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By knewbi at 27,Jun,22 15:33
That would be me!!!

By knewbi at 27,Jun,22 15:32
Absolutely magnificent!!!

By knewbi at 21,Jun,22 21:56
I would so love spending an afternoon or two with my face buried in that gorgeous juicy pussy!!!

By knewbi at 20,Jun,22 15:05
Yes, too bad. I have always said that in any given neighborhood there are always guys and gals willing and wanting to have sex at that very moment. Too bad there isn't a good way to find each other. There are a lot of places to advertise but they all seem to take too long to achieve any results. Right now I know there has to be someone just as horny as I am and willing to play. Damn if only i could find them or they find me.

By knewbi at 20,Jun,22 15:02
It can be exciting!!

By knewbi at 15,Jun,22 17:45
I did that for years as a kid. Loved watching the cum as it hit the water...

By knewbi at 15,Jun,22 17:43
I think most, if not all, of us would love a bating buddy or two...

By knewbi at 13,Jun,22 17:15
I have had guys wearing panties and panty hose and would chew my way through them and rip them off of them to get at their cocks...

By knewbi at 13,Jun,22 17:14
I almost always end up jawjacking instead of hand work. Had this gay couple that I played with often. Every so often they wanted to be hand jerked so I would oblige. But, as they were ready to cum they would easily let me know and my mouth always ended up over the head of their spitting cocks. That was something i loved doing and they actually enjoyed lips wrapped around their cocks as the came.

By knewbi at 13,Jun,22 17:11
No, not really. But had I been I am very sure that I would have been once hell of a slut!!

By knewbi at 13,Jun,22 17:09
Love putting on a condom and wanking while I drive. Then once filled I love draining it after the drive is finished.

By knewbi at 13,Jun,22 17:07
Probably a guy in hopes that he will invite me to jaw jack it for him instead...

By knewbi at 09,Jun,22 15:19
While a cock is a cock and they are all great I actually prefer a cut cock but would never turn down an uncut as I love them too..

By knewbi at 09,Jun,22 15:18
Generally week days during the morning or afternoon. Anytime from about 8am to 4pm.

By knewbi at 09,Jun,22 15:17
Nothing wrong there. For years I thought that I was straight but also liked watching guys bulges. I later realized that I was bi and finally made the move to give it a try. Maybe these guys are doing the same thing.

By knewbi at 09,Jun,22 15:15
Mid 50's. I had always liked to watch a guys bulge, and still do, but I made a decision that it was time to give it a try. So, I was very fortunate to find a local gay couple looking to add a third to their sexual fun. So, my first time was with 2 cocks and was I ever hooked after that!!

By knewbi at 09,Jun,22 15:10

By knewbi at 31,May,22 15:54
Hot story.. Mine was me in my mid 50's and they about 60ish. It was a gay couple. Met them on Silverdaddies. They lived close by and I decided to visit them as I had been so damned horny to try this. Our first visit was suppose to be just that. A visit and then I would decide. But, they made me so damned comfortable with them that withing 20 minutes or so of stepping through the front door I was on my knees with two cocks in my mouth. For the next few years we got together a couple times a month. Finally, they moved away for job reasons and I lost touch with them. What a way to start sucking cock!!

By knewbi at 31,May,22 15:44
During the winter I have this large heavy coat that I have removed the pocket lining from and made a slit on the inside material. I wear that and pants that are lose and also remove the pocket lining. No undies at all. Then I just slip my hand in and reach for my cock. I can stroke it ever so slowly as not to draw attention and can be almost anywhere and jerk off. I find if fun jerking off like this when others don't have a clue.

By knewbi at 31,May,22 15:37
I know that this bi guy is very cock hungry and cannot imagine a gay guy wanting cock any more than I do... He may get more cock than me but as to wanting? I think not.

By knewbi at 31,May,22 15:35
I know how you feel. I have had guys try to fuck my ass but i am so fucking tight that they ended up quitting. I would so love feeling a guy blow his load up my ass but may never get to. But never give up, ya never know.

By knewbi at 26,May,22 21:13
That zip could be very uncomfortable!!!

By knewbi at 25,May,22 17:50
Never tried either side of it. Pissing on or being pissed on but have fantasized about it. Have a fantasy of attending a multiple guy piss and suck and fuck party some day. Would so love being the guy on the floor being pissed on and sucking off each of them or a bukake receiver.

By knewbi at 25,May,22 17:46
While I don't need to be forced, if the guy has something about forcing a guy to swallow i WILL play along for him if it is going to get him off stronger.

By knewbi at 25,May,22 17:43
I have done it a few times when staying in a motel alone while traveling. These days I just plug a chrome device into the motel TV and use my phone camera to transmit myself to the TV.

By knewbi at 25,May,22 17:41
An e-stim (TENS) device is absolutely great. I also use the hand held shower head and spray my cock and balls. I turn the heat up slowly and continue until I can't take it any more or until I cum. I can get it real hot at times. Almost burn myself. Hand lube in a zip lock baggie as I walk around the house or wherever and when I cum there is no need to worry about a mess to clean up. Wife's cum soiled panties that she wore when she went out to fuck friends. (We are swingers and she goes out on loan with a few guys that we know sometimes.)

By knewbi at 23,May,22 16:31
Well, it is not something that I look for but if I am with a guy or guys that are into that I am ok with it. After all, if I will let them put their cock in my mouth why would i not let them put their lips there too?

By knewbi at 23,May,22 16:12
Have never tried them but would be willing to give it a go if the occasion ever presents itself.

By knewbi at 23,May,22 16:10

By knewbi at 23,May,22 16:09
Well, I don't know about others, but I certainly have. A number of times.

By knewbi at 23,May,22 16:07
Right hand and I love swapping from conventional grip to reverse grip making sure that the head gets loads of attention. Especially once I am lubed up properly.

By knewbi at 19,May,22 16:41
My wife was all for it from the get go. She was receptive to discussing it so I asked her what turns her on in the way of another guy. (She had not totally agreed at this point.) She told me and the next few times we had sex I would tell her to close her eyes and pretend I was those fantasy guys. It didn't take long for her to suggest that we actually go for it. Well, I actually said after we were done one night that wouldn't it be fun if I had actually been that fantasy? She said hell yes and that was the opening of the door. Within a week or two we were very active in the swing lifestyle. I had previously joined a couple swing sites and had already started posting photos and a profile.

By knewbi at 19,May,22 16:35
Now that is good idea.

By knewbi at 19,May,22 16:33
Kissing is not my favorite thing to do but when having sex with a guy or guys, if kissing is what they want then I am willing to deliver for them. There are always two sides to a sexual encounter and it is always better if both side experience what they want. Hell, to refuse someone's desires would be an instant reason for no repeat performances.

By knewbi at 19,May,22 16:07
Using a stim device did the trick for me.

By knewbi at 16,May,22 15:37

By knewbi at 02,May,22 16:31
I wonder if she ever reached her goal?

By knewbi at 02,May,22 16:29
Damn!!! Saw your photos in your profile... That is one sweet cock!!!

By knewbi at 27,Apr,22 15:30
I'd have to say that it would depend on how much energy I have left. Not a lot of energy would be a selection of that BJ but with loads of energy full sex is always preferred. Now, if the sex partner is someone that I will only have that one opportunity with it would be full sex regardless of my energy level.

By knewbi at 25,Apr,22 16:27
Absolutely love licking up my precum. Sometimes I will eat my own cum and then sometimes I don't.. But precum I always enjoy.

By knewbi at 25,Apr,22 16:24
Depends on how you want to do this. Are you wanting to turn her into a raging slut for your personal use or a raging slut for anyone's use? If she isn't a slut for you personally it might be very difficult to turn her. Been there and had a tough time with it. Now if she is a slut for you personally you might have a decent chance at getting her to accept other guys working her over. My present wife was as slutty as I wanted at home. Getting her into the swing scene was actually quite easy as her sluttiness had her fantasies including other guys and gals having sex with her so she was all for it and was hoping that I would suggest it to her. Good luck...

By knewbi at 19,Apr,22 17:21
Damn!! I could easily becum addicted to that!!

By knewbi at 18,Apr,22 16:09

By knewbi at 18,Apr,22 15:43
I have noticed that over the years of almost daily masturbating, my girth has certainly gotten larger... This is something that I never expected to happen but what a great side effect of jerking off.

By knewbi at 18,Apr,22 15:42
Holy fuck!!! What a beautiful looking cock!!!

By knewbi at 15,Apr,22 15:48
While I generally would accept almost any cock, if I had to describe what I would order up if that were possible... I would say that it would be about 9 inches and a bit on the thick side. Cut with a very vainy shaft and shaved. Hard as a rock and black. Just love the look of a nice black cock. Not that I don't like others. Just what I would consider the perfect cock.

By knewbi at 15,Apr,22 15:41
While I am not gay, I am Bi. I have got to tell you that your cock is the kind of cock that many of us dream to find. Myself included...

By knewbi at 15,Apr,22 15:38
I cum here to check out what's new. Many times I am set on checking and leaving. My plans might be to search porn sites for some women to jerk off to. I have my heart set on finding a woman in a situation that turns me on and then plan on stroking until it spitz. But, after cumming here and seeing all of those absolutely beautiful cocks I tend to end up searching porn for cocks to jerk off to. If i still have a little desire left for a woman I look for trannies or CDs to blow my load to. While generally straight, the sight of a stiff oiled up cock ALWAYS gets my attention. As a matter of fact. Put a naked babe in front of me and a guy with a nice hard cock in front of me too and tell me that I can have only one of them. I will choose that stiff cock every time. As a matter of fact. It just happened again. I had a desire to jerk to some BBW that was being gangbanged. But will search cocks again. Gotta love it when you are steered to what you really like.

By knewbi at 15,Apr,22 15:30
Jerked off many times in my car while driving. Also have a long winter coat that has a pocket with no lining that lets me reach all the way into my pants pocket. I wear this coat with a pants that also has no pocket lining. The pants are very loose so that I can have access to my cock. I wear no underwear when doing this. I then can walk around, slowly stroke my cock and have fun. My only problem cums when I am cumming. I must try not to show it on my face.

By knewbi at 11,Apr,22 15:36
This is best as a winter sport. Put on a large jacket with a hole on the pocket of your stroking hand. Then wear loose pants with no lining in the pocket on the stroking hand side. I generally would not have underwear on but when I did it would be a ladies silk undies and would be sure that my hand could reach through to my hard cock. Panty hose works well too. Now grease up your cock a little and then walk around with hands in your pockets. That stroking hand can slowly slid up and down your stiff cock and the coat will hide the fact that you are jerking off. Just be sure to not get too out of control when you cum. I have not done this in years but do look back on it fondly. I use to just spend the rest of the day with cum soaked pants.