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Started by #201550 at 22,Jan,13 10:52
I joined this site ~2 yrs ago, and I've seen many hot men here since then. Gorgeous studs with nice bodies or huge dicks or handsome faces--or all of the above. We all have our favorites, right? So WHO GETS YOU FIRED UP THE MOST? My top 4 faves are below (with a pic of each so you know why):

#1- bigone30
[deleted image]

#2- ShyGuy
[deleted image]

#3- krasimirdi

#4- ds86
[deleted image]

These are my faves, but there are MANY other hot guys on the site; honorable mentions go to: RomanHoliday, MAJ0R, hom3str3cH, even22, antoinebibi, Questao, jjkk20, Lifelong, Pumpedfan, soulpioneer, BIG_DICK86, BigPimpin17, and RedBoneBajan. And probably many more I forgot...

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New Comment

By #124665 at 29,Jun,13 02:53
Sorry fuckers but it's STILL me

By #204902 at 26,Jun,13 19:19
[deleted image]
The hottest man here?? Stroker501
By bella! at 27,Jun,13 04:00 other posts of bella! 
Yes, yes he is! Now I wonder if anyone is going to fuss with you for stating your opinion?

By #204902 at 28,Jan,13 12:40
I'm not sure if stroker is the hottest man, but he has the hottest cock here, I think!

[deleted image]
By bella! at 28,Jan,13 13:16 other posts of bella! 
In my opinion, Stroker501 IS a very sexy and hot man. His "attitude" and confidence as well as his ability to present an interesting and artistic picture makes him, mmmmmm.......... YUMMY!
By #215020 at 27,Feb,13 21:19
WOW, just found my name here and feel honored now
Thanks to bella! and Bratwurst for mentioning me in this thread
By bella! at 27,Feb,13 22:17 other posts of bella! 
That's another aspect of YOU that makes YOU acknowledge members that leave comments for you. Based on your pictures, the way you dress, it is my guess that you are a businessman AND a very successful businessman. You are confident yet humble, highly attractive and you are indeed, VERY SEXY. Women ( and men ) want you, men want to be like you....... Believe that!
By #155495 at 27,Feb,13 23:18

what do you think about this?
By #358797 at 25,Jun,13 21:39
you are definitely in my top 3.

By #215020 at 01,Mar,13 18:22
bella! your kind words made me hard
[deleted image]
By bella! at 01,Mar,13 22:30 other posts of bella! 
Hard? Well that "look" pleases me as well as many others.

By #328554 at 18,Jun,13 21:14
Stroker seems to be a nice dude, but the assumptions and statements made deserve a reply...'Men want to be like him', no disrespect to stroker, but NO really I don't, I'm VERY happy being me. All very OTT.
By #215020 at 19,Jun,13 06:33
thank you for your respektful statement, good guy.
As a non native english speaker i had to look up "OTT" first
Syd really improves my english vocabulary sometimes...

The only thing i can say is that pictures in suits are quite popular and many viewers tell you, that they have a fetish about that. Maybe that was what bella! wanted to say.
By bella! at 19,Jun,13 07:58 other posts of bella! 
Hey stroker501, English is my first language and I have no idea what OTT is. If OTT is an acronym for over the top, no, I meant exactly what I said. Women ( and men ) want you and men want to be like you. As for good-guy, you seem to be an alright guy and if you're comfortable with who you are, good.
By #328554 at 19,Jun,13 15:06
bella sometimes you talk a load of crap, this is one of those times, you somehow believe that you can speak for men? Ask any guy on the site if he wants to be 'like stroker' and almost all (there's always a few freaks!) will say no. Men seldom aspire to be another guy and the few that do aspire to be men higher up the food chain than us little guys on a dick site.

An alright guy Yeah, you're not that shabby yourself at times.

Stroker, no disrespect you seem a good-guy and you're not the cause of my irritation. I'm sure the suits promote a good image and like most items of clothing I'm sure there's a strong fetish for them.
By bella! at 20,Jun,13 04:24 other posts of bella! 
To good-guy, so I, my comment are a cause for your irritation? So sorry. NOT! It was really unecessary for you to say I "talk a load of crap" just because you don't share my opinion or agree with my comment.

And I'm going to share something with you, regarding your reference to the food chain. You might be a "little guy" on a dick site but I assure you, there are a number of BIG guys here.
By #328554 at 20,Jun,13 07:21
You thought it unnecessary for me to point out you were talking crap? So sorry, NOT! Actually I am sorry, simply because it was your opinion and thus was not a load of crap. However it was irritating to me and utterly, utterly baseless as a statement, as no guy wants to be him. Sorry stroker dude, but I know you'll understand.

Oh and for the record Bella, we are ALL little guys on this site
By bella! at 20,Jun,13 09:37 other posts of bella! 
And this, SYD/SYC members, is a "Respectful" member!? Oh, perhaps he is respectul when your views don't confict with his.......... Whatever!
By #328554 at 20,Jun,13 10:21
Bella there's a difference between respect and capitulation. I do respect your viewpoint, it doesn't mean I have to agree with it nor does it mean that I cannot make my view abundantly clear too. I think you'll find that I apologized for saying you were talking crap, what can I say, when I'm irritated I choose my wording poorly, it's a trait that most of us have. So stop throwing your toys out your pram every time someone questions, contradicts or shows a different opinion to yours. It may surprise you to learn that you're just as imperfect as the rest of us, the difference being we're capable of dealing with that fact. We actually apologize and try and see the other persons perspective or just agree to disagree in an affable manner. Sometimes I even think, 'heck they must be having a really bad day' and just let things slide. I think that's called being respectful, you should try it sometime.
By bella! at 20,Jun,13 11:30 other posts of bella! 
Wow! The original response has been edited quite a bit and I wondered how capitalistic was relevant.

By bella! at 18,Jun,13 19:18 other posts of bella! 
Just to remind members just how SEXY stroker501 is.

By #350718 at 24,Jun,13 22:04
Well deserved....that's a very hot cock you've got there!

By #161491 at 26,Jan,13 02:09
There are so many things that can make a man hot: his dick, his ass, his body, his face, his personality, his genuineness, his comfort in his own skin...and often a combination of some or all of those traits. This site is filled with tons of hot guys, but here's a "top-ten" of some of my faves:

1. eddieram

[deleted image]

2. jimstarr77

[deleted image]

3. Paul_D

[deleted image]

4. pik

[deleted image]

5. s819

[deleted image]


7. elagabal

[deleted image]

8. RedBoneBajan

[deleted image]

9. Renault

[deleted image]

10. itsme668

[deleted image]


11. inwood

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 15 hours

Adding a few more to my list:

12. basque9

13. 1705

[deleted image]

14. gines

[deleted image]

15. hotbot

[deleted image]
By #201550 at 26,Jan,13 14:13
Awww... i'm flattered and that's very kind, but there's no way in hell I rank anywhere near those 4 dudes at the top of the thread

but thanks for your input on this -- love that you made a list -- i'm interested to see who people are drawn to most and why
By #161491 at 26,Jan,13 17:40
I respectfully disagree. From what I can tell, you look like an exceptionally hot man.

By the way, all but one of the guys on my list are gay. I'm attracted to all kinds of men, but knowing that a guy is gay makes him all the more appealing to me.
By basque9 at 22,Apr,13 00:52 other posts of basque9 
Thanks for including me on your list, hot man! I am truly honored by it!

By 3fdfd at 26,Jan,13 15:36 other posts of 3fdfd 
excellent choices Gaydude65 - but I know somebody you didn't include 6.5" - uncut - hairy

By #350718 at 24,Jun,13 22:08
Thanks for putting a bunch of hot cocks all on one page...what a treat. You're right there are tons of hot guys on here but this is a pretty good start for sure!

By #329776 at 22,Apr,13 21:48
Here's mine ...uncut black cock [deleted image]
By #350718 at 24,Jun,13 21:54
Holy crap! That's huge!

By #396196 at 20,Jun,13 17:44
I would like to add myself....

[deleted image]
By #350718 at 24,Jun,13 21:53
Yeah I'd vote for you! Fantastic cock!

By #263974 at 20,Jun,13 13:35
I won't say who's the hottest guy on the site! It sounds like who is your favorite! It is not fair! I know a lot of hot guys here and I'm sure this page hasn't space enough for me to name them...
By bella! at 20,Jun,13 18:29 other posts of bella! 
Hey Vesse, you don't have to declare who you think is the "hottest" man in your estimation however you might consider naming some of your favorites ( in no particular order, of course ). I know I've mentioned it, not sure if it was in this thread or not, men can be visually appealing however their "hotness" must transcend beyond the physical aspect. If the man has a lack luster personality, no confidence or a poor attitude that really detracts from what the eyes can see.

By #387191 at 17,Jun,13 16:44
That 2Nice fella is one hot piece of aaaassss.
By bella! at 17,Jun,13 18:02 other posts of bella! 
No fair! You're partial!!!!!!
By #387191 at 17,Jun,13 19:38
There is only one thing sweeter than a nice cool glass of tea on a hot summers day, and that is telling the truth. I wont lie, I am very, extremely partial to that man. And he is a sight, trust me.
By bella! at 17,Jun,13 21:25 other posts of bella! 
What made your eyes twinkle and your toes curl? Was it that bright yellow "hat" of his? Tell the truth!

By #121361 at 28,Apr,13 16:51
Check Lenatur and his Wife !!!!

By #352657 at 23,Apr,13 21:54
What about me??


By gradurgaur at 27,Mar,13 14:58 other posts of gradurgaur 
am not on the lis
and i was sure that i was the hottest.......
By bella! at 22,Apr,13 18:43 other posts of bella! 
gradurgaur, YOU are definitely the HOTTEST guy in the ICELAND!

By #364901 at 29,Mar,13 06:12
My gorgeous man Lover_Fighter
By Dalecash at 29,Mar,13 19:03 other posts of Dalecash 
He is one of the most decent on here

By jackie at 28,Mar,13 15:53 other posts of jackie 
/ucc9zgs3ymgmpic.html What about this

By Onetwo at 27,Mar,13 10:20 other posts of Onetwo 
Onetwo can't get no love here
By #349443 at 27,Mar,13 13:56
U deserve it stud, ur rockin the main page !
By Onetwo at 27,Mar,13 15:35 other posts of Onetwo 
Thanks but the vote is in you blow me out the water

By #251957 at 26,Mar,13 03:01
mightn't have a big cock myself,but think its nicely shaped with big smooth balls.....check me out.....pleaseeeee

By #136196 at 10,Mar,13 20:07
I'm hot !
Not the HOTTEST but if I get my dick in ya you will feel some heat!
[deleted image]
By Dalecash at 23,Mar,13 21:45 other posts of Dalecash 
Jamez, I think you certainly need to be on the list here

By #201550 at 22,Feb,13 12:04
UPDATE: #4- ds86 is now Ds86_

here he is in all his sexy glory

[deleted image]
By #242452 at 28,Feb,13 05:26
He's very hot. I agree!
By #201550 at 28,Feb,13 05:27
i know, right? just look at this:

[deleted image]
By #242452 at 10,Mar,13 22:36
He's absolutely droolworthy.

By #136196 at 10,Mar,13 21:20
I nominate HornyViking
--------------------------------------- added after 37 seconds

[deleted image]

By #214409 at 10,Mar,13 19:12
I'd go with that guy:

[deleted image]

By #124665 at 28,Feb,13 04:21
Jeez I gotta lose some weight n tone up n start taking pics again. I wanna be lusted after too
By #201550 at 28,Feb,13 05:07
oh, i think we can go ahead and mention how hot you are; this is perfection:

[deleted image]
By #124665 at 08,Mar,13 06:47

By #164428 at 28,Feb,13 05:43
You're perfect, fucker! And you know I lust after you. Now get over here and fuck me!
By #360973 at 08,Mar,13 17:31
As a straight guy, i'd have to say I amlol, but Dece has bro points (he's a fellow punk, a shameless man-whore, shows raw "who he is pics", & got to be the spunky Spicy1's bf for several years). So the straight guy vote goes to Decent007
--------------------------------------- added after 105 seconds

...a straight up and down, no bullshit kind of guy
--------------------------------------- added after 8 minutes

no lust, fucker - so don't take it that way
By #124665 at 09,Mar,13 07:21
Aww ok, I'll take that as a very sweet compliment then, even though you only left out how badly you wanna poon my butt, we'll keep that our lil **** And yes, I guess you can be hot too since we're giving out bro points

By Blu-Leo at 28,Feb,13 00:50 other posts of Blu-Leo 
well I'm a nice guy, and people have told me I'm hott, so I guess that's for you people to decide (^_^)

By #336988 at 30,Jan,13 00:00
Soiattolino is the hottest
By bella! at 30,Jan,13 00:38 other posts of bella! 
Well, if you're going to mention him, ya gotta spell his name correctly, it's scoiattolino. Props to the new guy, you've uploaded 4 pics and all 4 pics are on the popular page!

By #204902 at 28,Jan,13 12:43
he is so hot!!

[deleted image]

By #321865 at 22,Jan,13 19:17
Batti is pretty hot
--------------------------------------- added after 46 hours

[deleted image]
By #201550 at 26,Jan,13 14:18
Wow- he sure is awesome choice
By #204902 at 26,Jan,13 17:44
Yes he is really hot!

By #320636 at 23,Jan,13 17:58
I think the hottest here are:

@Bratwurst: tastes are tastes, but do you really think "Justme_1993" is hot? he looks worse than a obese bulldog with tits
By bella! at 23,Jan,13 18:22 other posts of bella! 
Ya know there's an old adage; You can't judge a book by the cover. Hot/sexy transcends beyond what the eyes can see and Bratwurst sees a rare jewel. SYD is a smorgasbord of men and women, you might not be interested in this dish but there's something tasty a few steps away.....

By #204902 at 24,Jan,13 18:09
He is hot!! I love his tits and fist of all his eyes!
And he is a kind and cute boy!

By dickisgreat at 25,Jan,13 16:20 other posts of dickisgreat 
Justme_1993 isn't showing up in the search. Is the profile still there?


found it, the OP has a typo, it's just_me1993 not justme_1993

By #204902 at 25,Jan,13 12:41
Keep that interesting thread going!
Who is the hottest here?

By #201155 at 22,Jan,13 13:02
How about me!

[deleted image]
By #201550 at 23,Jan,13 20:18
By #164428 at 24,Jan,13 04:50
By #201155 at 24,Jan,13 06:45
Thank you, gorgeous, sweet Steffi

By #201155 at 24,Jan,13 06:45
Thank you!

By #188813 at 23,Jan,13 01:43
I have to agree, bigone30 is the hottest guy here! He makes my cock look like this...
[deleted image]

By #124665 at 22,Jan,13 23:06
Why the fuck am I not mentioned here?!

By bella! at 22,Jan,13 20:38 other posts of bella! 
I've been thinking about this and I want to tweak your title from "HOTTEST" to "SEXIEST". Certainly, the men you named are very visually appealing but the word "sexy" encompasses an attitude which is deeper than and much more exciting than physical appearances. Of the 4 men that inwood noted, I can say that I am only familiar with 1 of the members. Yes, he is hot to look at but he's so damn sexy too.

There are many visually appealing men on SYD but their "looks" are all they have going for themselves, no personalities! Or maybe they do however they only flash it at the woman that they feel is worthy of their attention.
You guys know who you are.

There are a several men that I would like to mention that I find extremely SEXY. In no particular order; puma112, stroker501, daffu and 2nice.

By bella! at 22,Jan,13 11:35 other posts of bella! 
You have picked several phenomenal examples of SYD's hotties! Nice choices!
By #201550 at 22,Jan,13 12:07
thanks. now that I look at it, most of them are straight, so they'd be having sex with you and not me lol...

but that doesn't stop me from looking at their pics and appreciating all the amazingly hot naked manliness on display...
By bella! at 22,Jan,13 13:28 other posts of bella! 
The members post pics for both men and women to admire and comment on. A compliment is a compliment no matter who it comes from!
By gradurgaur at 22,Jan,13 20:10 other posts of gradurgaur 
My dear bella..that is so true..

By #340039 at 22,Jan,13 15:27
Wow ! My friend I'm honored !!! And Bella is absolutely right , the pics posted here are for all, men and women alike ....... Thank you
By #164428 at 22,Jan,13 16:45
Who disappeared already?
By bella! at 22,Jan,13 18:26 other posts of bella! 
Steffi, I was wondering that myself. The 4 that inwood mentioned are still here so it's not any of them.............

By #204902 at 22,Jan,13 17:29
My favourites: 1.ATM

2. 1705


4. Justme_1993

5. Mondnebel

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