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Trying for a 'controlled' cum-shot

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Started by oldbugle at 04,May,11 07:57  other posts of oldbugle
I've never been very successful at capturing a real cum-shot. Usually I simply shoot out of the picture. However, I'm trying a different approach of 'teasing' my frenulum when I'm ready to shoot and trying to control the shots and time them to my orgasmic spasms with the shutter button!....

........Not got it right yet but here's a first attempt;

The teasing has to be well timed using this finger position;

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New Comment

By MyArtwork at 11,Dec,17 21:54 other posts of MyArtwork 
I also take stills from video, best way to capture flying cum

By JimmyB at 11,Dec,17 18:39 other posts of JimmyB 
Many of mine are stills from videos like these

I just wish I had a camera with a better frame rate

By leopoldij at 11,Dec,17 17:38 other posts of leopoldij 
Take A video!

By the way, the best ejaculation video is on Wikipedia only registered users can see external links

By langloot at 21,Jun,12 18:27 other posts of langloot 
Good light for sport burst, flash and single shot also good. I switch hands as left hand has not same feeling.Sometimes use manual focus as camera lose focus on movement.

By #117461 at 07,May,11 00:47
Just record a video of yourself, then go through the frames and pick out the best shot.
By oldbugle at 07,May,11 03:11 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes I'm going to try this method, although I'm not sure how good the resulting quality of pix is. As high quality HD video becomes a feature of more and cheaper cameras this may well prove to be the best method and one which will be exploited by porn producers since at present they seem to have the same problem wit stills that I do!!

By zakwild at 04,May,11 22:38 other posts of zakwild 
What camera do you use?

You can get the best results with a dsrl, because:

1) you can pre focus and then switch to manual focus so that it doesn't refocus elsewhere.

2) continuous shooting is much faster than on point&shoot cameras.

That's how I do mines
By oldbugle at 05,May,11 03:47 other posts of oldbugle 
I do have DSLR but don't use it for this as it is too 'crude' a does not have direct view to rear screen which is vital to compose the shot via small mirror.
By zakwild at 05,May,11 08:11 other posts of zakwild 
Use a tripod, go behind the dslr and point at the direction where you'll be, and you don't need a mirror. Compose your shot wide enough so that 1) you don't miss a part of your cock and 2) you catch all the flying cumshot. You can always crop afterwards.

Too "crude" ? What do you mean

By #73576 at 04,May,11 21:35
They are very difficult and I haven't been able to get the kind I want either. Just keep jerking and trying like me. Sooner or later it has to happen. Try manual focus on the burst shots. When in auto, it sometimes tries to refocus between shots slowing it down.
By oldbugle at 05,May,11 03:48 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes I think I need to try harder with that....have tried a couple of times with manual focus but results were average.

By like2jack at 04,May,11 12:43 other posts of like2jack 
Keep up the good work. It may take a lot of trys but I'm betting that you will get the shot that you want. Besides, every time you try you get to shoot another cum load. What can be better than that.

By #159163 at 04,May,11 08:15
does your camera have a setting to do a burst of shots in quick succession? might help you get the 'shot' you want
By oldbugle at 04,May,11 10:29 other posts of oldbugle 
Yes both the cameras I use will do 'continuous' mode,, continue to shoot while the button is held down,...unfortunately, so does my cock and I have not been too lucky with this mainly due to the camera(s) tending to go out of focus. Deliberate shooting is better...

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