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By 2nice at 29,Dec,22 20:43

By 2nice at 06,Dec,22 07:33
Pretentious dog poop people. They are everywhere among us.

By 2nice at 04,Dec,22 16:05
Good for you, B. I wish I could afford to do that. I love the state we share, but not at this time of year. Enjoy these next few months, and be safe.

By 2nice at 02,Dec,22 03:20
Feel your pain.

By 2nice at 02,Dec,22 03:18
💜…that coyote too.

By 2nice at 02,Dec,22 03:16
Please mail me a coyote forthright!!

By 2nice at 01,Dec,22 02:53
So, a random post per se...

My neighbor. Has many cats. I have no idea why they are incessantly crapping on my sidewalk.

By 2nice at 01,Dec,22 02:31
Yes. Yes, it would indeed.

By 2nice at 01,Dec,22 01:40

By 2nice at 01,Dec,22 00:15
Very clever.

By 2nice at 30,Nov,22 20:48
Prince - I Wish U Heaven.

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Doubts of our conviction
Follow where we go
And when the world's compassion
Ceases, still I know
For your every touch, I
Thank you so much
For your every kiss, I
I wish you love
I wish you heaven
I wish you heaven

If I see eleven
You can say it's seven
Still, I wish you heaven
I wish you love
I wish you heaven
I wish you heaven

By 2nice at 20,Nov,22 05:00
Bella is NOT a Rasict.

By 2nice at 25,Oct,22 14:55
Indeed a beautiful place to live.

By 2nice at 24,Jun,22 23:46
Holy shit tits fucker face nut gobble twat slobber holy hell!!

That is all…

By 2nice at 15,May,22 01:51
You both…are too much.

By 2nice at 18,Apr,22 20:33
I used to live on the east side of the state.

By 2nice at 18,Apr,22 20:32
You know where I am, bella… But for all others, I am located in West Michigan.

By 2nice at 16,Apr,22 08:25
Michigan here.

By 2nice at 21,Mar,22 20:24
The absolute worst thing about children sports are the parents.

By 2nice at 22,Feb,22 23:44
I admire HIM too, bella. I’ve asked him for a threesome, I haven’t heard back yet.

By 2nice at 10,Feb,22 22:30
I have the same admiration for you, Mr. JustWill.

By 2nice at 10,Feb,22 09:55

By 2nice at 15,Jan,22 10:58
This post HAD some potential entertainment value. Thank you Jamie, for inviting tecsan to vomit all over it.

By 2nice at 28,Oct,21 20:43
JustWill Why are people hoarding toilet paper during these uncertain times?

By 2nice at 19,Oct,21 22:38
I have a big man crush on you, Will. 😍

By 2nice at 19,Oct,21 22:31

By 2nice at 19,Oct,21 07:18
I think it’s sad that guys photoshop their cock. It’s quite stupid actually. The premise is…you MUST HAVE A BIG DICK. Male bravado. Fucking dumb. A big dick is not pleasurable in most situations.

By 2nice at 19,Oct,21 06:57
I watched it, I loved it! Girl is rocking it.

By 2nice at 18,Oct,21 17:20
Love me some Will and bella. 😍

By 2nice at 18,Oct,21 00:20
You both need to stop it.

By 2nice at 12,Oct,21 00:39
Sometimes sad things, bring upon new beginnings. I'm sorry for your loss, dgraff.

By 2nice at 11,Oct,21 01:09

I learned a new word today.

By 2nice at 20,Sep,21 00:26
Not usually what I go for, but I kinda dig it. Coming from someone who has zero body hair here. Against the normal is all about 2nice.

By 2nice at 19,Sep,21 19:28

By 2nice at 27,Aug,21 20:34
This post is for JustWill to answer questions for all of us who admire his wisdom.

Stop wrecking everything, and put a fucking cork in your pie hole.

By 2nice at 18,Aug,21 22:40
Hello beautiful.

By 2nice at 10,Aug,21 01:19

How do blind people know when they are done wiping their butt?

By 2nice at 10,Aug,21 01:01
This is why I fucking love JustWill. He can spank you with intellect like no one ever. Epic.

By 2nice at 10,Aug,21 00:53
True, Bella.

By 2nice at 10,Aug,21 00:51
Love me some, JustWill.

By 2nice at 02,Aug,21 20:53
She blacklisted me, and I had zero interaction with her prior.

By 2nice at 29,Jul,21 00:26
She will be back. This is an only temporary kind of awesomeness.

By 2nice at 02,Jul,21 14:03
I wonder if she still has her penis?

By 2nice at 28,Jun,21 15:12
I would agree, kebmo.

By 2nice at 25,Jun,21 00:24
Word for Friday June 25th: SUNSET

Highly Suspect - Serotonia

I wish that everyone I knew was dead
So that I'd never have to pick up the phone
I just wanna be naked
And masturbate all day at home

Of california dreamin'
Oh my heart just started screamin'
I think I want to be alive

I wish I lived on top of the SUNSET
Yeah cause Hollywood you know my type
I'll get stoned all night with Lana
Half in and half out of the light

It's California dreamin'
Oh my heart just started screamin'
I think I wanna be alive

I can feel it too
So what am I waiting for?
I'm afraid of you
It's just I'm not that good of a person
But I might be enough for you

I'm gonna move to California
I'm gonna melt into the sand
Slow dance with Elizabeth Taylor
And Audrey
Bum a cigarette from Cary Grant
Now New York you know I love you
Because you made me who…

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By 2nice at 18,Jun,21 04:00
And...just when you think you know someone.

By 2nice at 18,Jun,21 01:22
Bella is not, in the domination game.

By 2nice at 10,Jun,21 01:27
No fish flies on my side of Michigan, Bella. You need to move to the west side. We have much better beaches, far less traffic, and oh, no fish flies.

By 2nice at 08,Jun,21 00:31
Why. Why. Why???

By 2nice at 05,Jun,21 06:29
JustWill is a GOD.