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By admin at 08,Feb,23 02:20
I don't really see a question. Out of 1000 recent votes 149 were for -20 points and 851 for +3 points. 85% of votes are not made by spending points. Indeed thare are several leaches there who only participate to gain free points but they do click what they like.

By admin at 30,Jan,23 00:31

By admin at 26,Jan,23 20:06
There is a notification about new contests but it's only sent to friends of the member who creates the contest.

By admin at 26,Jan,23 12:32
Not exactly revenge porn, because pics were from porn sites, but definitelly some kind of bullshit.

By admin at 26,Jan,23 00:24
I think we've been over this like 5 times or more. I think that people who make them are morons and people who believe they are real are even more stupid. But I can't fix this.

By admin at 24,Jan,23 19:05
Account #390248 was deleted today due to inactivity (was not on the site for 1 year). Other than that I don't have any info. I do not store anything at all for members, deleted due to inactivity other than a number and the date. I have no idea who that might be.

By admin at 19,Jan,23 03:53
No one banned "her". "She" consequently created and deleted 2 profiles and now is on the third one. I don't know is it a multiple personality disorder or just some kind of dumbassery. Usually I don't care, but I don't like when people with this kind of behavior start making shit up that relates to me in some way.

By admin at 08,Jan,23 18:32
I honestly don't know what you are talking about. I can see you had older account "Sarahthesexybeast", but it was not banned. According to the log it was deleted by the user, i.e. you on December 23. If you had some IP problems registering new account, that's just because some proxy and vpn networks are permanently blocked in the registration form, not because someone banned you specifically.

By admin at 08,Jan,23 14:08
I did not really track this thoroughly and it's not my policy to collect all possible data (not on this site at least). I watched it several first weeks after the change and, no doubts, many of the hoarders used chests to purchase premium memberships or converted them into points and sent a bunch of gifts to their friends. But I don't exactly know the metrics.

By admin at 07,Jan,23 20:54
Is not he making it fun here for you?

By admin at 07,Jan,23 14:50
Same to you.

By admin at 06,Jan,23 23:13
There is a warning on the registration page that says "Many men expect that they can show their pics on this site to women. In fact, most of the comments will be from other men, mostly gay." It's been there for decade. Almost no one reads it. Though I must say a proportion of gay men on this site dropped down since then. Initially it was like 70% gay. Now it's something about 30% gay and may be another 30% bi guys.

Also, some gays get offended when female profiles comment on their pics. People are, indeed, strange creatures.

By admin at 06,Jan,23 20:47
It was not a matter of potential usefulness. I was just in a "creative" mood, that's all.

By admin at 06,Jan,23 18:23
A member asked me for a way to reach someone who blacklisted him. Since I knew you and other trolls would use it in a bad way, this is the best I could figure out.

By admin at 03,Jan,23 17:53
Well, if I "surprise" you on every holiday that would not be a surprise either. Yet, this is exactly what you suggested couple of messages above.

By admin at 03,Jan,23 16:50
Ok. Now you can make it snow on your page any time you want if you have any kind of premium status. It's under "games", on top. Seems your profiles are already too encumbered with controls to put it anywhere else.

By admin at 03,Jan,23 03:00
I'm puzzled. Though it's natural for snowflakes to slowly fall down, why do you think falling hearts or beer mugs is a good idea? Technically it's all the same, indeed, but would not this be weird?

By admin at 01,Jan,23 14:02
Already removed the script. Next year, if the site is still alive, I'll keep it longer.

By admin at 01,Jan,23 11:17
It was just a little New Year night "thing".

By admin at 01,Dec,22 04:40
Even if some member had submitted proof that they are female, it does not guarantee that account is not managed by some male afterwards. Also does not guarantee that female posts her actual pics and not from 15 years ago or her pics at all, some females do post internet images on dating sites, so it's possible on this one too. Therefore such information would be pretty much useless. I do delete reported accounts myself if they are so blatantly fake. This account does not raise any obvious flags. But again, this does not guarantee anything. If the member posts altered web images as their own and it's proven, for me it's reason enough for deletion.

By admin at 20,Nov,22 21:07
It was not as simple as you think. There always was a hidden system that analyzed evaluations and penalized those who flagged too frivolously. And it worked for many years. However now it seems most of people do not care to evaluate or may be don't even know they can. Half of members do not even browse categories, they just look at "trends". So the algorithm started to fail. So I adjusted it now. Let's see if it works. It may cause that from now on no pic will be flagged at all. But as I always stated I do not care about categories, they were made for members, not for me and if they don't care anymore about them, so be it.

By admin at 20,Nov,22 20:28
Yes, there is a temporary rating penalty.

By admin at 20,Nov,22 17:54
I have tweaked it a little, since recently I see increased number of wrong category qualifications that I can disagree with.

Though I must point out that main dick category is highly competitive and something that is not a dick close-up may be considered as wrong category by some.

By admin at 16,Nov,22 17:14
It's not a glitch, "you cannot do that" usually happens when someone uses too many emoticons or just meaningless "words" with repetitive parts like mmmmmmmmmmmm. Technically it should not allow you to post it at all, but the algorithm is somewhat random because it's based on statistical analysis so once in a while it fails and lets you post what it should not.

And it tells you you are spamming if you send very similar comment over and over under different pics. Like "super hot cock" or something like that.

By admin at 27,Oct,22 23:06
Well, it's complicated. It's supposed to be 72 hours, but the billing sometimes sends expiration signal earlier. I have updated the script for the future, but I can't guarantee anything that is not on my end. Their billing mechanics are sometimes mystery to me.

By admin at 21,Oct,22 16:27
They are already penalized. People with bad social rating can't send private messages to people they have not had conversations already or post in forum unless they have "premium" status.

By admin at 21,Oct,22 16:25
Blacklist is limited to 15 entries for non-paid members. I do believe that people have a right to ignore trolls who try to attact them. And 15 is more than enough to blacklist several trolls.

Some people play dumb games with blacklist. I should probably charge points for repetitive blacklisting. But I'm qute sure there are only few of such members, so there is no really much sense wasting my time on the coding.

By admin at 13,Oct,22 17:42
Well, if every member adds thousands of favorites it will somewhat decrease database performance, but it is no issue with a small bunch of members having 2000 favorites.

Uploads are limited mostly for another reason. Some members where flooding the site with similar mediocre images just hoping that some will attract attention because of their numbers. It was stupid, indeed, because a bad dick pic no one wants to see is still a bad dick pic no one wants to see even if you upload 10'000 of them. But it's impossible to explain, so I had to limit uploads.

By admin at 13,Oct,22 15:39
In fact, there was no limit at all until recently. I limited it couple of months ago, when I noticed that some members had over 5000 images in their favorites. As I said, I thought it was messy, not speaking of extra load on the server. Still, there are about 100 members that currently are near the limit of 1200. Therefore I have increased it now. Here are just some examples:





By admin at 13,Oct,22 12:19
UPD: I have increased the count to 2400. Though personally I think it's messy.

By admin at 13,Oct,22 02:25
There is a limit of 1200 favorites, it's equal for paid and free members. If you add more than that, older additions will drop out.

By admin at 13,Oct,22 02:19
The system won't let you add temporary or private pic in the first place.

By admin at 02,Oct,22 00:39
It did not go through, so what's the problem?

I don't have a method to separate those who possess common sense from those who does not. I wish I had.

By admin at 23,Sep,22 11:20
Some videos are more popular than others. But the common pattern is that videos requiring points have way less views than those that do not.

By admin at 22,Sep,22 13:34
It does count video views, but it does not check if the video was viewed to the end. If a user started viewing and immediatelly stopped it still counts as a view.

Also, theoretically, if two or more members are viewing the same video at the same time it may not work correctly, may count more views than it should. Though normally it is quite a rare occurance.

By admin at 17,Sep,22 10:37
Alisha*69* was banned couple of days ago by the panel for posting internet pics.

By admin at 07,Sep,22 17:06
I have already established a vote can happen before user last site visit was updated and it happens more often than I could imagine, but usually user stays longer than 1 minute, so you do not notice it in most cases. However judging from the frequency of such occurrences, it's statistically quite possible that someone voted and left right after so his last visit was not updated.

I'm now testing if I have fixed this or there is something else.

By admin at 07,Sep,22 13:08
I think this may happen if a user spent less than 1 minute on the site after a fresh login. I'm yet to confirm this theory.

By admin at 23,Aug,22 03:42
The profile claims it's a doll and it's a doll and you obviously know it's a doll. So I fail to see what do you think does not compute here. Also, from what I can see all recent uploads on that profile are non-categorized.

By admin at 18,Aug,22 12:57
There is nothing wrong with verifying a profile that does not lie about what it represents.

By admin at 11,Aug,22 04:25
You mean it's unique because I'm a screw-up?

By admin at 11,Aug,22 04:12
Because I did not make it correctly. Now it should be as intended.

By admin at 18,Jul,22 02:00
There is a checkbox that inverts chat. It's been here for many years. May be the name is confusing - "At the bottom", but no one suggested anything better to name it in all these years.

Most of users are not aware of 80% of this site's features and just use default settings. And that's the main problem with the search options you are proposing - only small portion of members will actually specify such data. Half will lie to make themselves more popular. Overall it won't be useful, considering small amount of members.

By admin at 16,Jul,22 16:20
Let's make it simple. You can take the ball as many times as you want, but you get +5 only once in 24 hours. It should be like that now, unless I messed it.

By admin at 15,Jul,22 15:10
I would not know. Probably revenge. Also possible to jerk off to someone familiar.

But I think this actually can work both ways. Now anyone can claim it was a deepfake and not really him/her acting in porn when young, or fucking a neighbour or a secretary even if it really happened.

By admin at 15,Jul,22 12:06
only registered users can see external links

By admin at 15,Jul,22 12:05
Ok, if you say so, I have changed it so that points of members that currently have premium, even gifted, won't be converted into chests.

By admin at 15,Jul,22 11:35
I tuned it down to 2 per 24 hours after seen that some hoarders only do that and nothing else.

By admin at 15,Jul,22 02:05
Well, you give free premium memberships to other members quite often, don't you?

By admin at 10,Jul,22 15:10
Pointing out bad vocabulary to win an argument with someone who speaks English as tertiary language at may be B-2 level is not a win one should be proud of.

You are picking a sample to fit your narrative. What exactly are "modern, affluent, Western democracy" you are suggesting to compare US with? Japan that 70 years ago was a totalitarian empire where pilots suicide bombed US ships for the glory of the emperor and soldiers were cutting Chinese prisoners to pieces just for fun? Or is it Belgium that brutally exploited Congo and performed genocide of 10 million people there just 150 years ago?

Also, why should they be more justifiably compared to US, a country that has a very unique intense history, very different from old European countries?

And overall, if you think that 200 years of relatively civilized existence can somehow overturn 5 millions years of evolution, it's just a superiority complex speaking. It's OK, all neurotypical people have it. I don't blame you for it, I just want you to know that 99% of differences that you think you have with Venezuelans or even some primitive African or Amazonian tribe are imaginary. So called Western democracies can be turned into very ugly dictatorships within 10-15 years, if proper narrative wins.

I'm now tired of this theme, it is difficult for me to argue complex conceptions in language that I do not think in. So I will not continue.