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Favourite shemales!

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Started by #131042 at 08,Jan,12 12:39
Just wondering how many of you are into shemales? My two favs are Paula Melo and Vivian Porto, my ultimate fantasy would be to have these two teach me a lesson. Both cumming in my ass and mouth multiple times, ass to mouth, deep throat etc. please post pics or names of your fav x

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By Sfax#17 at 01,Mar,24 23:24 other posts of Sfax#17 
I love Asian shemales. Exclusively. Very feminine. With nice breasts and an nice ass and nice straight circumcised cock.

By #600498 at 12,Dec,20 14:09
Kora Del Rio, Chanel Santini, Aubry Kate, Khloe Kay, and Mia Isabel as some good ones.

By #527723 at 05,Feb,19 11:40
I like Joanna Jet, Vicki Richter, Holly Sweet and one or two others.

By #566488 at 05,Feb,19 11:36
i agree Natalie is amazing!!!! i love all tgirls there all so fucking hot. but my favorite it the one i get to be with. Carmen.
[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

By #559242 at 05,Feb,19 10:27
Natalie Mars

By stroker11 at 10,Sep,18 09:54 other posts of stroker11 
Baily Jay and Domino Presley, solo and together...the best!

By #102053 at 05,Feb,13 15:30
Too many to mention. Fucked and sucked a lovely shemale recently, the gorgeous Michelle.
Lovely face and figure, great tits, great ass, and a lovely cock...... Wow!!!!

By #301867 at 05,Feb,13 08:20
anyone know of any tube sites that are shemlae fucks guy only? I know theres a ton with that category but i was wondering if there are any ones exclusive to it.

By boner1234 at 04,Feb,13 22:09 other posts of boner1234 
ashley george

By #345629 at 04,Feb,13 19:22
Holly Sweet is my fav.

By #195770 at 20,Dec,12 14:53
They are simply beautiful. All in one package.

By Ablaze at 05,Mar,12 23:13 other posts of Ablaze 
From here:
[deleted image]

Outside here - Sarina Valentina, Mia Isabella ...
By #195770 at 20,Dec,12 14:52
Yes This one is tops. One of the most beautiful I've seen

By #200195 at 09,Jan,12 00:30
definitely Domino Presley
[deleted image]
By #143536 at 09,Jan,12 15:16
Super hot!
By #195770 at 20,Dec,12 14:51
Shemales are .So is your hot cock

By #327529 at 20,Dec,12 06:35

By #143536 at 09,Jan,12 15:21
3 of my faves:

Marianna Cordoba

Baily Jay

Mia Isabella

By #220476 at 11,Jan,12 22:14
Mia is way hot!!!
By #143536 at 13,Jan,12 15:04
Yes she is! She's the sexiest of those three. Marianna has the biggest cock. Bailey is just too cute!

By #210331 at 10,Mar,12 06:39
Bailey Jay, definitely!!

What about Hazel Tucker, and Amy Daly??
By #143536 at 12,Mar,12 15:15
I like both of them. Just can't say they're my faves.

By #327529 at 20,Dec,12 05:56
Mia Isabella!

By #195770 at 20,Dec,12 14:49
Bailey Jay is smokin hot!!

By #233140 at 20,Dec,12 11:42
I love t-girls and ErosUrge, you're right, Camilla Jolie is HOT

By #327529 at 20,Dec,12 06:39
hey guys...all the ones you mention here are definitely hot...but if you haven't seen Camilla Jolie, do check her out...I know you won't be disappointed. She's my favorite. I have many favorites and usually don't like to choose one over the other, but if not very favorite, at least in the top five.

By #148911 at 06,Mar,12 04:25
Nicole charming is pretty hot
By #327529 at 20,Dec,12 06:34
absolutely....great cumshots too!

By iluvcox at 12,Mar,12 22:22 other posts of iluvcox 
Bailey Jay is beautiful.For asians,Longmint or Sapphire Young.
By #327529 at 20,Dec,12 05:55
Sapphire Young!

By #27195 at 10,Mar,12 03:47
Valentina 10/10
By #143536 at 12,Mar,12 16:20
Yeah, she's great

By slipper at 10,Mar,12 06:53 other posts of slipper 
I LOVE hormonal-breasted, ultra-fem, small uncut ladyboys best!!! YUMMMMMMMM!!! There are just tooooo many to choose a fave.
By #61033 at 10,Mar,12 07:03

By #223252 at 10,Jan,12 00:53
[deleted image]
By #143536 at 10,Jan,12 14:38
Who is that?

By #36548 at 10,Jan,12 10:19
sassytranssexual is pretty hot. check her out
By #143536 at 10,Jan,12 14:38

By #201583 at 09,Jan,12 15:27
Hazel Tucker
By #135959 at 10,Jan,12 06:27
Fuck yeah she's hot

By #181785 at 09,Jan,12 06:22
Any & all
By #143536 at 09,Jan,12 15:17

By Ray10754 at 08,Jan,12 18:52 other posts of Ray10754 
Kimber James is my fav
By Ray10754 at 08,Jan,12 19:30 other posts of Ray10754 
[deleted image] Kimber James
By Ray10754 at 08,Jan,12 19:32 other posts of Ray10754 
[deleted image] Another of my fav's not sure what her name is

By #143536 at 09,Jan,12 15:15
Kimber! One of my faves!

By #215720 at 08,Jan,12 19:20
She's my favorite
By #143536 at 09,Jan,12 15:15
Yep, very hot!

By #135959 at 09,Jan,12 07:49

By Edmonton at 09,Jan,12 00:59 other posts of Edmonton 
favs on this site are



By #221574 at 08,Jan,12 20:06
I love shemales and Long mint is hot. I'd suck her cock all day

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