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Have you ever recognized someone on line?

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Started by #197746 at 12,Oct,11 04:05
I used to surf xtube for good amateur videos and pics. I came across a girl I knew and was so turned on by her pics and videos. I sent her a few comments and she replied how much she liked my cock and what she would do to me - dirty girl! . She was in a relationship, so it was all just fantasy. Really turned me on!!

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By #485312 at 25,Feb,16 13:36
how can you recognise anyone from their cock pics??? most dudes never show more that a close up cock shot, so its pretty hard to recognise anyone..after seeing 5000 close up cocks, l would say lve never recognised a single cock yet *lix*

By alexa123 at 12,Oct,11 11:37 other posts of alexa123 
Thats the reason Why there are no pics with my face. It might be hot when its a Young Friend, but Not when its an old man from the neighborhood or sth like that is it?
By oldbugle at 13,Oct,11 08:31 other posts of oldbugle 
Hey!...whats wrong with us 'old men'?...some of us are quite nice and sensual, not to mention virile
By #457775 at 30,Oct,15 10:21
You are o,ne very hot older guy

By twoeyes at 15,Oct,11 13:08 other posts of twoeyes 
ive seen my sister in law in a porno.

By oldbugle at 12,Oct,11 13:03 other posts of oldbugle 
I was recognised from my pix here, can read about it on my blog.

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