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By naked-porn at 16,Jan,18 22:45
16,1cm long - 12,0cm circumference

By naked-porn at 28,Jan,17 13:07
Hairy pussy and hairy anus

By naked-porn at 22,Feb,16 22:19
my wife loves to work my ass with her tongue and she prefers when it's not completely clean

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By naked-porn at 02,Feb,16 18:28
ok thanks let us know!

By naked-porn at 02,Feb,16 16:49
not bigger but larger

By naked-porn at 21,Jan,16 21:29
any news about Steffi?

By naked-porn at 11,Jan,16 23:25
Rip David

By naked-porn at 06,Jan,16 17:17
4 including mine, plus two only for blow job and ione only for handjob

By naked-porn at 18,Nov,15 23:22
Only a couple of spurts and not so big

By naked-porn at 08,Apr,15 20:57
You have to insist but with kindness. I am the only man to have anal sex with my wife. We stay together from 12 years. The first time was after six month, and so we made it once a month. But in the last 5/6 years we regularly have anal sex every time we make sex

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By naked-porn at 01,Jan,15 18:52
see my blog...can I have circumference?
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of course I like your penis

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By naked-porn at 03,Dec,14 16:26
I had a slow evolution...first orgasm around 11/12 yo and no less of three years without I remember clearly that I've had other 3/4 years of orgasm with no more 2/3 drops of sperm.

By naked-porn at 02,Dec,14 19:57
anal is the best

By naked-porn at 29,Nov,14 14:20
I'm dominant with little cocks and submissive with bigger!

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so lucky...many many stories to ask for

By naked-porn at 19,Oct,14 21:07
mee too

By naked-porn at 21,Jul,14 19:37
I'm 48. I have fucked 5 girls (1 only one night). I can add another woman only for oral sex.

By naked-porn at 18,Jun,14 16:33
never been a long distnace cummer...when teenager about 1 m (100cm), now not more 10cm

By naked-porn at 23,May,14 19:03
we have same experience

By naked-porn at 10,May,14 11:42
I think you should have been a good teacher!

By naked-porn at 05,May,14 21:15
she lie

By naked-porn at 01,May,14 21:45
you could request with pm

By naked-porn at 01,May,14 14:07
my wife is so hairy and dont want shave

By naked-porn at 01,May,14 14:05
the same for my wife

By naked-porn at 01,May,14 14:03
I remember (many years ago) dry orgasms due to the third or fourth ejaculation in the same day. I think was this the reason why they were particularly intensive, as if somebody was catching my balls. In effect I have to say that I never cummed very much.

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By naked-porn at 13,Apr,14 20:31

I'm really happy that my wife sucked other 4 cocks! I dont think she's a slut for this! All men have to change mind to fuck and be sucked some more!

By naked-porn at 11,Apr,14 19:37
you certainly forget
Deep Purple - Larry Clinton
Am I That Easy To Forget - Engelbert Humperdinck
A Taste of Honey - Herb Alpert

By naked-porn at 11,Apr,14 19:27
you make me return Young!

By naked-porn at 20,Feb,14 13:34
I think Steffi could see with another nick these pages...we must let know to her how she's still important for us!

By naked-porn at 05,Feb,14 23:30
I Always hope she could return soon or later

By naked-porn at 01,Jan,14 17:03
We are all so sad and much poor without Steffi

By naked-porn at 01,Jan,14 15:51
I know her health problem...I hope shecould return soon

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By naked-porn at 30,Nov,13 14:05
please post some models!

By naked-porn at 21,Nov,13 22:06
I think about 100% of SYD members would fuck Steffi...more correctly this thread should be titled: is there anyone that wouldn't fuck Steffi? And if someone may say this, we must call the doctor!

By naked-porn at 29,Oct,13 22:15

By naked-porn at 06,Oct,13 17:20
me: 0
my wife: 5
my ex gf: 8

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I adore my wife butthole. Unfortunately she don't cum with anal sex, so our strong agreement is that before I have to take her to orgasm fucking pussy and immediately after I can have fun cumming into her ass

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no more 20 cm

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By naked-porn at 30,Sep,13 21:25
I can really admit that one of my 5 things that I would do before to die is to have sex with Steffi. I know it's a dream not very easy cause the distance and especially because I dont think to be at the top of her list!!!
I also often masturbating looking his pics and thinking about her, it's something who make my days better

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my wife loves to suck my cock and lick my asshole but dont drink my strange!!

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Steffi can I do something to help you in addition to my constant prayers!?
all my love from Italy

By naked-porn at 15,Sep,13 08:06