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looking for explination if possible

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Started by Ray10754 at 02,Jan,12 01:12  other posts of Ray10754
Could someone please explaine the rating system on Picture of the month?

Seems the more votes I recive the lower my rating goes!

I unerstand the voting part,just dont understand the rating system!

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By admin at 02,Jan,12 01:49 other posts of admin 
What's to understand? It's a simple sum of votes. "Hot" gives you +1 "Not" gives -1. Each member can only give 1 vote for each of the pics.
By Ray10754 at 02,Jan,12 02:08 other posts of Ray10754 
I totaly understand that aspect of it what I dont undestand is the number aong side of that called (Rating) I curently have 10 votes with a rating of 2 Prior to that I had 3 votes with a rating of 4 What is the pourpos of the rating and why is it droping with the increse of votes? This is what I dont understand
By admin at 02,Jan,12 13:11 other posts of admin 
Again: rating is a simple sum of votes.

If you got 3 votes each +1 - you got rating of 3 (1+1+1). If the 4th vote is -1 you totally get 4 votes and rating of 2 (3-1).
By Ray10754 at 02,Jan,12 18:35 other posts of Ray10754 
Thank you! I was not aware that there were + and - on the votings!! Now I understand completly

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