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looking for an explination

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Started by Ray10754 at 27,Dec,12 02:32  other posts of Ray10754
What is with all the straight guys that Claim to be straight! But when you look at their profile's, the majority of their photos are of them in womans underwear or they have dildos up their ass! Am I missing something!
Not being rude just curious

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By #274357 at 27,Dec,12 03:28
Ray, the explanation is quite simple.

A Straight Man (definition) - a man who wanders about with a dildo buried within the rectal cavity while battling an insatiable urge to suck a weiner.

I am tired of defining/defending "straight" men.
By Ray10754 at 27,Dec,12 03:46 other posts of Ray10754 
Well thats kind of what I was thinking, 2nice, But I guess I was sort of hopeing that they would sort of own up to it them selfs and defend themselfs!!!

By #164428 at 27,Dec,12 02:57
Hi, Ray!

A lot of straight men enjoy dressing in women's underwear or outer clothing. Most cross dressers have been found to be straight. Often, they like the feel of the silky material, for one.

Some men enjoy dildos up their ass, or being fucked with a strap-on, regardless of orientation. The prostate can be accessed this way, and it can be pleasurable. Some men cum this way.

By Ray10754 at 27,Dec,12 03:18 other posts of Ray10754 
Thanks steff!Im sure I will get a lot of responces on the topic both possitive and negetive and that is fine with me,but I was actually hopeing that some of the men would give there point of view on the topic!

By spermkiss at 27,Dec,12 03:34 other posts of spermkiss 
Steffi, you are exactly right.

Despite what many people think, most cross dressers are straight. Many gay men, myself included, are totally turned off by it.

And concerning taking it in the ass, many men find prostate stimulation by anal penetration to be highly pleasurable. Some men can indeed reach an orgasmic climax and ejaculate this way. It depends entirely on how a man's body is built and has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual orientation. I'm as gay as they come and anal penetration does almost nothing for me. On the other hand I've fucked quite a few straight men who gave every outward indication that they were really enjoying it. And a lot of straight men take it from their wives or girlfriends with a dlido, either strap-on or handheld.

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