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By knewbi at 14,Jan,22 18:47

By knewbi at 14,Jan,22 18:44
Never really had a sister-in-law worth fucking but I did fuck my mother-in-law prior to my dating her daughter. Also, as my marriage was coming to an end I started fucking the mother-in-law again for a short time...

By knewbi at 10,Jan,22 17:49
I have a number of times. Started with me placing my feet on the wall over my head when I was younger. Then when I came it went all over my face with a lot making it into my mouth. These days I sometime eat my own but really prefer some guy making a direct deposit into my mouth...

By knewbi at 05,Jan,22 21:40
Being swingers years ago I have the pleasure of working my wife and a few other guys wives over in DPs. With one up their ass and one in their cunt I could feel the guys cock sliding in and out. On a few occasions the two of us guys would enter the same pussy of same ass. That was even more pleasurable..

By knewbi at 05,Jan,22 21:37
Never had a sister-in-law worth the effort but I did have an ex mother-in-law that I actually fucked before dating her daughter and resumed fucking her just prior to my marriage ending..

By knewbi at 03,Jan,22 20:48
Yeah, know the feeling... But, in my case I eat her out after other guys have made deposits. We were swingers for years so i got the pleasure of doing just that.

By knewbi at 03,Jan,22 20:39
For years I was totally straight but still had thoughts of sucking cocks. When some women would suck mine I would imagine it was some guy doing the deed. I finally jumped in and I was a cock sucking fool since then. Still love the women but give me cocks and I am in my personal heaven.

By knewbi at 03,Jan,22 20:35
Love attending bike races especially at the end when their all sweaty and those ultra tight pants show their every curve and cock and balls stand right out. Love following them into the rest room urinal just to see what it actually looks like. Had a number of times where I had to hit the enclosed toilets just to jerk off at the excitement I just saw...

By knewbi at 03,Jan,22 20:31
I would so love having a load and more up my ass too. I am so tight that a number of guys have tried with no success.. But some day I will find a guy that can accomplish the task..

By knewbi at 03,Jan,22 16:09
Lookin' damn good.....

By knewbi at 27,Dec,21 16:33
While I can't hang a photo of your pussy up on the wall being married the wife might not be up for that.. But, I tell you what I will do... and that is spend some quality time jerking off to that sweet juicy pussy of yours.. Dreaming that I was there eating it until you squirm with delight and them cum all over myself just watching and wishing it was you I was cumming on...

By knewbi at 27,Dec,21 16:29
With us it is not a fantasy.. It s a reality and we have has many a threesome as well as moresome...

By knewbi at 27,Dec,21 16:25
All of the time... She has hand jacked mine as well as jaw jacked it many many times.. She is quite proficient at it...

By knewbi at 27,Dec,21 16:24
Well, my wife has had her asshole stretched many a time by me as well as a number of sexual partners (sometimes 2 cocks at the same time)and she has absolutely no problems with hers...

By knewbi at 21,Dec,21 18:49
Go for it. I wish that I had done it when much younger. I sometimes imagine all of the great sex that I have missed limiting myself to women all those years..

By knewbi at 21,Dec,21 18:47
Why are you waiting? Go for it!!!

By knewbi at 21,Dec,21 18:46
I've eaten my wife after cumming in her pussy but prefer eating her pussy after others have cum in her pussy. She loves it too. As a matter of fact, at some swing group meetups she requested guys to cum in her pussy so that she could watch me eat her out after.. At times it could be 5 or 6 or more guys.

By knewbi at 26,Nov,21 22:37
Well, while I love fucking my wife I really get off on watching her fuck others.

By knewbi at 19,Nov,21 18:16
Always been intrigued by the golden shower thing. Like these photos which show none of that, it is extremely difficult to find...

By knewbi at 17,Nov,21 17:34
Wow!! That is one hot time. Did the same with 8 guys and loved every second of it!!!Would absolutely love a 20 guy party.

By knewbi at 17,Nov,21 17:30
SW Inland Empire.

By knewbi at 17,Nov,21 17:27
For me it was just that curiosity thing. For a number of years I had wondered about sucking cocks and I finally decided that it was time to stop the nonsense and go for it. If I did not like it the wondering would be over. Never thought that I would like it so much that it would become my main sexual interest... Oh, I still love sex with women and all but if given a choice of either or on the same day I would probably go for the cock...

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 17:11
Well thank you... I'd sure love to enjoy your sexy cock...

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 17:06
Time to stop wanting and start doing... If you really want to suck cock make it a goal and get it done. Looked at your cock photos and can say that you should be able to find someone interested in swapping blow jobs... I know if you were close by that I would be all in for it..

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 17:04
Half of the population has them.. You would think that finding one to work over would be easy. It isn't always so. But... there are so many guys within walking distance in most places that would be up to it. If only we could get them together with each other..

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 17:01
I don't think about it all of the time but quite often. Whenever I am out and about, especially by myself, it is all that I am thinking about when in a crowd. I spend so much time looking at guys crotches and asses. Every so often I need to head for a rest room to get off thinking about what I just saw. Best is when attending bike races. Those tight pants the guys wear show everything. Love being at the finish line when they are all sweaty including their crotch areas.

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 16:56
I don't have heels but do have stockings as well as hose. It just feels so damned sexy when I jerk off wearing them...

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 16:51
I don't think she knows but she would be just fine with it if she did know...

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 16:47
I will generally swallow. If the guy has other likes and wants me to perform differently I will always do what he likes. Some like me to let it dribble down their shaft. Others want me to swap it to them... Whatever turns them on...

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 16:41
Every day and some days twice... late 60's here.

By knewbi at 03,Nov,21 22:21
I do most of the time. Sometimes twice... It all depends!!

By knewbi at 28,Oct,21 18:03
When it cums to cock or pussy I prefer shaved but that does not mean that I do not like either with hair. I just prefer that there be nothing to obstruct my way as I take care of the need for either...

By knewbi at 28,Oct,21 17:59
What is truly sad is that in almost any neighborhood there are within walking distance any number of guys that are willing and wanting the same thing. The problem is putting those guys together. Every time I am sitting here watching porn and stroking my cock I think of the fact that there are probably a number of guys doing the same thing real close by or wanting to be doing it with another guy just like me. And to take it a step further, the same holds true for woman. I bet that right now there are probable a number of women in my area wanting and willing to have sex with almost any stranger that she can find...

By knewbi at 28,Oct,21 17:52
Probably this one babe that was absolutely gorgeous and I had wanted her for as long as I can recall. We were at a party, got a bit tipsy and she said to me that she was horny as hell and needed to be fucked... Well, hell, someone had to do the job and that someone might as well be me. So, I volunteered and she accepted without question. We found an empty room and she dropped my drawers grabbed my already rock hard cock and slid her lips around it. Within seconds I was blowing my load. I apologized and she was ok with it but still needed to be fucked. So, I told her give me a few minutes to reload and I'd be ready. Until then I told her to lay back and let me work on her.. It was embarrassing but ended very well. That was the only time I was able to do her but I was feeling that at least I had done her...

By knewbi at 28,Oct,21 17:45
Not at all... Generally that other guy will want his cock sucked too and I am always willing to oblige.

By knewbi at 25,Oct,21 15:00
Have yet to experience it. Had a few try but I am so damned tight that they gave up. It's something that I fantasize about but have missed out on....

By knewbi at 25,Oct,21 14:44
Gonna give it a try... I am sure the guy will respond to it.. They seem to respond to the eye contact..

By knewbi at 21,Oct,21 20:14
Hadn't thought about winking but I love looking the guy in the eyes as he cums in my mouth...

By knewbi at 18,Oct,21 17:35
Many years ago I had sex with my to be mother-in-law. It started at a party where I got foolishly drunk. I was tossing my cookies and she was there and helped me collect myself. She laid me on the bed in the room and after a while I started to get hard as she matted my face with a wet towel to make me feel better. Well, I guess she saw and realized my thoughts and one thing lead t another and I found myself fucking her mercifully... After that I started dating her daughter and eventually married her daughter. On family get togethers we would look each other in the eyes and sort of grin.. As time moved on my marriage started to decline. On one occasion her mom was over for dinner and time with the family. The wife was busy and asked me to drive her mom home. Well, when we got there she invited me in and next thing I knew we were naked and working one another over again. After divorcing her daughter we struck it up for a while but soon moved on. I sort of miss fucking her. She has passed on now but I still smile thinking of her and what we were doing..

By knewbi at 18,Oct,21 17:26
Wife and I were swingers for many years. While we have slowed it down we still have friends we play with on occasion. There are times when a friend of mine will ask to fuck my wife and many times it is in our bed. I sit and watch TV or whatever while listening to the bed squeak, the head board bang the wall and her moaning... What a turn on that is...

By knewbi at 18,Oct,21 17:22
Oh hell yes!!!

By knewbi at 18,Oct,21 17:21
What guilt? I never feel guilty... Hell, I can hardly wait for the next encounter... Just enjoy it and go with the flow.

By knewbi at 18,Oct,21 17:19
Go for it!!! But only if you two have a strong and healthy relationship. My wife had a number of wants sexually. We became swingers and she was able to achieve them. She wanted a large cock, she wanted a black guy, she wanted a woman, she wanted a gang bang and lots more. It started with just wanting to experience sex with another woman. But once we got involved All of her other wants started to cum out. So I set them up for her. Bonus was I also got to do some of my things. We just look at it as adult fun, just sex. It has nothing to do with love as that is our personal thing. In the end, it is 'us' that end our time together. I have even loaned her out to guys for the night. She enjoys it and I find it damned hot!!

By knewbi at 14,Oct,21 20:41
Sorry but I only responded to an "asking of my opinion". So I gave it fully knowing others would not agree. Let's just agree to disagree and leave it at that.. Not going to change my mind on this...

By knewbi at 13,Oct,21 16:57
Just look at the history of weather and you will see that this planet has always experienced weather changes. And EVERY single climate alarm has turned into nothing... Sorry if you have fallen for this nonsense but I refuse to until I see some real proof. The Sahara was once lush and green. Now it has changed. The entire planet was once almost totally covered with ice and now it has changed. A number of years ago we were supposed to be headed for global cooling, then it was warming and lastly, since they kept failing in their claims, climate change. That I believe in.. Climate change is natural. Hell this planet is spinning out in space as well as the sun and all of the planets. What are the chances that we and the sun will always be the same distance from one another? Not likely.. So the sun and our position to it also has an effect. And, no, we are not influencing the sun.

By knewbi at 13,Oct,21 16:25
You wife's ass deserves lots of the real thing...

By knewbi at 13,Oct,21 16:22
I was in my 50's before I realized that it didn't matter if it was a guy or girl. As long as it was sex I was for it.

By knewbi at 13,Oct,21 16:21
If every single alarm that they scream about hadn't failed I might be inclined to listen. But not a single alarming prediction has come even close... No I don't believe it is true..

By knewbi at 11,Oct,21 15:41
Damn!! Maybe I need to wear them more often!!! Ya think?

By knewbi at 11,Oct,21 15:38
Never had a cock up my ass but it was not from lack of trying. I am just so fucking tight that guys give up. One thing that I have always dreamed of was having a guy up my ass and pissing while in there. Not sure why but it has always been something that I want. Oh, sure, cumming in my ass is also another thing but that is something that would be expected..