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premature ejacualation

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Started by #25138 at 11,Oct,09 22:12

I have a big problem, I always cum to early. sometimes after 5 secs after my dick is in the pussy.
I was wondering if there are other guys who has the same problem

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By knewbi at 03,Jan,23 18:40 other posts of knewbi 
Once, a long time ago. This girl that I was about to play with was so fucking gorgeous and everyone wanted to fuck her. Well, I got the chance and she went down on me and within seconds I blew my load... She first looked disappointed, but i told her to let me work her while I reloaded. She was ok with the option. In the end we spent the next 4 or 5 hours working one another over. It was the first of many times we would play together. And, she swallowed that first load by the way.

By lovetolickyou at 01,Jan,23 08:15 other posts of lovetolickyou 
It's only happened once....Decades ago, when I was married to my first wife, she tended to be very dry so I wasn't accustomed to lubrication. The first time I tried to sleep with another woman who had a pussy that felt like a hot buttered handjob, I came really quickly. I managed to keep going so I didn't disappoint, but that one experience gave me enough of an understanding of what it's like to feel sympathy for anybody who consistently cums really fast.

By lawrenceo at 29,Dec,22 11:45 other posts of lawrenceo 
Premature ejaculation will pass in time. Till then enjoy it.

By zakwild at 04,Nov,10 11:31 other posts of zakwild 

The answer with premature ejaculation is kegel exercises for men. Do them for 2-3 weeks 5days a week and let me know how long you can last after that. You will probably go from 5 sec to 5 min, at least.

PS: please don't ask me what kegels are, just use google.

By tipitou at 11,Oct,09 22:59 other posts of tipitou 
Well, you are not alone. It is not unusual for me to cum after only 10 to 15 seconds most of the time.

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