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uncut penis glans vs cut penis glans

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Started by cute30 at 02,Jun,11 11:33  other posts of cute30
i am uncut and i have a question arise that uncut penis have some sensitivity in their glans but in case of cut penis their glans are not sensitive,am i true i want to know exactly.is their someone who told me about this.

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By tcputts at 01,Feb,21 19:47 other posts of tcputts 
I was circumcised at birth and my glans had lost most all it's sensitivity and was no mo so than my leg. It was also calloused and dry. I stumbled upon foreskin restoration years ago and although I have a long way to go to reach my goal I have regained a lot of skin and with that the sensitivity is coming back particularly on the corona where the glans is nearly always covered now it is much more sensitive and now looks moist and has a much more natural appearance

By #206678 at 11,May,18 17:28
I am also uncut. The glans is sensitive but that is the way it was intended. The foreskin protects the head.

By #556479 at 10,May,18 15:02

By #539358 at 26,Mar,18 09:36
I'm uncut and have quite a sensitive glans. Not as much as it used to be as I always masturbate my exposed head with the foreskin back tightly. It feels so much more intense and sends shudders through me when I cum.

By cutroundhead at 24,Mar,18 12:00 other posts of cutroundhead 
I bwas circumcised for balanitis problems in 2009, so had no choice...but the result has been great and my helmet is, if anything, more sensitive than it was before...it tingles whenever I'm horny and the sensation when I wank and bring my fist up the shaft, over the circ scar and hit the knob rim is great. I think sensitivity varies from one guy to the next.

By cute30 at 24,Mar,18 10:18 other posts of cute30 
Thank you.

By JeffinKS at 24,Sep,14 08:30 other posts of JeffinKS 
well, for the last few years I have been actively restoring my foreskin so maybe I can give some insight to this.

I was among the masses that were circumcised at birth in America. growing up I knew I was circumcised but so were all my friends, we all looked the same. My cock worked just fine and I could orgasm and cum just fine.

then in my late teens..18-19 I met a friend while in the military and he was intact(uncut). I had the chance to see an intact cock up close and it was so different than mine. it was then I noticed that my Glans was brownish and dry but his was pink smooth and shiny.

My friend talked about his orgasms as a slow build up... that swept over his body till be exploded into ejaculation.. where for me it was just a very fast build up in my groin and then ejaculation....no slow build up no body rush....

years later I discovered Foreskin Restoration. I did some research and started my journey restoring my foreskin. as I progressed and gained back enough foreskin to have my glans covered all the time... something amazing happened.

My Glans peeled... just like a sunburn. the layers of Keratin that had built up over the years of exposure, slowly peeled away. my once dry and brownish Glans was now Pink... just like my friend years back.

My orgasms changed as well... I found I could reach orgasm just from lightly brushing my glans with my finger tips...or the gentle spray of water from the shower head. the increase in sensitivity and pleasure was just amazing.

all those years I thought my circumcised penis was "just fine" I never realized how much I was missing till I restored.
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By cute30 at 24,Sep,14 05:27 other posts of cute30 
anymore comments

By cute30 at 15,Jan,14 08:10 other posts of cute30 

By Cumeleon at 30,Dec,13 06:31 other posts of Cumeleon 
Im cut and rather insensitive and my cock hed is kinda cullused and dull. I have problems cumming from bj's This suxx, as noone can give a bj for 2h, right? However, when jacking off and fucking it doesnt really matter(I think). Depending on your/my self control and horniness, I can cum within a few minutes or after half an hour or longer.
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Cant understand guys who got cut voluntarily to reduce sesitivity. Im sure there are other options than a surgery.

By cute30 at 07,Dec,13 02:25 other posts of cute30 
thanks friends

By cute30 at 07,Nov,13 23:57 other posts of cute30 
Thank you friend

By #278376 at 19,Sep,13 15:44
I believe that the sensitivity issue also have a lot to do with the circumsition style that you get. A low style will be rather less sensitive than a high.

For the next month Im going to do the experiment of keeping my foreskin retracted 24/7 for a long time and well see what happens after a couple of months.
By cute30 at 19,Oct,13 22:21 other posts of cute30 
thanks friend

By cute30 at 18,Sep,13 22:55 other posts of cute30 
Anymore comments or pics...

By cute30 at 18,Sep,13 02:56 other posts of cute30 
Thanks guys...

By bigone21 at 17,Sep,13 17:19 other posts of bigone21 
the answers you are going to get on this question are that most guys are happy with their uncut/cut status, because they don't know any different than 'what they have got'.

and the arguments for "cutting" most of the times have nothing to do with the function of the penis, but are irrational religious or "cultural" arguments (like: my father is cut, i am cut, so my son will be cut)

i think most cocks, uncut and cut, work!

and so will a car without radio and airconditioning bring you from A to B!

By cute30 at 15,Sep,13 23:39 other posts of cute30 
anymore comments...

By JeffinKS at 08,Jun,11 00:48 other posts of JeffinKS 
I was cut at birth like most men in america and I am restoring my foreskin... all I can say is that before and after restoring is like night and day! if you are cut at birth you will think you have great sensitivity but you will never know what it should really feel like. trust me there is a huge difference
By flexit at 14,Sep,13 08:59 other posts of flexit 
Very true

By niginni at 14,Sep,13 08:40 other posts of niginni 
I am uncut my friend was cut (uk) we are both bi his penis work fine looks fine, seems sensitive precum produced when wanked or sucked and cumed well as i do

By cute30 at 14,Sep,13 06:33 other posts of cute30 
thanks friends

By WristThick at 02,Jun,11 20:16 other posts of WristThick 
Honestly, I don't know who came up with the circumsized-penis-is-less-sensitive theory, but it's bullshit. In the first part of my teens, I had a BAD premature ejaculation problem. If anything, I was OVERSENSITIVE. I've long solved that problem, but the solution had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I'm cut.

Just like anything, the circumcision operation can be fucked up. And I think this bullshit is coming from guys who had their operations botched. I strongly doubt there is any truth to it, provided that the circumcision is performed correctly by an expert.

One caveat: I was circumcised not long after I was born. I can't speak to what happens if you have it performed much later on in life. One friend had this done when he was in his late teens and has never said anything bad about it. That's all I can speak to, with respect to having it done after childhood.
By spermkiss at 02,Jun,11 22:59 other posts of spermkiss 
I've got to agree with you. Like most American men born since 1920, I was circumcised shortly after birth and my glans has always been very sensitive, despite its absence of a foreskin.

The "foreskin protects the sensitivity of the glans" arguement sounds good in theory, but in practice it just doesn't hold up. I challenge all the pro-foreskin people to do an internet search of "sensitivity of the penis". You will find dozens of articles addressing the very issues that WristThick mentioned: oversensitivity and premature ejaculation. And this in a nation where circumcision is widely practiced. Articles on lack of sensitivity are almost non-existant. If circumcision reduces sensitivity and sexual pleasure, why aren't men complaining about it?
By #249850 at 05,Aug,13 22:45
I think this is a lot of "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" stuff. I grew up as an uncut guy and envied the look of cut dicks. I wanted to be cut like other guys. Got cut at age 15 and feel it was a huge cosmetic improvement and I got more sexual pleasure. Conversely, some cut guys want the foreskin they never had (spurred on by foreskin fans raving about how great their foreskins are). Those that get into restoration find the covered glans an improvement. Guys who been cut later in life are divided. Some think they've been crippled and other feel they've been set free. This makes me think that sexual pleasure is more about the BRAIN than the presence or absence of a foreskin.
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Over the years, I've observed that the guys who were happy with their foreskins but got talked into getting cut later in in life (by a doc, girlfriend, or boyfriend)are the guys most likely to feel that circumcision compromised their sexual pleasure. Conversely, guys who disliked their foreskins and CHOSE to be cut later in life are likely to feel that sex is better being cut. I've had it both ways and prefer cut - but I had WANTED to be cut since I first started peeing behind garages with (always cut) neighbor boys. I will say that cut and uncut feel DIFFERENT. IMO the BRAIN decides whether the change was for the better or the worse.
By spermkiss at 08,Aug,13 10:20 other posts of spermkiss 
Good reply. "The grass is always greener..." really rings true. People often want what they do not have, even if those who have the desired item do not want it.

As for the brain being the largest and most important sex organ, yes, of course it is.

By #90761 at 03,Jun,11 17:33
I have to agree, you lose sensitivity, but that does not mean you are not sensitive so again not sure why are where uncut guys get there ideas
By slipper at 04,Jun,11 01:41 other posts of slipper 
In actuality there HAVE been empirical studies performed that show uncut glans to be more sensitive. Obviously, it doesn't mean that cut are insensitive... big difference.
By cute30 at 26,Mar,13 10:43 other posts of cute30 
guys can share more comments

By #291618 at 05,Aug,13 22:49
a penis is a penis cut or uncut so its ok

By #86270 at 03,Aug,13 10:33
i am circumcised and have no issues with sensitivity
By bigone21 at 03,Aug,13 13:24 other posts of bigone21 
i am UN-circumcised and have no issues with sensitivity

By cute30 at 30,Jul,11 12:19 other posts of cute30 
thanks all for your beautiful comments!anymore comments.....
By Gary5 at 03,Aug,13 12:37 other posts of Gary5 
I'm uncut, but I think the appearance of the glans of any man is a sight to behold - so I love to see a cut cock. My foreskin sits half way down the head - the exposed part is a lighter colour and looks tougher, the part under the foreskin is darker and softer - but right, I can agree with some of the comments from cut guys, when you are hard it's still sensitive anyway.

By #593 at 31,Jul,13 09:42
I'm uncut and premature ejaculation was a problem when I first started fucking. With age it has ceased to be a problem. Regardless, I wouldn't trade for cut under any circumstances! My foreskin and shiny head still fascinate me - I never tire of playing with and viewing them!

By #154955 at 19,Jul,11 00:14
cut are my favorit it just looks better and you can see the head
By #117613 at 19,Jul,11 01:07
pull out mine and you will see it too

By bigone21 at 26,Jul,13 18:26 other posts of bigone21 
"see the head"... like a present unwrapped...

By Cumeleon at 26,Jul,13 17:19 other posts of Cumeleon 
i am cut and i have problems cumming, if i dont do it myself. i cant expect the other person to give me a bj for 3h and even then nothing happens. same with fucking, which isnt that extreme, but still...my cock head is dry and "wrinkled". wish it was smooth and moist, as a cock head covered.

By #201583 at 27,Mar,13 14:49
Sensitive vs old cowboy boots, 20 minute sex vs a miserable three hours.
By Cumeleon at 26,Jul,13 17:16 other posts of Cumeleon 
well said!

By cute30 at 27,Mar,13 23:14 other posts of cute30 
thanks all for your comments

By 0-00 at 27,Mar,13 14:36 other posts of 0-00 
I am uncut and have for the last 9 months odd kept my foreskin permanently pulled back. I have definitely noticed a large reduction in sensitivity of my glans. I prefer it this way because my partner can do whatever she wants without causing me any discomfort. There was a time when a blow job or hand job was uncomfortable I was so sensitive.

By cute30 at 27,Mar,13 00:26 other posts of cute30 
guys can share their experiences

By cute30 at 26,Mar,13 13:58 other posts of cute30 
anymore comments

By BushPilot at 03,Jun,11 18:40 other posts of BushPilot 
I can't say whether my penis would be more sensitive with a full foreskin but I've never noticed a lack of sensitivity although I'm cut. If it were more sensitive I'd probably consider it a problem. As it is, my wife sucks, fondles, and fucks me and it's like a shock through my body. Either way, cut or uncut, I don't see any lacking for men getting off due to the sensitivity of their cocks.
By cute30 at 26,Mar,13 10:41 other posts of cute30 
anymore comments!

By cute30 at 01,Aug,11 13:45 other posts of cute30 
waiting for new comments!!!!

By #177288 at 21,Jul,11 01:04
Im uncut, sensitivity in my glans is too high.

By cute30 at 19,Jul,11 00:02 other posts of cute30 
Anymore comments!

By #68653 at 02,Jun,11 12:02
well, it depends.... my glans is partly not as sensitive as the glans of a foreskin guy. it's more sensitive on the bottom side than on the top side
By cute30 at 19,Jul,11 00:01 other posts of cute30 
Thanks for all your comments

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