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Dick size vs. Shoe size

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Started by #96728 at 27,Sep,10 08:07
Does the size of your feet really say something about the size of your cock?? Let's put it to the test. What is your dick size and what size shoes are you wearing?

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New Comment

By new2day at 15,Feb,20 14:46 other posts of new2day 
Sadly this old wives tale isn't true sob... Size 11 feet, just under 6" hard

By earthy at 14,Feb,20 20:38 other posts of earthy 
I don't really think shoe size is an accurate way to tell. I wear size 10 and am about 5.5 hard
By able2selfsuck at 14,Feb,20 21:58 other posts of able2selfsuck 
I don't think so either. I wear 8.5/9 and am 5.5 hard too.

By #460523 at 10,Jan,17 20:48
my shoe size is 6.5 my dick size is 6.25
By lawrenceo at 16,Jan,18 08:49 other posts of lawrenceo 
My shoe size is 10 and my cock is 5 ins (14 cm).

The other way I was told as a boy was that if you bend your index finger down onto the palm of your hand (adjacent to the base of your thumb) and mark the spot to which the tip of the finger reaches; the length of your cock is the distance between the end of your straightened index finger and the mark on your palm.

This is right for me, give or take a few mms.
By heylittleman at 16,Jan,18 09:39 other posts of heylittleman 
Wow.. the index finger thing is quite accurate.
Some guys on this site must have some freakishly long fingers!!

By #550094 at 22,Apr,18 15:35
Finger-Palm... bingo!

By #553294 at 22,Apr,18 17:51
Still, nothing but myth.

It has been scientifically proven beyond any reasonable doubt (more than once) that none of the old myths regarding the size of any other part of the human male body being an accurate indicator of cock size are true.
By #550094 at 23,Apr,18 22:26

By earthy at 14,Feb,20 20:41 other posts of earthy 
Wow that pretty accurate

By Smoothmann at 14,Feb,20 20:29 other posts of Smoothmann 
My shoe siize is 9 and my cock erect is 6.1"

By Youngitalianguy27 at 14,Feb,20 10:05 other posts of Youngitalianguy27 
Shoe size Men’s US 7, erection size 7”

By bigguy at 23,Apr,18 19:14 other posts of bigguy 
The average shoe size for American men is 10 1/2, need I say more?

By #550094 at 22,Apr,18 15:29
Nice fantasy, but I personally don't buy into this
"Foot size" myth.
Although it is a nice way to cruise a guy and judge him
by the size of his feet, be reminded that not all packages
bring desired prizes.

Now... if you wanna intensify the visual game,
watch a guy's hands as they are fully extended and
on a flat surface such as a table or desk while he is
standing up and leaning over the table... the hand
length from the palm to the tip of the longest finger.
That's enough to hold your load eagerly until you
get home at the end of the day and jerk off about him!

As for self cock size-up:
Extend you hand flat over the top of your erect cock
with your palm touching the top puubic base, and the tip
of your longest finger at the cock head;
although it's not a true measurement the length comes
nearly close but not even precise, give / take / or surpass.

By Dong69 at 20,Apr,18 23:36 other posts of Dong69 
This is funny, if your dick had any correlation to the size of your foot, then all men would be well endowed!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

By #553294 at 16,Apr,18 23:54
Again, there is ZERO correlation between foot & cock size. This has been proven beyond any doubt.

By HungJack1999 at 06,Apr,18 10:33 other posts of HungJack1999 
I'm 7.5 inches long and 6 inches girth.

My shoe size is 30cm, or US 12.5, or EU 47... That's what's written on it anyway

By lawrenceo at 06,Apr,18 01:32 other posts of lawrenceo 
Turn it round how you like and connection with size of penis and size of any other body part is purely coincidental.

By leopoldij at 05,Apr,18 19:22 other posts of leopoldij 
Actually, it's not the shoe size that correlates with the dick size. It's the shoe string length! The longer your strings, the longer your dick. Believe me, it's as obvious as the fact that the Earth is flat.

By DarkMax at 05,Apr,18 17:03 other posts of DarkMax 
6.4", 9
--------------------------------------- added after 42 seconds

By #553106 at 05,Apr,18 13:01
My dick size 6 inchs my she size 9.5

By #551656 at 05,Apr,18 11:23
Dick size - 7" and on the thin side
Shoe size 10.5 US, and on the thin side.

By #539358 at 05,Apr,18 01:25
Show size 11 (UK) 12 (US)
Penis length 5 1/4” or 13cm

By jayman73 at 05,Apr,18 00:52 other posts of jayman73 
Dick Size 6 inches
Shoe Size 14 US
I wish it was reversed actually.

By #553294 at 04,Apr,18 22:46
It's been scientifically proven beyond any doubt many, many times that there's absolutely zero correlation between the size of a guy's feet & the size of his cock.

By Darthshame at 16,Jan,18 22:19 other posts of Darthshame 
Different countries have different sizes.

Dick 6 1/4"
Shoes 9 US

By #482237 at 16,Jan,18 08:51
Guys,, size is for shoes,,it's not that important how big you are,,,it's what you do with what you've got that counts. If you don't know how to use it, it can be the size of a salami and it would not satisfy,,,,,

By #326485 at 07,Jun,13 18:05
I have heard that the relationship is cock length = 3 x thumb length.
By #261704 at 07,Jun,13 18:08
Maybe 2x... idk anyone with a 1 inch thumb but i've seen 3 inch dicks
By #409634 at 12,Oct,13 19:16
lolFuck if I were a man id have a small ass weenie. My thumbs are tiny, and I wear a size 5 in womens shoes, which would be a boys size 2.
By #124665 at 13,Oct,13 00:45
Ugh I want to fuck you and cum all over your small thumbs 😈

By #460523 at 10,Jan,17 20:50
not true

By lawrenceo at 16,Jan,18 08:44 other posts of lawrenceo 
My thumb length is 7cm and my cock is 14 cm.

By licksipsuckit at 29,Apr,15 08:49 other posts of licksipsuckit 
feet are getting bigger and cocks are getting smaller, or is it just my eyesight getting worse the older l get?...*lix*
By *kmadeau* at 14,Sep,15 11:43 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 09:05 other posts of akaMrK 
I think that has been proven to be true.

By akaMrK at 26,Nov,16 09:04 other posts of akaMrK 
my feet are much wider than my penis

By #497648 at 14,Sep,15 09:19
Some says that there is a relation between penis- and nose-size too
By spermkiss at 14,Sep,15 10:14 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, these are both urban legends.

"Big feet, big meat"

"Big nose, big hose"

There is also supposed to be a relationship with thumb size, but I've never heard a cute rhyme about that.

By #371590 at 14,Sep,15 07:09
My dick is 7 and a half inches, and, my shoe size is the European 47, sometimes 46, depending on the shoe

By leopoldij at 12,Mar,15 14:52 other posts of leopoldij 
a man's penis size is directly related to the height of the nurse who helped his grandmother give birth. this is scientifically proven.
By sinanff47 at 13,Sep,15 02:12 other posts of sinanff47 
Yes it is. But it was done by British scientists, and therefore only works if one uses furlongs, rods, and chains as the measurement units.
By leopoldij at 13,Sep,15 07:09 other posts of leopoldij 
Ha ha. I'm glad you picked on that. And glad you agree. You see, determining penis size is an extremely difficult procedure.

By #497509 at 12,Sep,15 15:01
My shoe size is 8" and dick size is 6.7"

By Savethehorse at 29,Apr,15 15:09 other posts of Savethehorse 
Size 14, 7.5"

By firefox553 at 11,Mar,15 23:57 other posts of firefox553 
Size 11 shoe and a 6.5 inch dick

By winnie at 11,Mar,15 18:45 other posts of winnie 
I have small dick and small feet, so sometimes it say something
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes[/IMG][/URL]I
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

By swvsucker at 11,Mar,15 16:54 other posts of swvsucker 
It says absolutely nothing. I wear size 13 shoes and have a 3.5 inch dick.

By Cutewilly at 10,Mar,15 16:13 other posts of Cutewilly 
I've said this before, but cock size is not related to shoe size. Sorry, but it's true!

By #469430 at 10,Mar,15 15:34
7inch cock
10 1/2 US shoe size

By Darcey656 at 08,Mar,15 11:49 other posts of Darcey656 
Shoe 10 Cock 6.5 ins by 6ins.

By cockalisious at 26,Feb,15 15:05 other posts of cockalisious 
Shoe size 10.5 US and cocksize 7.1"

By ghostfuck at 14,Feb,15 20:01 other posts of ghostfuck 
6 in cock and size 13 shoe US.

By #471466 at 14,Feb,15 18:07
Size 15 shoe....see my nickname!

By banshee728 at 14,Feb,15 10:56 other posts of banshee728 
7.5"cock/11 U.S. shoe

By joesg at 14,Feb,15 10:50 other posts of joesg 
14 shoe 6,5 cock

By gazlittlewilly at 13,Nov,14 12:51 other posts of gazlittlewilly 
Trust me, there's no correlation...

US size 12 feet,
4.5" hard dick.

By metalraven13 at 12,Nov,14 15:36 other posts of metalraven13 
size 12 shoes

6" cock

By reichs23 at 10,Aug,14 22:56 other posts of reichs23 
size 13 nd under 3 inch hard

By #460523 at 22,Jul,14 16:47
feet 6.5 dick 6.25

By jake1988 at 22,Jul,14 14:54 other posts of jake1988 
I don't know about my feet, but here they say 'like a mans nose, so his fire hose'. Would explain it...

By Cutewilly at 22,Jul,14 10:54 other posts of Cutewilly 
Size 12 feet and 4.5- 5 inches hard. Shoe size and cock size are not related.

By #467057 at 21,Jul,14 05:52
5"10 size 11 shoe 9"1/4 dick. If I put my foot next to my penis it stops right where the toes start

By bigone21 at 07,Jun,13 19:12 other posts of bigone21 
forget about shoe-size!! cock-length 12.22 percent of body-length! (21.5 / 176) * 100%

who has a higher percentage? show! i like big dicks on small guys!!

By aoneeyedmonster at 24,Oct,13 08:38 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
that theory worked for me.

By gazlittlewilly at 21,Jul,14 02:44 other posts of gazlittlewilly 
Erm... Mine works out to about 6.5%... :-S

By #457608 at 08,Apr,14 22:05
My **** in law has a reputation for a big dick,he only has a size nine shoe,a even dumber myth,I met a girl who thought the longer a guy takes a piss the bigger it is,then I told her it goes off how much we drink how long we piss and I don't know were she came up with something so stupid?

By swvsucker at 20,Feb,14 23:02 other posts of swvsucker 
There is ZERO truth to this myth. I wear size 13 shoes. My cock pics speak for themselves.

By #289712 at 16,Feb,14 22:54
I wish!! Size 12 stabilizers, just under 7 inch penis. Im happy though, he works very well!

By qqqq1234 at 16,Feb,14 22:34 other posts of qqqq1234 
5'8, size 9 shoes, 7 inch cock

By #360796 at 16,Feb,14 22:15
I'm 6'3, size 13 shoe, and just under 7in

By _avg_ at 22,Jan,14 22:02 other posts of _avg_ 

By #300311 at 22,Jan,14 18:45
Size 11 (uk size) and 7 inches

By cazzoduro69 at 22,Jan,14 09:26 other posts of cazzoduro69 
shoe 7 cock 6.2

By boc at 08,Nov,13 23:04 other posts of boc 
5'11", size !! shoe, 8 x 6.

By #439814 at 08,Nov,13 21:24
Shoe 13. Penis 4 hrd

By #384963 at 08,Nov,13 19:18
Yea I don't think it's too accurate size 12 shoe and I'm 5.5

By #337858 at 28,Oct,13 17:10
size 9 shoe, just shy of 6" on the rocket

By Dalecash at 27,Oct,13 18:36 other posts of Dalecash 
Size 9 AU shoe, 6.5 dick.

By #85084 at 24,Oct,13 10:43
Size 9 1/2 shoe 7 3/4" + cock. I know a guy whom wears size 8 shoes, is 5'9"…His cock is 11 1/2" and 3" wide!!! I have been telling him for 20 years that he should have went into porn, he would have made millions with that monster!

By aoneeyedmonster at 24,Oct,13 08:36 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
shoe 12" cock 9"

By #347861 at 24,Oct,13 05:54
Shoe 16 - cock 8.5"

By #435580 at 23,Oct,13 13:10
Size 10 cock 6.5

By Beercan10 at 22,Oct,13 15:47 other posts of Beercan10 
Dick vs. shoe size
Kinds like a foot

By xdjxx1 at 17,Oct,13 06:45 other posts of xdjxx1 
If big feet meant a big cock, I'd be on the larger side with my size 13s. Not the case, however.

It's impossible to judge from the size of somebody or their hands, feet, whatever how big they are in their trousers. The biggest cock I've seen in the flesh belonged to a bloke that couldn't have been more than 5'6" and he barely had enough hand to hold it when he went for a piss. He'd have looked like a clown if he had feet to match it.

By botanic at 17,Oct,13 06:15 other posts of botanic 
I dont know about the relative proportion of shoe size to dick length but I do know that the angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of the meat provided that the urge to surge remains constant.

By #305812 at 16,Oct,13 18:56
my cock is 6 and a quarter inches when hard and my shoe size is ten.

By #32440 at 13,Oct,13 03:06
size 13 shoe and on a good day 6.25" dick wife says more like 5.5 humm she probably knows better.

By #124665 at 13,Oct,13 00:46
It's all lies..

By andrew5incher at 12,Oct,13 16:42 other posts of andrew5incher 
11 shoe
5.5 cock

By #102374 at 14,May,13 23:48
Size 10.5 shoe and 6.5 cock.

By #332336 at 27,Dec,12 09:08
My shoe size is a 6 and my cock is 14 inches.
By #261704 at 14,May,13 18:41
I think you have that backwards
By ktalmipn at 14,May,13 22:32 other posts of ktalmipn 

By #374353 at 14,May,13 22:11
US size 11 shoe
erect cock 4.5 inches

By Odin_york_pa at 14,May,13 16:28 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
Show size is 9.5 U.S.
Cock is 6"c U.S lol

By #359325 at 11,Mar,13 19:43
Shoe size 13 - Boner size 6"

By cockalisious at 30,Jan,13 04:06 other posts of cockalisious 
Shoe size 10.5 US, cock length 7.1 inch

By #323075 at 30,Jan,13 01:27
I don't think that it exists a relationship between shoe size and cock size. My cock is 6.5'' when hard and 2'' when flackid. My shoe size is 12".

By niginni at 15,Jan,13 10:39 other posts of niginni 
shoe size 7 UK or 41 Europe
cock 165mm or 6.5"

By #214409 at 29,Dec,12 11:04
Shoe 10,5 / Dick 7,5

14 inches dick, really? C'mon people, the largest one ever documented made 13,5 inches...
By #316049 at 29,Dec,12 11:10
Pretty sure he was clowning mate - size6 shoe...thats a kid's size
By #214409 at 14,Jan,13 16:38
My bad

By 0-00 at 09,Jan,13 10:36 other posts of 0-00 
It's a myth!

By nekekal at 09,Jan,13 03:13 other posts of nekekal 
Cock 7.75 inches long, hard.

Shoe size 9. EEE

Feet are short and fat, cock is long and thin.

By #323075 at 09,Jan,13 01:38
Shoe Size: 42
Cock Size(hard): 16cm

By lumber at 08,Jan,13 21:18 other posts of lumber 
Shoe 12 EEE cock 7 1/2 x 7 1/2" cock is fine hard to buy shoes in EEE

By #337870 at 08,Jan,13 18:12
shoe size: 11
dick size: two point five inches erect

By #277673 at 29,Dec,12 11:52
I have size 17 US and 7.5-8" dick

By #175286 at 28,Dec,12 07:55
Off topic... I find that if u hold ur pinky and thumb as far apartnas u can on either hand it gives ir erect length so ya ladies can even see their boner size that way me n my ex always gpt into it cuz hers was bigger lol
By #226523 at 29,Dec,12 11:42
Shoe size 8 cock when hard and excited gets to 8,5" tested the thumb/pinkie rule and it works. Also find the circle when closing the index finger on the tip of the thumb gives the erected girth try it.

Always check a guys hands they tell a big story the shoe size is crap.

By #242452 at 27,Dec,12 13:18
Size 11, 8ish inch dick.

By 8x6 at 27,Dec,12 08:28 other posts of 8x6 
Size 11.5 Eight inch cock.

By pomper at 01,Oct,10 03:20 other posts of pomper 
UK 9 feet, 6.5" dick.

I may be completely off base here, but it seems that USA dicks are on average bigger than the rest of the world posted here?
By 8x6 at 27,Dec,12 08:27 other posts of 8x6 
I would say those Norway guys are the ones with the monster cocks.

By mn751 at 04,Mar,11 18:38 other posts of mn751 
My shoe size is 12 US. My dick is 6" both in length and girth.

I guess that would mean my dick is relatively smaller that my feet...

By #111347 at 30,Oct,10 00:07
i heard you take your shoe size divide it by 2 then add 1 and you get your dick size.

By #107983 at 29,Oct,10 17:01
Size 11 uk feet and still only a little dick

By #81740 at 08,Oct,10 07:16
OK size 11 uk feet 6.4" cock size when horned up, though a better comparason is in the size of your my case i'm a handful!

By henkata at 29,Sep,10 01:37 other posts of henkata 
size 12 - 13 (us) but only a 5 inch erection

By #26410 at 29,Sep,10 00:53
Size 15 shoe. pics says te rest it doesnt really mattr

By #48122 at 28,Sep,10 23:59
Shoe size: 11.5 to 12 US
Penis: 8.25in

By BushPilot at 28,Sep,10 18:04 other posts of BushPilot 
7" & Size 12 Wide.

By oldbugle at 27,Sep,10 13:11 other posts of oldbugle 
I am only average height, wear a small shoe size (UK 7) and also take a small(ish) hat size,, all in all I'm only a small to average size man. My penis is a genuine 7 inches and 7 inches around the base which although not large puts me well outside the average.......

........There has never been any recorded link between penis size and the size of other body parts. However, I have met two women who stated with absolute confidence that large ears, in one case, and long noses in the other, were garantees of penis size.......

By #33070 at 27,Sep,10 10:42
Shoe size 10 1/2 to 11 and cock when really hard 7 soft 5

By #95006 at 27,Sep,10 08:17
I average 8" erect and about 4 1/2" flacid. My shoe size is 10 (US). If I'm REALLY aroused I can hit about 8 1/4". I'd say my shoe size is average, as far as my dick goes I's say it's about avereage too, so you decide and tell me

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