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By admin at 23,Sep,22 11:20
Some videos are more popular than others. But the common pattern is that videos requiring points have way less views than those that do not.

By admin at 22,Sep,22 13:34
It does count video views, but it does not check if the video was viewed to the end. If a user started viewing and immediatelly stopped it still counts as a view.

Also, theoretically, if two or more members are viewing the same video at the same time it may not work correctly, may count more views than it should. Though normally it is quite a rare occurance.

By admin at 17,Sep,22 10:37
Alisha*69* was banned couple of days ago by the panel for posting internet pics.

By admin at 07,Sep,22 17:06
I have already established a vote can happen before user last site visit was updated and it happens more often than I could imagine, but usually user stays longer than 1 minute, so you do not notice it in most cases. However judging from the frequency of such occurrences, it's statistically quite possible that someone voted and left right after so his last visit was not updated.

I'm now testing if I have fixed this or there is something else.

By admin at 07,Sep,22 13:08
I think this may happen if a user spent less than 1 minute on the site after a fresh login. I'm yet to confirm this theory.

By admin at 23,Aug,22 03:42
The profile claims it's a doll and it's a doll and you obviously know it's a doll. So I fail to see what do you think does not compute here. Also, from what I can see all recent uploads on that profile are non-categorized.

By admin at 18,Aug,22 12:57
There is nothing wrong with verifying a profile that does not lie about what it represents.

By admin at 11,Aug,22 04:25
You mean it's unique because I'm a screw-up?

By admin at 11,Aug,22 04:12
Because I did not make it correctly. Now it should be as intended.

By admin at 18,Jul,22 02:00
There is a checkbox that inverts chat. It's been here for many years. May be the name is confusing - "At the bottom", but no one suggested anything better to name it in all these years.

Most of users are not aware of 80% of this site's features and just use default settings. And that's the main problem with the search options you are proposing - only small portion of members will actually specify such data. Half will lie to make themselves more popular. Overall it won't be useful, considering small amount of members.

By admin at 16,Jul,22 16:20
Let's make it simple. You can take the ball as many times as you want, but you get +5 only once in 24 hours. It should be like that now, unless I messed it.

By admin at 15,Jul,22 15:10
I would not know. Probably revenge. Also possible to jerk off to someone familiar.

But I think this actually can work both ways. Now anyone can claim it was a deepfake and not really him/her acting in porn when young, or fucking a neighbour or a secretary even if it really happened.

By admin at 15,Jul,22 12:06
only registered users can see external links

By admin at 15,Jul,22 12:05
Ok, if you say so, I have changed it so that points of members that currently have premium, even gifted, won't be converted into chests.

By admin at 15,Jul,22 11:35
I tuned it down to 2 per 24 hours after seen that some hoarders only do that and nothing else.

By admin at 15,Jul,22 02:05
Well, you give free premium memberships to other members quite often, don't you?

By admin at 10,Jul,22 15:10
Pointing out bad vocabulary to win an argument with someone who speaks English as tertiary language at may be B-2 level is not a win one should be proud of.

You are picking a sample to fit your narrative. What exactly are "modern, affluent, Western democracy" you are suggesting to compare US with? Japan that 70 years ago was a totalitarian empire where pilots suicide bombed US ships for the glory of the emperor and soldiers were cutting Chinese prisoners to pieces just for fun? Or is it Belgium that brutally exploited Congo and performed genocide of 10 million people there just 150 years ago?

Also, why should they be more justifiably compared to US, a country that has a very unique intense history, very different from old European countries?

And overall, if you think that 200 years of relatively civilized existence can somehow overturn 5 millions years of evolution, it's just a superiority complex speaking. It's OK, all neurotypical people have it. I don't blame you for it, I just want you to know that 99% of differences that you think you have with Venezuelans or even some primitive African or Amazonian tribe are imaginary. So called Western democracies can be turned into very ugly dictatorships within 10-15 years, if proper narrative wins.

I'm now tired of this theme, it is difficult for me to argue complex conceptions in language that I do not think in. So I will not continue.

By admin at 10,Jul,22 13:13
Yeh, that's what I heard from Venezuelans before they become dictatorship - "we are not like other countries, we are better then this, it will never happen with us". Venezuela was a democratic country with checks and balances and it was most prosperous and most developed country in 1980es-90es on South America continent. And this is not the only example. How about Germany under Hitler? Was they also not civilized enough? One of the most developed both culturally and technologically nation of Europe at that time.

Also, I do not think you understand how it all works. Constitutions are meant to limit democracy, that's exactly their purpose. Pure democracy turns into dictatorship in a blink of an eye. Masses of any country are always ready to vote for a lying populist.

By admin at 10,Jul,22 12:59
Well, due to my background I know something about statistics and factor analysis. So it kinda bugs me when someone just takes limited sample and deducts a lot from it. But it also makes hard to answer your question. I could push my own narrative, but I know that an answer to your question requires thorough analysis with a lot of data which I do not have.

I'd say murder rates is just slightly correlates with gun availability, it probably correlates more with low level of living, because crime levels usually heavily correlate with it, and also correlates a lot with cultural peculiarities.

Switzerland has a lot of guns and very liberal gun ownership laws, but there is little of gun violence. I'd say the disparity among it's population is less than in US, less desperate people to commit crimes. Also it's more homogeneous culturally. In US black ghettos and in some mostly white rural regions like Apalaches they still have ancient tribe mentality that requires to be ready to prove with violence that you are a man and should be reckoned with. I bet this mind set is not common in Switzerland.

Also, if you glorify violence on TV and especially glorify mass shooters, it should not be a surprise that some take it as encouragement. I don't think there is a study about that, but I know of study about suicides, they essentially increase among young people after some suicide becomes popular on the news. It's way outside margin of error. It's called "The Werther Effect", you can google it if you want. I'd say it should be the same if even not more with violence glorification.

There may be other factors I'm missing and can't figure out without comprehensive statistical analysis for which, as I said, I do not have data.

By admin at 10,Jul,22 04:32
But you do realize that Russia, Brazil, Venezuela and several other countries with much stricter gun laws than US, have 2-3 more gun murders per capita than USA? More than half of gun deaths in US are suicides, not murders.

And constitutions are there for a reason. If you start changing constition, where do you stop? They changed constitutions in Russia and Venezuela so that the president can be president indefinitelly and they are now dictatures.

By admin at 08,Jul,22 16:41
You probably copy-paste it as a text from my post, not as a full link, that includes http start

By admin at 07,Jul,22 19:27
I don't know why you ask. It's still written on the profile /member.php?w=674561

By admin at 05,Jul,22 11:31
1. They can't even upload avatar pic.
2. Yes, blacklist is limited to 15 for non-paying members.

By admin at 01,Jul,22 00:51
According to the logs his account was automatically deleted last night because he has not been on the site for more than 360 days. Strange thing though - I was quite sure I set it up so that accounts that paid are not ever deleted. But from what I'm seeing - I actually did not. The script checks the "premium" flag, but if account was abandoned it obviously wont be active. And I did not notice this in so many years until now. I'm not sure if I should correct it may be I should leave it this way, but I do not like that I was sure in what is not true.

By admin at 24,Jun,22 18:16
I have no illusions whatsoever about any of the point hoarders ever buying a membership. But I added an ability to use chests when gifting premium membership to others or themselves. So, they can do this if they chose so.

And as I said, I don't care about the number. You were here long enough, you should remember that JohnS collected like 30'000 points reporting fakes and I did not care. Others were not so happy, though.

By admin at 24,Jun,22 11:53
I did not care how many points people had. Paying members were dissatisfied with this situation and I had to spend some of my time to resolve it. However, points hoarding is not a productive activity both for those who do it and for mechanics of the site so if it will be discouraged by this change, I consider it a positive change.

I did some analysis before doing this. People who win contests usually keep trophies, not points. Most of hoarders get points from something primitive - clicking in image top for example or taking the ball from someone who do not pass it. And honestly, this was my fault to begin with. I should have limited points income from these activities as I did with "boobs" after I noticed some people routinely hunt for those. These things were meant to make people interact more with each other, not to make it a job for several people who has nothing better to do.

By admin at 23,Jun,22 13:20
Did not bother me either, I just reacted to dissatisfaction of old paid members about this.

By admin at 23,Jun,22 02:59
You may laugh all you want but there are members who collected over 10'000 points this way.

By admin at 22,Jun,22 19:06
>and it gave me so much satisfaction

By admin at 22,Jun,22 18:12
Just for the record - it was never "stealing". It was "burning". You had to spend your points to make someone elses points disappear. And you were losing more than the opponent in that transaction. I removed it in order to comply with the billing rules and also because almost no one used that feature in recent years.

When used, that feature was a lot of pain in my ass. Because usually it came down to two paid members clashing with each other and both demanding that I stand with him and not with his opponent, otherwise they quit the site or stop paying. It was very annoying. I'm no diplomat.

By admin at 22,Jun,22 01:24
Hiding points is a premium only feature.

By admin at 21,Jun,22 13:04
Realisation that I should not have made this site with all its multiple features, just should have made a page with numbers that people could increase by some way of daily clicking and charge money for extra clicks.

By admin at 21,Jun,22 03:55
Well, thank you. But what do you think about people who think that increasing a virtual number on a page of some small unbeknownst site is a daily hard work?

By admin at 21,Jun,22 03:36
Well, this was another eye opener for me, really...

By admin at 21,Jun,22 02:52
None of the things here are "my proposal". This entire site is build on proposals of active members, I just try to figure out ways to implement them. Reality has some limitations so some ways may seem or really be "sketchy". It's the best I can do, I'm just a regular human.

By admin at 21,Jun,22 00:49
For god's sake, it's not a game, it's a kind of punishment for not spending free points. As a premium member you do not have and do not want to get chests.

By admin at 21,Jun,22 00:44
Indeed. When the balance of a non-paying member is over 700 at midnight the system will make a chest deducting 500 points until the balance is below 700. Quite simple.

Big chests of 5000 were made only because I did not want to wipe out points of people who hoarded 10000+ points over many years. If I was making this from the start I would not do big chests at all. This all was difficult to figure out exactly because I did not want to punish those tho put a lot of efforts into it, though they still feel I fucked them.

If you buy points or membership you have 100 days the system won't check your balance at all. Well, at least it's supposed to be so, I make mistakes sometimes. And after that you have 60 days to convert chests back into points and use them before they perish. So, overall 160 days. I think it's quite enough.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 23:04
If you do not know what you would do with them, than does it really matter? Just forget about chests and keep doing what you have been doing - voting for +3 points in image top "game". This changes nothing for you. You would never spend points anyway until this site ends or you get bored and close your account.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 21:51
And what would you have done if you were expecting this?

By admin at 20,Jun,22 17:39
You are probably making this up, but I now added a possibility to use chests when gifting premium to yourself (or anyone else). So you can still do it. Your chests will be automatically converted into needed points during that given that there is enough of them. You still need to do this before their expiration, indeed.

And I really recommend to swap gift memberships with someone else you know. You gift it to them and they gift it to you. This way you spend 250 points less.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 17:04
You know that all points calculations and other adjustments such as reputation updates and some cleanups happen soon after midnight US East Coast time.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 16:41
From the point of view of those who will try to hoard small chests it probably is diabolical...

By admin at 20,Jun,22 14:42
This does not affect actively paying members. That was the whole point of it.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 11:55
Thank you, you gave me a thought about something I missed. But I do not think hoarding of the chests will be a common practice. I think it will be quite complicated and costly. We will see.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 11:21
Seems it worked fine.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 00:48
Probably nothing except that some will still whine about some members having a lot of chests for a while, until they are pushed out of profile fronts by other gifts.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 00:44
As for why other members are "jealous of points" - ask them, not me.

By admin at 20,Jun,22 00:37
Obviously not other members. Only you can convert your chests into points. I was considering something like what you said, but decided it would be too evil even for me.

By admin at 17,Jun,22 17:27
Yes, payment processor policy is that purchased tokens must me used in full, i.e. can not be lost, they explicitly told me the burning option was unacceptable. But before taking it down I made a research and found out that less than 5% of points are spent (including points lost in process by the opponent) by burning or downvoting pics. So it was not anywhere that significant as you all think. That's why I took it down so easily, instead of implementing additional protections for paid members.

I can think of couple of evil things, like for example if you can kick some pics out of the main page for 100 points and suffering parties can return them to it for same 100 points. But I'm quite sure it wont make any of those who hoard point to spend them. It will just entertain couple of trolls like yourself and piss off a lot of ordinary members.

By admin at 17,Jun,22 11:15
People who hoard points usually do not post anything.