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Cum4Steffi: Pls Vote For Pic Of Month. I Was Close Last Mo.!

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Started by #164428 at 01,Sep,12 06:06
Thank you for all your votes last month. I thought you had to get them ahead of the next month, but I found out that, no, you have to get them within the month.

Thank you for your support, my dear ones!


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New Comment

By #172995 at 05,Oct,13 17:42
Steffi is sweet and hot every day of the year.

By cupar at 13,Sep,12 08:49 other posts of cupar 
All done

By #285834 at 01,Sep,12 20:24
Kind a interesting approach. You like to win because your photo is the best or because the friends making a favor to you?
By bella! at 01,Sep,12 21:31 other posts of bella! 
An interesting thought however I don't think that's the idea behind Steffi's post. Quite frankly, I rarely look at the "Cock/Cunt of the Month" category unless a member asks that I do so. This is really no different than a politician attempting to gain recognition and votes. She's not guaranteed s WIN she just wants us to RECOGNIZE she's a CANDIDATE. Hey Steffi, what do you have in your campaign "war" chest?
By #164428 at 01,Sep,12 21:38
I am just canvassing for votes is all. Posted here, on my page, etc. How else will anyone get votes?
By #202396 at 02,Sep,12 19:27
It's all about "selling-it! More places you can land that link the better your odds Here's my submission /vpom.php?id=1355&v=hot&k=bc5f1c See how I did that! Luv 'ya Steffi
By *kmadeau* at 13,Sep,12 07:04 other posts of *kmadeau* 
yeah wright! you have my Vote, Mr.M-M

By #285834 at 01,Sep,12 21:46
My dear friend.... maybe or maybe not. Only Steffi knows
By bella! at 01,Sep,12 21:48 other posts of bella! 
Steffi has my vote.

By #135959 at 12,Sep,12 23:09
I always vote for u steffi

By pornlover59 at 12,Sep,12 19:39 other posts of pornlover59 
you have a most fabulous pussy!

By naked-porn at 11,Sep,12 22:26 other posts of naked-porn 
c'est un plaisir pour moi!


By Edmonton at 11,Sep,12 20:34 other posts of Edmonton 
just voted for your super hot and sexy pussy steffi

By #111863 at 03,Sep,12 06:43
M-M was promoting pinkpuss on Sunday night you can't believe a word he says on here Steffi he's a head fucker
By #164428 at 03,Sep,12 08:11
Thank you, my friend. I thought you were directing the above comment at me, and I was confused. Pink, who I thought was my friend, came out of nowwhere and took that over, and I thought WTF? I thought it would be a fun contest. Ha! I've been back-stabbed, insulted, and done dirty by two-faced mother fuckers. I've had it with politics!

Thanks for being a real friend.
By #208421 at 03,Sep,12 14:25
id only do you dirty in a good way steffi

By bella! at 01,Sep,12 22:08 other posts of bella! 
As far as the contestants ( at this time ) go, the next runner up is not showing her relevant parts, it seems to be more artistic. Perhaps I take this monthly feature too literally.
By #280625 at 01,Sep,12 22:40
I just feel as though if a photo should be chosen for pic of the month that it should be of good quality (720p-1080p) and probably look as though there was effort and thought put into making the photo rather then just sticking a camera infront of you're vagina.
By #164428 at 01,Sep,12 22:44
It's a great, clear photo of my relevant part!
By bella! at 01,Sep,12 23:22 other posts of bella! 
Steffi, I don't think you're going to receive a favorable review from Sinjid. As I recall, when the forum post topic was "Who would like to fuck Steffi" his response was that he would prefer to have sex wIth a blender.

By #280625 at 01,Sep,12 22:04
That's a low quality photo very blurry! I'm not sure it's worthy.
By bella! at 01,Sep,12 22:36 other posts of bella! 
At 18, you have a lot of growing up ahead of you.

By #208421 at 01,Sep,12 22:21
I voted for it, now when do I get to slide into it?

By #102374 at 01,Sep,12 19:13
Voted for u babe.

By like2jack at 01,Sep,12 13:52 other posts of like2jack 
You have my vote Sweety

By #201155 at 01,Sep,12 08:07

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