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Best cumshot video ever?

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Started by #217093 at 06,Jan,12 22:42
Does anyone have a favorite cumshot video on this site? I would like to know if any compare to my pov video....

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By All469ernow at 07,Sep,23 07:41 other posts of All469ernow 

Loved watching all these videos, thanks
Here is me ready to explode

By quint at 27,Aug,23 11:26 other posts of quint 

.. I've had 2000 views and many nice comments on this video!

By Thicky at 27,Aug,23 09:52 other posts of Thicky 

By High_and_Horny at 27,Aug,23 06:01 other posts of High_and_Horny 

By Lvphose at 21,Aug,23 18:53 other posts of Lvphose 
I have a few in video but this was the first!

By Miriam-23 at 18,Aug,23 11:46 other posts of Miriam-23 

By Wbs1978 at 14,Aug,20 12:45 other posts of Wbs1978 

By #121361 at 20,Jul,18 05:15
only registered users can see external links

By #64328 at 18,Jul,18 15:33
Seeing other guys cum has always turn me on.

By #562192 at 17,Jul,18 08:20
[deleted image]

Please check me out. Love to show and share my cumming cock

By #540378 at 23,Aug,17 18:29
[deleted image]
Makes me hard and cum hungry everytime.

By leopoldij at 08,Jun,17 17:05 other posts of leopoldij 
[deleted image]
By brian2 at 10,Jun,17 15:20 other posts of brian2 
By leopoldij at 09,Aug,17 21:43 other posts of leopoldij 
Thank you.
Hope you masturbated to it.

By #485312 at 12,Jun,17 04:59
[deleted image]
AussieMan blowing a load in
me on our xmas holidays *lix*
By leopoldij at 12,Jun,17 07:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Like you predicted, I like this a lot. Good job, shows how coordinated you are.

By Narcan at 28,May,17 23:35 other posts of Narcan 
By brian2 at 10,Jun,17 15:18 other posts of brian2 
wow great load

By leopoldij at 03,Sep,16 15:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Mine [deleted image]

By #408718 at 02,Feb,14 14:43
[deleted image]
check mine out

By duncanidaho at 03,Dec,12 18:28 other posts of duncanidaho 
lots of cumming videos on my page

By #133001 at 10,Apr,12 17:47
I have some realy good cumshot videos on my page.. dont know how to put them here :/

By #39556 at 10,Apr,12 08:37

By #201155 at 06,Feb,12 08:44
This is one of my better efforts, I think. It was the end of a long edging session, and my orgasm really did feel like it would never stop. It felt fantastic!

[deleted image]
By #230290 at 18,Mar,12 19:01
Always a great video
By #201155 at 19,Mar,12 08:23
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!!

By #227049 at 01,Mar,12 12:15
This is my best cum shot by far /39cu2donrc3epic.html

By coos at 29,Feb,12 22:56 other posts of coos 
Here's one of several on my page /02h8b96d74vopic.html

By #190275 at 19,Feb,12 22:03
Me shooting like 8 big spurts, i useally cum quite alot. [deleted image]

would love some comments!
By #7211 at 23,Feb,12 22:35
Those were some really big spurts! Big dick also!
By #190275 at 24,Feb,12 01:11
Thank you had to go again when i was done, nothing better than completly emptying yourself

By smokieb69 at 21,Feb,12 19:42 other posts of smokieb69 
how about this one?
cum on floor

By mess at 19,Feb,12 21:29 other posts of mess 
This is my vid - not the best but would love comments!!

By #187688 at 16,Feb,12 00:12
Mine is pretty big though it's not a spurter.


By #225414 at 13,Feb,12 15:18
I like mine [deleted image]
[deleted image]

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