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By pifad at 15,Jun,22 02:44
You have a real nice and big cock.

By pifad at 15,Jun,22 02:42
Yep, it’s a nice one

By pifad at 15,Jun,22 02:41
A solid 10

By pifad at 15,Jun,22 02:39
Nope. It’s perfect!!

By pifad at 12,Jun,22 02:27
A man

By pifad at 09,Jun,22 12:02
It’s a real beauty

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:13
10 from me. Length and thickness

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:11
Nice cock. 9

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:10

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:09
Big enough to make a lasting impression

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:06
15. Stud

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:04

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:04
10 on both

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:03
Hot cock. Suckable and fuckable. 10

By pifad at 31,May,22 05:02
Most definitely. 10

By pifad at 23,May,22 04:25
That’s a real beauty! Wish we were closer, I’d enjoy sucking you

By pifad at 23,May,22 04:23

By pifad at 16,May,22 23:46
And you’re hot as fuck!

By pifad at 16,May,22 23:45
Keep it naturally hairy

By pifad at 16,May,22 23:39
That’s a fact. Been there done that

By pifad at 16,May,22 23:28
Absolutely! French kissing and sucking on his tongue

By pifad at 16,May,22 23:24
I’d definitely like to rim your hairy ass

By pifad at 16,May,22 23:17
73 and at least once a day. Depending on horniness level can get a second load out

By pifad at 15,May,22 04:31
Big beautiful cock and balls. Definitely a 10

By pifad at 15,May,22 04:28
That’s a real beauty! 10

By pifad at 15,May,22 04:26

By pifad at 15,May,22 04:24
That fat cock gets a 10. And is enjoy sucking the cum out of it

By pifad at 04,Apr,22 18:21
A 10 for sure

By pifad at 14,Feb,22 21:29
Magnificent cock. 9

By pifad at 30,Dec,21 05:37
Magnificent cock. 10+

By pifad at 30,Dec,21 05:36
Nice cock. I like it! 8 from me

By pifad at 30,Dec,21 05:35
It’s beautiful. 8 from me

By pifad at 30,Dec,21 05:31
You’re brother is full of crap. You’ve got a big beautiful cock. 10 from me

By pifad at 30,Dec,21 05:30
I love your cute little dick. 8

By pifad at 30,Dec,21 05:27

By pifad at 10,Nov,21 19:17
I’m 73 and masturbate everyday.

By pifad at 25,Aug,21 00:53
Awesome balls. Too bad you’re straight and far away

By pifad at 25,Aug,21 00:51
Beautiful hypo cock. Yes, the head would feel good in my mouth

By pifad at 25,Aug,21 00:50
Absolutely stunning

By pifad at 25,Aug,21 00:46
Oooooo I’d lick it like a lollypop then suck it for hours

By pifad at 25,Aug,21 00:44

By pifad at 24,Aug,21 23:50
Ahhhh ha ha. I would have loved it

By pifad at 24,Aug,21 23:48
I 9nly lick men’s ass

By pifad at 06,Jul,21 04:58
I love it. 10

By pifad at 19,Jun,21 12:04
I have three. 7”, 8”, 10”. I take them in that order.

By pifad at 14,May,21 04:49
Maybe you should come out and play

By pifad at 06,May,21 19:38
WOW! That’s big

By pifad at 06,May,21 19:37
It sure does.

By pifad at 06,May,21 19:37
10. Perfect

By pifad at 06,May,21 19:36