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redheads and cocks: do readheads have nice/ thicker cocks? or not really different

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Started by #127981 at 10,Jun,11 15:14
weird questions, but I swear all the redheads i see have really nice cocks... hmmmm

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By HotKouple8991 at 14,Nov,18 23:16 other posts of HotKouple8991 

I'm a red head

By Earlybird at 30,Mar,18 20:24 other posts of Earlybird 
A few pics I took this morning. Comments are welcome!

By Earlybird at 29,Mar,18 16:34 other posts of Earlybird 
Some pics of my little softie & red pubes. Comments are welcome!

Was extra-small this morning!

Starting to get back to normal!

Back to its usual soft state!


By #548364 at 15,Feb,18 16:07
do redheads have red pubes? Not trying to be rude, Im really interested...
By Earlybird at 29,Mar,18 03:51 other posts of Earlybird 
Not always. As you can see, mine are.

By Earlybird at 29,Mar,18 03:43 other posts of Earlybird 
I'm a redhead. Pubes are red too. What do you think of my cock?

At its smallest ~2" long x 3.5" in girth:

Usual soft state ~2.5" x 3.5":

Fully erect ~5.75" x 4.75":

By #524323 at 23,Feb,18 05:53
Makes up for female gingers, because they stink of smelly body and vagina. Sorry to upset some, male gingers stink too

By Samcro816 at 22,Feb,18 01:31 other posts of Samcro816 
I'm a red head and I think I got short changed!

By kebmo at 20,Feb,18 06:30 other posts of kebmo 
This is "redhead". He's a very gifted guy.

By hytiger at 15,Feb,18 22:55 other posts of hytiger 
I'm a ginger, judge for yourself!
By superstudme at 15,Feb,18 23:06 other posts of superstudme 
Yes your cock is Uncut (a big bonus) ,long & thick So you do have a NICE cock

By deekayL at 15,Feb,18 15:59 other posts of deekayL 
I'm a redhead

By #549651 at 09,Feb,18 21:32
They do have nice cocks. Used to be a member on here, hungginger. He was 19 and had a big, pale, cut cock. To me the lack of pigment is very pleasing to my eye. Haven't seen many that I didn't like.

By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 15:02 other posts of Bludgeon 

By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 15:01 other posts of Bludgeon 

By Bludgeon at 09,Feb,18 15:00 other posts of Bludgeon 

By Daniel at 17,Jul,11 10:48 other posts of Daniel 
every redhead dick i have seen was pretty thick... average in length..maybe a bit shorter, but thick!

By #171915 at 19,Jun,11 16:47
Im a red head too! I think im pretty small though
By WristThick at 19,Jun,11 19:41 other posts of WristThick 
Thanks for ruining the "myth" you two!

By #135959 at 19,Jun,11 16:01
I'm a redhead I'm not big at all

By WristThick at 10,Jun,11 15:37 other posts of WristThick 
I'm not gay, so I've never seen any other guy's hard cock in person. But I've seen them online and really think we're bigger than average. And I KNOW I'm kinda big

Tall, dark and handsome? Try tall, redheaded and hung instead

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