Maybe if you sell it better

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 05:08
Means nothing to me but seems to have pissed people off

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 05:07
They're just accelerating the inevitable.. Trump TV, it's coming..

By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 06:35
jesus fucking christ. you need photos from the morgue? a personal tour? Sht.. how easy did you believe all the Election Fraud.. did you look at all that evidence?

Just acknowledge it. All you did was lost your talking point from yesterday

By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 06:33
AWOMEN brothers!

By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 06:32
Do you realize how large the global media industry is, how many sources of information exist for us all. It's not just MSNBC, CNN, Fox, Newsmax. All 4 arguably fight for eyeballs and engage in a degree of sensationalism. All have also begun splitting time between newscasts and political pundit shows. Anyway.. @ananas2xlekker was describing the more educated of the progressives who understand what a slippery slope is.

Not happy? Go to Parlor

By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 06:25
so violence is breaking physical objects? I usually think of violence as human to human. Btw 1 officer has died now. And what about the broken doors, windows, chairs,?

Don't sink low here with such blatantly racist logic.

By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 06:21
Um.. they are supposed to govern with the power they were given? There are job descriptions that come with titles like Senator and President. So I suppose you suggest they were not effective leaders? Why bother trying to even elect them again in that case?

By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 06:16
Good chance. As @TWOWARMTTS3 mentioned, the CIA for a while was waging the covert hidden actions during the Cold War. That type of global strategic thinking is quite complex. They may have gotten some right, but I think caused some disasters. Earlier thousands of deaths were mentioned, I've done research on the supposed attempted overthrow of the Indonesian government in the late 60s by a still relatively small but growing Communist party. The result was a swift change in leadership to a Western friendly dictator who not only took some revenge on the "Communists responsible" but encouraged a genocidal figure of at least 500,000 deaths, many of whom were not even Communist. When analyzing the supposed coup attempt carefully it makes more sense as a CIA sanctioned co-operation to stop the spread of Communism to another Southeast Asian nation. 500,000 deaths is a pretty big casualty fallout. But I digress.

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 16:19
So he is an anarchist after all.. but likes being in a few clubs.

I think it is embarrassment for National Security. I believe this affects all Americans. I doubt that is the worst guy ever but he should receive some appropriate due process under the law for what he did.

Then again.. the pardon window is still open..

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 16:06
ya.. everyone knows they are controlled by the Globalists

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 03:52
Good scenarios for Commando: dress pants with thin to medium thin fabric.

Raw scenario: Hard denim

Good scenario: Summertime and a warm happy penis

I like feeling excited by exposure, then letting it go from a big soft to almost erect but can still push it downward..

when I feel it lookin primo I may try to get it noticed. I recall once as bartender in soft tight black dress pants being commando and engorged..sitting somehow crouched on stool with legs open near my older female boss in her office. I saw her look and her delayed glance felt great.

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 03:28
Would be nice.. but we tried that so many times.. Shock n Awe.. Drone Program..etc.. pieces of snake keep surviving underground..

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 02:10
Prettty sure many people will honor her. Don't worry. What is sad is she died a victim not of the cop, but for a cause I unfortunately believe was invented by an immoral political machine that invented "Stop the Steal".

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 02:03
yeah.. burning 20 grand in smoke for the insurance company to cover is that line that divides.

Btw how did the other 3 people die?

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 02:00
only after many tweets urging opposite all day, plus his speech, then he let it go on a while, then dropped that ineloquent outtake video later on.. minimal applause

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 01:56
actually can with 25th amendment

By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 19:09
My catch was you got the wrong building. Trump was hiding over by the White House. It was the Capitol Building. I think you could brush up on your understanding of US Government.

By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 18:59
well now.. as long as you are comfortable with your hypocrisy. btw.. what building belongs to the people.. oh yeah the White House they broke into

By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 18:50
He who controls the spice controls the universe.

By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 18:01
Eerily similar defense to one proposed months back by people who wished to support a certain movement with peaceful protest or in spirit; however actions of the few caused the entirety of supporters to be labelled agitators and rioters. I know I am taking this discussion sideways here and not attacking you @2nice, but are others noticing similarities?

By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 14:54
Thoughts on DC protest right now?

By Strongmember# at 31,Dec,20 05:43
Dear SCorps,

I appreciate the familiarity of your usual CAPSLOCK heavy Oxford writing style, taking some of the effort out of reading for us, letting us know when it's Passion Time.

When important or suspicious I sometimes do track down all the sources, check their sources, get back to the primary source. No surprise you are repelled from someone with the title 'fact checker' because it sounds like its for librarians. You apparently "saw" things in real time later called false? Examples would be helpful. And yeah, I'm sure your judicial analysis of "things put into place outside of the written law" is counselor grade.

Had I not enflamed some people to the core by mentioning certain people's titles as "fact checkers" how about the concept of putting 2 articles side by side and simply ignoring the whole content of one entirely.

Personally I did not anything peculiar about this last election. Not things that simply don't make sense. OUt of norms, we had an election that included more mail-in balloting than usual, specifically because of the Covid Health Crisis. Some clever politicians decided to attack the credibility of mail-in ballots back when they were only being considered. In April Trump began insisting that "people will cheat with mail-in balloting" despite that being his preferred method of voting. With purpose he began the campaign for his election fraud fight that many months in advance.

Then what happened is Trump lost the election. His election fraud campaign was ready for this mobilization of legal teams, state representatives, etc. I believe that there are many Americans who believe Trump way to often without questioning him. If people continued to listen to Trump then they would believe him that a massive outrage had ocurred, thus be pissed off.
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In continuation, accidentally clicked, these people were listening to their President of the United States with his many claims. There were a very high quantity of claims it seemed in the beginning. When recounts were not looking promising, one of the voting machine software systems was thrown under the bus. Somehow collectively these people all believed that Trump foresaw election stealing 7 months in advance but was not effective in preventing it. I thought Trump is the get-shit-done-no-nonsense Top Dog. Yet with all his foresight, power, and bravado he could not stop it?

You then ask if I believe there were real issues. The main reason I don't believe there were real issues is because the Administration, many Republican allies in Federal and State governments, and a team of lawyers could not effectively win any battles in court. Quantity of accusations does not make something real.

The real outrage that took place this election was a selfish, libelous attack on one of the core pillars of the American Democracy. The fraud movement did go so far as to piss off millions of Americans and leave many questioning if any voting results are real or rigged.

There was also a number of media outlets poised to take up the Trump fraud cause. Newsmax is a great example. Did they stand to directly gain by pushing Trump's fraud claims to the max? Yes, they got the Trump bump, he broke-up with Fox and encouraged his followers to watch Newsmax. That company is skyrocketing now, major money. So do i believe it possible there were real issues. I don't see that reflected in the evidence. For all i know all elections have a small amount of cheating on both sides. The other suspension of disbelief and sense of moral superiority felt by the Trump camp is that of course one side cheated and it was the Democrats because they are the criminals.

You will soon see Trump out of the WhiteHouse and working on his media empire, with his fanbase now more impassioned than ever to follow him. So if there was so much massive fraud, with lawsuits all over the country, then you must believe that every judge in all of those cases so geographically spread out, are corrupt. The Supreme Court, with 3 Trump appointees, wouldn't even hear his case. Lots of accusations, little substance.
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This is what actual critical thinkers see when they hear people like you getting riled up: only registered users can see external links

By Strongmember# at 30,Dec,20 23:27
Anybody can fact check the fact checkers. They provide all their sourcing.

Well, the reason why I think the 180 exists is that one 'Group' I suppose you are mentioning includes politicians with agendas, lawyers with agendas, a Presidential Administration with huge strength that definitely has its agenda. Then the other part of this group that doesn't seem to fit includes numerous pollworkers who believe they saw shady business. Although many of the claims are situations where they think they saw votes being dumped, or suspicions, or they felt they could not get close enough to every single vote counter to make sure nobody was cheating. I do believe most of these people are making these statements based on what they saw. I would also believe some people might make up things. For what agenda? Attention perhaps, thoughts they may get paid. They were given reason to think they would get whistleblower money rewards. People like a Republican government official in Texas announced publicly $1 million in funding for people who came forward with information. Despite some people potentially not being truthful, the issue with all of the other whistleblower claims is that evidence to back this up could not be produced. Certainly Trump's legal team did its best to find any evidence that could convince a court, but it could not find such evidence so they went around the country losing cases as Judges stated in a matter of fact way that all they did not have a strong case, if just built on an assortment of various testimonies at different places.

The other group if you want to call it a group, in this case, is a team of journalists who work for the non-profit Associated Press which has always made strong efforts to just report news straight up without opinions. I could understand if you don't want to take my word for it that this organization is neutral and does not have an agenda.

So we can all try to be fact checkers. We could go straight to the sources of information. It seems Ryan was the source of this claim and that news sources and even President Trump used Ryan as their source. The claims that Ryan did not properly count were made by people who knew the system, and that there was an explanation. We could continue to follow up with those people and all that... but I'd rather continue doing my own research before believing something so strongly like its a faith, when you are really just choosing to adopt entirely the narrative, full of holes, that was spun by those people with a major agenda for promoting the fraud story.

By Strongmember# at 30,Dec,20 22:20
I guess nobody was interested in my article with information compiled by the Fact-Checking department of the Associated Press to hunt down the truth from primary sources.

By Strongmember# at 30,Dec,20 22:11
As for who to blame for your website issues.. I am not sure.. perhaps the deep state is monitoring this site and trying to delete your text when it starts singing the truth too well.