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how many remember this place when it was fun? and a place you looked forward to visiting

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Started by Ray10754 at 31,Dec,18 18:35  other posts of Ray10754
Tell us some of the fun things you remember since you have been a member here! I remember when the forums was a fun place to chat with others about a wide choice of topics!

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By Jamie at 05,Feb,21 22:18 other posts of Jamie 
I remember when fake accounts would burn your points then they would delete..
By Skittles at 08,Feb,21 14:31 other posts of Skittles 
By Jamie at 08,Feb,21 15:01 other posts of Jamie 
I know you were one.
By Dev01 at 08,Feb,21 18:04 other posts of Dev01 
Oh I miss the "gladiator" days. Anonymous chat and logs
--------------------------------------- added after 70 seconds

Jamie you look different.. can't pinpoint it tho
By Jamie at 08,Feb,21 18:59 other posts of Jamie 

By tecsan at 09,Feb,21 03:13 other posts of tecsan 
Wish that were still true...So many fake accounts here, but it is not admin's fault...It is almost impossible to stop...

By licksipsuckit at 08,Feb,21 15:51 other posts of licksipsuckit 
forums aren't for fun, theyre for spreading rumours about people you know nothing about, but if you say it loud enough and enough times, someone with the IQ of a pea will believe you...
just like...... did you know that Dgraff, the dodgy grub mechanic from Lebanon, that has a dick so tiny and smelly, that he has to bring up *lix*s name everyday in forum, to draw attention away from it and score brownie arse licking points, with the sites biggest CUNT, in order to make himself look like a bigger arsehole then he already is??? hows your FAKE friends from the other porn sites??? whats their names???? you know the couple that didn't have the balls to post their own cunt shots because her cunt wasn't perfect????...the ones that called you all nice people before they left???? ... would you like me to keep pointing out your reason for being here ???? or did you just need to buy some more points to vote your new friend up???? *Lix*

By dgraff at 05,Feb,21 22:27 other posts of dgraff 
I still have as much fun as I did 7 years ago no problems you just have to find a way to fit in

By cody8789 at 05,Feb,21 21:53 other posts of cody8789 
I remember when you can enter chat without signing into your account as an anonymous person and fuck with the people in chat without them even knowing who you were

By up-for-it at 05,Feb,21 12:26 other posts of up-for-it 
It still is fun, just have to find the right people for you !

By JustWill at 31,Dec,18 22:54 other posts of JustWill 
Sometimes I miss the days when everyone was sending slices of pie back and forth.
By #545732 at 06,Jan,19 03:14
Hmmmm, did someone mention pie?

By bella! at 01,Jan,19 02:08 other posts of bella! 
I hear you Ray. SYD/SYC was and still is fun AND the forum is still a "fun place to chat with others about a wide choice of topics!"
By routemaster at 06,Jan,19 02:57 other posts of routemaster 
I totally agree

By #487013 at 31,Dec,18 20:26
Me too Ray. I actually was looking at syc on the wayback machine since the syd isn't available but its a trip to see how much has changed and all those that have come and gone.
By #460385 at 31,Dec,18 20:41
If it wasn't for the drama and bullshit in the Forum this site would be boring as fuck. Hell, I don't even look a pics anymore unless friends post new ones. And we only have 20 on our friends list.

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