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By admin at 20,May,24 03:13
May not work in some browsers at all. I don't see any errors on the site side, so whatever happened - happened inside your browser and I can't know what went wrong without you describing me what exactly was happening.

By admin at 28,Apr,24 14:00
There are all kinds of costs. Not necessarily financial, it can be time, reputation, potential risks, etc. Though eventually everything can be measured by money.

You claim you are real deal yet you told me that you would not prove yourself to other members and this is a quote from your message - "no way I would share an identifiable photo with the nut jobs on this site" and just now you suggested that it should be made by those very "nutjobs".

So, I assume you are just trolling and therefore I will withdraw myself from this discussion.

By admin at 28,Apr,24 12:36
Life is not perfect because every action has some kind of cost attached to it. And not being cost-efficient is a valid reason enough for not doing something.

By admin at 28,Apr,24 12:04
Because it's pointless. Nothing stops a person determined enough from acquiring a female verification photo. They may have friendly females, they may pay to prostitutes, there are even people on interned who offer such kind of service for money and it's not too much. Heck, I've even seen females being fooled into making verification photo for other sites. And recently, there are even AI generated images that can be quite convincing. Also, essential part of female profiles are operated by males with consent of their spouses whose photos they use. No matter what verification you do, such profiles will still exist.

And you just don't understand the numbers. Real revenge porn is rare and usually easily spotted. Those profiles mostly upload, plaster real names all over and go post somewhere else. If someone keeps chatting pretending to be female it's usually not a revenge porn, just some wanker getting who knows what out of it. And they mostly use internet photos with made up name which is copyright violation at best, not photos of someone they actually know and have grudge against or use their real name. And recently they more and more often use AI generated images which can't even be a copyright violation.

By admin at 28,Apr,24 04:20
He does not understand that verification by photo does not prevent member from replacing images to something else. It's not a dating site where you upload couple of photos, verify and do not make any more uploads in years. Here people upload new images and delete old ones all the time. Someone would have to compare every new single upload to verification photo of the corresponding member. That's almost impossible job. This is exactly why I made verification voluntary and by other members, because they usually communicate with those they verified on a regular basis and may notice if profile is changing.

By admin at 11,Feb,24 20:36
I do not ban members just for posting links to their profiles on other sites or kik/skype ids or phone numbers in their "bio". I do ban members who do that repeatedly in private chats and public comments. And the member you reported did not do that. The link in the "bio" is not clickable. If someone wants to use it they have to copy it, which almost nobody does.

By admin at 30,Jan,24 18:38
Only profiles with public uploads can receive +3 points once in 4 hours.

By admin at 06,Oct,23 14:43
You don't get it. I don't care about occasional internet pics, but if the community think it's not the place for them here, I will go with the community. That was kinda the main point I made the panel because of - I got tired of arguing with members some of whom are furious about internet pics and some genuinely think that profiles with beautiful internet pics are the best part of this site. I had to argue in private chat with both on a regular basis. And it was annoying and time consuming. "This profile with internet pics undermines honest members posting poorly made amateur pics" / "A-a-a, you deleted my favorite profile only because it had 4 internet pics".

I'm only strictly against deleting members who post occasional memes and humor because it's under fair use doctrine by default. But this seems to be so nuanced that most of people here can't understand it, even you, if I remember correctly I tried to explain it several times to you too. So I gave up. And I honestly don't care if the panel decides to delete a members who has noticeable proportion of internet images. And I would appreciate if you stop dragging me into this every time.

By admin at 04,Oct,23 11:51
Because it's not linear.

Think about it. Popular page displays pics from 5 past days. If it was about plain views/votes older pics would almost always have preference over recently uploaded and fresh pics would only appear on it at the end of 5 days period. Instead it estimates not all visits from the beginning but has a gravity towards recent visits. If over past several hours some pic received essentially more visits than some previously uploaded pic it can become more popular even if it has less total vivists.

Also, if votes come from the same source they are discounted. I know that some of members here do "circle jerking" when one votes for another's pics many times in order to bump each others pics higher. And it's accounted for. Multiple votes from one source are not "worth" the same as votes from multiple sources. I tried to explain it to you once, but you chose to do not believe me and spread misinformation that it's about favorites now, not votes. It's not. It's just that you can't add to favorites more than 1 time and statiscically favorites somewhat correspond to votes coming from different sources, not to votes coming from the same source. So you made a fairly rational conclusion that it matters. But favorites do not count in the popularity formula at all.

By admin at 22,Sep,23 11:15
Ok, I think it should be fixed now.

By admin at 22,Sep,23 03:05
Can you please give me a link to a page with the comment in question? I assumed that it's on your image page, but it does not block replies from page owner no matter the settings of the member who left a comment. So I must be getting it wrong.

By admin at 05,Sep,23 21:42
You can find replies to your comments/threads directly in the feed /forum/recent_replies.php available on the main forum page.

If you are talking about reply link being not very visible I can try to make it more prominent.

By admin at 05,Sep,23 01:32
What exactly is confusing? I do not think this forum is very different from reddit. Indeed it has less options and lacks buttons that could be more distinctive than current elements, but the structure of comments is very similar. May be it's uglier on smartphones though, was not built for them.

By admin at 27,Aug,23 17:14
That is not a problem, this is by design so that you can not swap them indefinitelly.

By admin at 24,Aug,23 12:26
Women barely play it. /powerful.php?f

By admin at 10,Aug,23 15:28
No. That was from the Manifest of Italian Fascists and they actually did a lot from that list, though not women voting rights.

Also, if you think standing for big government is standing for freedom, than I'm just waisting my time.

By admin at 10,Aug,23 00:12
What party do you think stood for the following clauses?

* Universal suffrage with a lowered voting age to 18 years, and voting and electoral office eligibility for all ages 25 and up;
* Proportional representation on a regional basis;
* Voting for women;
* Representation at government level of newly created national councils by economic sector;
* The formation of a national council of experts for labor, for industry, for transportation, for the public health, for communications, etc. Selections to be made of professionals or of tradesmen with legislative powers, and elected directly to a general commission with ministerial powers.

* The quick enactment of a law of the state that sanctions an eight-hour workday for all workers;
* A minimum wage;
* The participation of workers' representatives in the functions of industry commissions;
* To show the same confidence in the labor unions (that prove to be technically and morally worthy) as is given to industry executives or public servants;
* Reduction of the retirement age from 65 to 55.
* A strong extraordinary tax on capital of a progressive nature;

By admin at 04,Aug,23 11:21
I don't know. There is a site scanner only registered users can see external links and if I submit this site there it shows 0 problems. Why avast is blocking this site - is a mystery for me. May be there is some safe option that blocks adult sites automatically.

By admin at 15,Jul,23 03:21
I'm not sure what was not clear in my comment. USSR ceased to exist, the weapons were left where they were located all over former republics. Ukraine was a former republic of USSR. It not only had a bunch of strategic missiles located there in silos (initially aimed at USA) but also bombers able to carry nuclear weapons and a lot of conventional long-range air to ground missiles. All transfered to Russia under control of USA according to the treaty that guaranteed Ukraine's safety, signed by USA, Britain and Russia. In fact, some of the missiles launched into Ukrainian cities by Russia and killing civilians are the very same conventional missiles Ukraine had given up. Ukraine still has nuclear energy stations able to produce weapon-grade plutonium, uranium mine and enrichment plant. For all I know they still could produce their own nukes without any foreign help if they wanted to disrespect their obligations not to.

By admin at 14,Jul,23 16:18
In 1994, after dissolution of USSR Ukraine inherited about 130 UR-100N intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) with six warheads each, 46 RT-23 Molodets ICBMs with ten warheads apiece, as well as 33 heavy bombers, totaling approximately 1,700 nuclear warheads remained on Ukrainian territory.

All those were given up in exchange for guarantees of international protection. USA and Britain were among the countriees that signed up those guarantees. Now we can see it does not mean squat.

I would like to see USA and Britain returning those long-range (those had a range of about 7'000 miles) nuclear missiles to Ukraine and then "to be not Amazon" all they like. Impotent wankers that's what they are today.

By admin at 30,Jun,23 17:25
Well, because the site was developed layer by layer it's not so easy to add something like that without looking over half of it's code. So I would say no. However, I think I made something like that for some aussie (I don't remember his nick already) for being a huge money contributor so I will check it out if it can be retro-fitted to the purposes you desire.

By admin at 20,Jun,23 02:08
Not sure if you mean the same, but there is no a limit on the "bio" and some members write a whole lot there. Since it's shown on top of the page it may take a lot of space and may look ugly. To prevent that only 300 first characters are shown, the rest is hidden and may be viewed by clicking on "more>>>"

By admin at 07,Jun,23 20:57
The milk is needed because it contains natural emulsifiers and it's impossible to make oil-water emulsion without some kind of emulsifier, that's why you need either eggs, milk or lecithin. I think it should work with any kind of milk, but I use whole milk just because I don't buy any other kind of milk.

I make exactly the amount I need so that I don't have to store it. I would not count for it to last more than couple of days in a fridge. It will not spoil just in 2 days indeed, but it may loose proper consistency. Industrial mayonnaise contain stabilizers that's why it lasts long.

By admin at 07,Jun,23 18:39
You can make a mayo substitite with a bunch of products. Personally when making it home I do not use eggs, I use milk. Not that I do not like eggs, but when raw they add a small risk of bacterial infection, and also I often need less sause than comes out of 1 egg, with milk I can get exact amount I need and do not bother with storing leftovers. I'm no vegan, indeed.

Vegans can use oil, plain water and lecitine which is sold in powder, and whatever flavour addition they like (lemon or vinegar, mustard, etc). If you are lazy to look for powdered lecitine you can use soy milk or the liquid from canned peas, but I'm not sure about proportions, I saw youtube videos of people making it, but never used these myself.

By admin at 04,Jun,23 18:48
I should point out that the member in question has some females in almost half of his pics. That's definitelly not "occasional". The only problem with this abuse is that I do not see any proof that those pics are from web. I won't waste my time looking for them in google and I am not familiar with every pic on the net. If those images are web-delivered, the member should be deleted, indeed.

By admin at 01,Jun,23 23:50
It's on the main page and it says "uploads by tags". Here is the direct link /viewbytag.php

By admin at 21,May,23 17:01
Indeed. In order to be able to moderate a group effectively the moderator should be able to see all posts, no matter the blacklisting.

By admin at 20,May,23 15:35
People come for varios reasons to this site. Some come to discuss their psychological issues and believe it or not sometimes they find relief they were looking for. They don't even intend to post any pics. Indeed there is a bunch of regular trolls but they are not many. But making life harder for trolls I will make it harder for those who may need simple human connection. You want to deny that opportunity just because some moron created one fake profile to blacklist you? You know that I easily delete such profiles if you report them directly to me.

By admin at 20,May,23 11:38
Not sure what "privileges" you are talking about. They can comment, but that can do even those who did not register on the site at all. Historically, you know that there was no id requirment and I had to install it over the existing system, it was not designed to have 3 "sorts" of members, only 2 - paid and unpaid.

By admin at 10,May,23 03:22
That is stated in the initial post this thread was started from. "unused points will be converted automatically into treasure chests for all non-paying members with points balance over 700". It implies that nothing happens to paid members. Should I really state it with all possible tediousness? I've been always thinking I'm already too tedious by my nature.

By admin at 10,May,23 02:38
Yes. But why are you asking this? Paid members almost never hoard points.

By admin at 10,May,23 01:05
Points start converting into chests when it's 120 days after last payment if I remember correctly. You can convert all chests back to points without restrictions when you have paid status (real paid, not gifted).

By admin at 09,May,23 23:18
Oh, I remember who you were. What you describe is exactly what you were doing.

By admin at 09,May,23 12:49
Interesting choice. Ok.

By admin at 09,May,23 02:26
May be my bad English is failing me again. I just explained that it is not a violation of anything. It's a link sharing, not content usage. Link sharing by itself does not violate any law domestic or international nor rules of this site. It can only be illegal in some cases if the link points to some illegal content.

By admin at 09,May,23 02:06
Reuploads without conscent are not OK modified or not. You know there are always reports about unwanted tribute pics. But I know what are you talking about at this time. PA-Freddy complained that someone posted his pics in chat and said the user claimed those are his. But from evidence presented it was a link to his own pic uploaded by himself, there was no re-upload and there were no any statements about whom that image belongs to. Which is not a violation of anything imaginable.

By admin at 06,May,23 01:08
Oh, your reputation here is low not because of Freddy. No one cares what he writes. It was your own actions.

By admin at 05,May,23 22:29
Technically it's not possible to be sure if the blog is about someone particular. The author can use euphemisms. I've told this many times - stop paying attention and he will get bored quite soon. That's what trolls do, they feed on your attention. Why do you care what some blabbermouth writes about you? Even if you can't ignore it completely think about it like that - you live in his head rent-free. Just don't allow him to live in your head. It's not sanitary.

By admin at 05,May,23 15:04

By admin at 05,May,23 11:46
Not premium. It's in the same spot where the link to page with all received gifts is.

By admin at 04,May,23 18:27
I don't think Skittles ever bothers to change his speach patterns. Most of people can't see the difference anyway.

Over years it's been speculated that many permanent members of this site are me or I'm them, while I'm not even native English speaker and I'm sure there are plenty of errors in my posts and messages that give this away. While some of the members that are speculated to be me are poorly literate and make a lot of typos and grammatical errors, they won't ever make some of the mistakes I can make. Still, some people are sure we are same people.

By admin at 04,May,23 16:22
To the best of my knowledge I'm not aware of any other profiles that belong to you except this very one.

Profile "Pa-Freddys_Evil_Twin_Bro" is operated from different country than yours and even from another continent. Also, it uses completely different speech patterns not typical for US speakers.

By admin at 04,May,23 02:05
It's recent. Mostly because of some trolls who make gift page unavailable to others (premium option) and other members can't delete bad gifts they sent before so the member can keep sending bad gifts to them even while blacklisted.

By admin at 30,Apr,23 04:32
Well, after years of layering up various options it's a bit complicated.

When you open someone's profile - first there is a check if you blacklisted this member. If you did, you won't see anything except the message that this member is in your black list and the reason if you specified it. Nothing more will be shown. This is the end of it if you blacklisted the member.

If the member is not in your blacklist, the second check is made - if the member has blacklisted you. If it is true, you will see a message, that you are blacklisted by the member and couple of options - to blacklist this member back or to try to send an "apology". Then there will be the third check - if this member sent some negative gifts to you and they are still not deleted by you or someone else, even if it was long ago, you will see an additional option to send negative gift to this member. If there are no negative gifts sent to you previously by the member, the option will not be visible.

By admin at 24,Apr,23 02:38
There is a category selector at the top of the "frame", in the second line. I'm rather surprised that you did not notice it since it was in pretty much the same spot on SYD/SYC for more than 10 years.

By admin at 23,Apr,23 23:52
So far I have not. But main page had 2 viewing modes (second being "trends") for at least 5 years and now it has 3. People can select what they want to see, so most of them have no reasons to complain.

By admin at 21,Apr,23 22:55
I've added color scheme selection. Though it's rather hacky, not sure if it will work for everyone. Try in on your profile page - [Colors] in the upper links row.

By admin at 21,Apr,23 02:41
I can fix this, but not now.

By admin at 13,Apr,23 21:32
As it has always been - 5 members.

By admin at 13,Apr,23 16:00
What little I have learned from being in this biz is that it "sells" primarily fantasies. And those who buy fantasies are looking to be deceived. Does a lot of people watching wrestling not raise similar questions? It's fake by design. People love it.