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smooth, patch or hairy?

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Started by #255972 at 12,Jul,12 17:24
i do not like hair especially on the crotch or ass at all. Give me all smooth...What are your thoughts?

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New Comment

By pifad at 16,Aug,16 13:43 other posts of pifad 
I'll take hairy please
By botanic at 16,Aug,16 14:03 other posts of botanic 
me too , anyday
By #519017 at 22,Oct,16 06:45
Me too. Keep it hairy! Listen to those pubes rustling!

By #22771 at 22,Oct,16 03:04
Shaved or very closely trimmed for me [deleted image]

By vebi at 13,Jul,12 13:51 other posts of vebi 
SMOOTH IS THE BEST!!!! [deleted image]
By smcock at 20,Aug,16 04:54 other posts of smcock 
it is the best luv smooth

By #510909 at 20,Aug,16 01:52
Smooth! Smooth! Smooth! Smooth! That's why I got no hair anywhere, specially by the sexy parts hehee!
By #102374 at 20,Aug,16 02:22
Hell yeah. Me too.

By #1501 at 12,Jul,12 17:49
Grow it and show it as nature intended. Persistent shaving is a bore!
By 3fdfd at 19,Aug,16 23:20 other posts of 3fdfd 

By #435701 at 16,Aug,16 18:02
Get to be old enough and you will have loved and tried all 3! lol...

By lildic69 at 16,Aug,16 07:20 other posts of lildic69 
SMOOTH of course

By #146804 at 12,Jul,12 18:15
I think a shaved man looks silly/gay (which is fine if you're gay). I'm not keen on a giant bush but would take that over smooth. Trimmed is the winner in my eyes.
By Arlo at 13,Jul,12 12:57 other posts of Arlo 
You have it right straw hat. If that is what you prefer I would do it for you. I would do anything to please you

By 67malibu at 12,Jul,12 20:43 other posts of 67malibu 
I love smooth asses maybe a little pubic hair .

By Ray10754 at 12,Jul,12 18:12 other posts of Ray10754 
Stay with the smooh look, Looks so much btter,
I am like you, Dont like hair at all It is boring and looks so messy all the time even if you trim it ! Been smooth for may years here and never going to grow it back!!

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