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By knewbi at 10,May,21 16:09
In a word.... SHAVED!!

By knewbi at 10,May,21 16:06
I was a once a day teen and early 20's. Then it was as many times a days as I wanted. Some days once, some none. Some 2 or 3 times a day. I stayed this way up into my mid 50's and then it dropped to 3 or 4 times a week. That was based on my finding time when I could be alone in the house. If I were alone every day I could easily keep up the pace of 2 to 3 times a day.. I still love jerking off..

By knewbi at 10,May,21 16:01
I spend at least a couple hours and some times longer about 3 to 4 times a week. I generally will stroke until either I find that someone special to blow the load to or find that my time is running low..

By knewbi at 10,May,21 15:46
Nothing of any interest..

By knewbi at 07,May,21 21:57
I love cum filled condoms. I prefer to be the reason it becums filled though. Love sucking a guy off until he fills the condom then bite a hole in the end and suck it dry while the guy is still wearing it...

By knewbi at 07,May,21 21:55
I actually prefer the chubs. Not that thin guys are not to my liking. I like them all. But there just seems to be something about a chubby person. Male or female. Women I totally prefer a BBW because of the big tits...

By knewbi at 28,Apr,21 22:14
Oh I am and anyone who works he over is too. She loves her sex and it does not matter if it is a guy a girl or a group. She rarely turns down anyone that wants to do her. Being swingers we are just fine with either of u having sex with anyone we want. As a matter of fact she was out on loan last weekend with a friend and his wife.. Gone two days and totally worked over when she got home. But still wanted me to fuck her..

By knewbi at 28,Apr,21 21:25
My Gawd!! I don't know. I do know that I have not stopped since that very first time and i do not plan on it ever stopping. Even when I get a lot of sex I still enjoy jerking off as often as I can. Jerking off right now as a matter of fact.

By knewbi at 28,Apr,21 21:20
Mine gets off easily and often. Being swingers for years she would get off with almost every guy she played with. Some nights it was a half dozen and more times. I recall one night I was working this sweet sexy woman and she was doing her boyfriend. We heard her get off a couple times in another room. They came into the room where were were and the woman I was doing started eating my wife and she blew it again. Then the guy started fingering her and fisting her and off she went again. Another time when we first started dating she had to have me in every room in the house. So I did her in each room and she got off each and every time in each room.. That is when I decided she was a keeper.

By knewbi at 26,Apr,21 15:04
I'll jerk off any time the mood hits me, and that is often. If it is safe outside then out it cums and a stroki' I will go....

By knewbi at 23,Apr,21 21:30
Fuck yeah!! Plow their faces... And do it big time!!! You and they will appreciate it.. Fuck, I know that I would.

By knewbi at 23,Apr,21 21:21
Damn boy!! You look absolutely delicious!! Would love working you over. Too bad there is so much distance between us... That body of yours is incredibly arousing!!

By knewbi at 23,Apr,21 21:18
Fuck yeah!! For so many of us this is exactly what we want to be doing all the time. And there are any number of guys close by all of us that want the same. Why the fuck is it so difficult to cross their paths?

By knewbi at 23,Apr,21 21:16
I've had a lot of fantasies and being a swinger for years have lived almost all of them. Right now the only one that I still have is to find a very large, big titted black woman that really is no beauty to use as my personal cum dump. Maybe even share her with a few of my friends... I just have this desire to be mounted on top of a black BBW and plowing her pussy or mouth...

By knewbi at 23,Apr,21 21:13
Hell yes!! Love bating. I also have a great wife that gives memorable blow jobs. Being swingers for years she has blown a number of guys and they all loved her work and always wanted more... But there are just times, just about every day, that I have this urge to slip my stiff cock out and stroke it until it spits... Maybe it is just me but I enjoy bating just as much as her sucking me off. And she does always get me to spit...

By knewbi at 20,Apr,21 14:48
Geez!! Don't over think it...

By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 22:08
NO!! I hate being told no!!!

By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 22:00
Gee don't have one. But we are swingers and this black guy wanted my wife. She was just not interested. We later saw that he had a massive cock on a porn video. Turns out he is bi so we both could have benefited.. Opportunities lost

By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 21:53
If it is being pumped down my throat I am all for it!!

By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 21:52
did you start it? I would join it in an instant.

By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 21:49
I'd like to drag along 5 or 6 guys with BBCs and join them while working over your wife. did this with nice and it was so fucking hot!!

By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 21:46
Sweetheart, I would just love swapping blow jobs with you...

By knewbi at 19,Apr,21 21:45
personally I don't care if the guy at the other end of that stiff cock is gay, bi or straight. Sucking cock is what I love doing and if a guy pulls it out and offers I am on my knees in am instant.

By knewbi at 09,Apr,21 21:17
Oh hell yes!! If I could suck my cock I would be doing it all the time... Since I can't I suck other cocks... (But I still would even if I could my own)

By knewbi at 31,Mar,21 16:59
Been with guys a number of times but sure would love a tranny just for the fun of it...

By knewbi at 31,Mar,21 16:21
Yes, That I know but was wondering what to expect as far as quality meeting.. Have you or anyone here had any luck? So far nothing for me. One request sent to me and I responded but nothing back after a week. I sent 2 requests and not a thing.. Oh well, guess we will have to wait and see.. Thanks for your response.

By knewbi at 24,Mar,21 17:51
In our mind no, but would she accept it? Ya never know. I use to fuck an older mom of a girl that I grew up with. I was at a party and got totally blitzed and she was there to help me. All I remember is for some reason we ended up in bed. We continued this for some time. After I stopped fucking her I later ended up married to her daughter. The mother and I didn't let on about our past and did not fuck each other. But towards the end of the marriage the mother wanted me to fuck her again so we started it all up again. When her daughter and I split I kept fucking her mom for a while and then it all came to an end. Fucking her did not contribute to the marriage break down though. But it was one wonderful ride while it lasted.

By knewbi at 24,Mar,21 17:35
Not only would I like to see her, I would so love working her over for an evening or two.

By knewbi at 22,Mar,21 21:03
Hell, I just love both a woman or a guy wearing some sexy stockings...

By knewbi at 22,Mar,21 21:02
While I am happy to work on any cock, I really love a cut and shaved cock more than anything else.. But I never turn away a stiff slab of meat...

By knewbi at 22,Mar,21 16:08
Most of the time I find that there is a reason. Sometimes it is internet drop out, others someone at the door or phone. Or, and this is something many of us dread,our wives or partner comes home unexpectedly. I generally leave a good bye and thanks for chatting and mention that I must have had a lost connection. Next time they are on they apologize.

By knewbi at 22,Mar,21 16:03
My wife's pussy is tight but expands easily to accept cocks of any size.

By knewbi at 12,Mar,21 22:31
There are those special cocks that just grab you when seen. When I see one of those and start to feel myself hardening up I head for a sit down stall and have myself a good jerk off session... I especially like going to bike races when the weather is warm. Love those bulges in those tight outfits. I go into the rest room if there is a community urinal and get horny as hell watching out of the corner of my eye. But then I get horny just looking at the bulges.

By knewbi at 10,Mar,21 22:17
I'm with ya on this one!!

By knewbi at 10,Mar,21 22:08
Got in yesterday but not today. Requested reset password but nothing every showed up in the mail... Oh well...
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Finally it is working..

By knewbi at 08,Mar,21 19:39
Sure, any time she sees someone that she want so fuck she is welcum to it. There have been a number of guys that have cum in her in every hole.. Often more than one guy in an evening. Being swingers it is just the norm for us...
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Well, this was "HER" ass as I guess that I misread that..

By knewbi at 08,Mar,21 19:30
I am the same way with the guys. With the ladies I tend to linger a while. But when I do cum first with a guy I always make sure that I do take care of his too... But it is just suck him off after I cum and the playing around stops.

By knewbi at 08,Mar,21 19:26
I love the stuff...

By knewbi at 08,Mar,21 19:24
I find that it feel sexier when shaved. I generally shave if my present sex partner prefers it. Personally, I prefer shaved pussies and shaved cocks and balls...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 23:01
For me it is just sex.. I do not care if it is a he or a she.. If they want to share some sexual moments with me I am all for it...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 22:59
Not sure that I would call it a fetish but it is a kinky desire.I really want to have a large bat hug titted black woman as a cum dump. Someone that knows that all I want is a place to deposit some cum when the need arises. Also maybe let my friends make a deposit from time to time. She does not have to be attractive but clean. Just a fantasy that I have had for a long time.

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 19:32
Am I reading this correctly? Having a drink is more troublesome than poppers? Not having tried poppers I have no idea what they really are..

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 19:26
Pretty much the same here...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 19:24
When I suck a guy off that is uncut I always pull the skin back as the head is so very sensitive and I want him to get the most out of that blow job.

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 19:22
My fav way to watch a guy cum is with his cock in my mouth and as he starts to twitch i look him directly in the eyes while he blows that load down my throat. Sometimes the guy sees that I am looking and looks me in the eyes too. THAT is really hot...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 19:20
Oh hell yes!! Wife and I were swingers and many a time she would spend the evening fucking different guys. There were nights where she did not dump their loads that were deposited in her pussy or ass. When she did this she always requested that I eat her pussy and fuck her with the loads in there...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 19:16
On my knees with a cock stuffed in my mouth or 69 with a cock in each of our mouths...

By knewbi at 08,Feb,21 16:40
You can bury yours in me any time...

By knewbi at 01,Feb,21 16:37
That's the ticket!!! Perfect...

By knewbi at 25,Jan,21 18:30
Yep, when a guy no longer wants pussy too that is when I would think he is gay. Now I have about 15 cocks that I have sucked. Some many times but I still love pussy and tits...