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By gradurgaur at 14,Jan,24 18:14
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By gradurgaur at 14,Jan,24 17:24
This Event is so sad and my heart is broken and this has been going on since November in 18 of December first volcanic eruption happened and it was very close to the town of Grindavik then on Wednesday a tragic event happend a worker that was working on filling the fissure that was in middle of town of Grindavik and sadly he fell into the Fissure and he has not been found so now this Awful event started

By gradurgaur at 20,Dec,23 14:32
Am safe i live in Reykjavik is about 40 min drive to the area were the Volcanic eruption is happening

By gradurgaur at 19,Dec,23 20:28
My friend i would be honored to meet you and spent time with you you are amazing person and kind.
you are sexy and hot friend and i like you a-lot

I fully understand that Many people feel uneasy performing in front of a camera and i totally understand that.Still is bit sad i was hoping that someone would be my first collab and Irish guys are hot and sexy still there is some time until mars 2024 so it may Change am good person and am not asking them to show face or do anything that they do not like or want to do.I respect they wishes

By gradurgaur at 11,Nov,23 20:38
no is not in Fagradalsfjall this is way more serious place is near blue lagoon and water and power plants that give the south peninsula the water and power and is in fact very close to Town of Grindavik and latest pictures show road damage and cracks in the earth and the town can go under the Lava flow there is Magma tunnel underneath that can make rupture and flow into Town the town is empty at the moment but sadly there are few horses that are left there but local recuse is going into town to get them out so there will not be living soul in town if sadly the Volcano will erupt there

By gradurgaur at 21,Jul,23 12:02
No Not really am going to Scotland in Nov and was wondering if there were Scottish people here that can maybe give some ideas what to see and do while am staying in Scotland.

By gradurgaur at 30,Jun,23 21:25
Dear Nekekal hope you had a good time in Iceland

By gradurgaur at 11,Feb,23 23:49
Thank you bella I will check it out

By gradurgaur at 09,Feb,23 16:11
Hi my friend how are you hope you are doing well.big greetings from Iceland

By gradurgaur at 20,Jan,23 11:20
It was very kind of (biscotlandX)to massage me and give me those information

By gradurgaur at 20,Jan,23 11:19
Thank you so much for the massage and the information

By gradurgaur at 19,Jan,23 14:37
"JustWill"Why do Americans use Fahrenheit but rest of the world use Celsius?

By gradurgaur at 03,Aug,22 21:38
last time we had volcanic erupt in that area it was in safe place and nothing is there only valleys so this one is best place for this to happen
and you can now go and hike to the area and see it up close and i have to tel you all is one in a life time

By gradurgaur at 03,Aug,22 19:27
when we get green light to go and use drones am sure many people will do that

By gradurgaur at 03,Aug,22 19:16
we are already starting to make a walking trail to the volcanic area so you can see it up close

By gradurgaur at 05,Jul,22 01:10
@justwill have you any news about smell my wrist watch guy?

By gradurgaur at 05,Jul,22 01:08
So maybe the Witches are to blame for Smell my Wristwatch guy went missing?

By gradurgaur at 17,Mar,22 21:43
thank you for the Massage (Sir-Skittles)
I often stay in Hotel near Riverside but i was thinking if there are hotels that do not Require a lobby key

By gradurgaur at 13,Feb,22 21:50
Thank you so much for the birthday wish bella it was so kind of you

By gradurgaur at 09,Feb,22 21:38
I was Wondering "JustWill"Why is Water wet?
and Am worried about SMell my Wristwatch guy have you hear anything new from him?Hope he is Ok and Smelling his Wristwatch

By gradurgaur at 11,Jan,22 23:37
the reason why People take ladder to the store is because the prize is to high

and reason why people Open milk in store is because is say open here So funny Jokes

By gradurgaur at 10,Jan,22 20:57
So you have heard those jokes

What about this one why do people take ladders to the stores?

or Why do people open Milk bottles in stores?

By gradurgaur at 10,Jan,22 20:46
JustWill here is Fun for you

Ready what did the Wall say to the Another wall?

Here is little puzzle for you

Rуmverskur Riddari rйрst inn н Rуmaborg rжndi юar og Rublaрi Radнsum og rуfum hvaр eru mцrg R н юvн?

By gradurgaur at 10,Jan,22 20:41
In Iceland we do not have Moose we have Reindeer and Lot of sheep's and horses and puffins very cool small looking bird very cute

юъ verрur aр lжra нslensku so you can use it if you need to use bad words /cussing I can help you learn if you like

By gradurgaur at 06,Jan,22 00:21
@ justwill @ Talar юъ Нslensku?

By gradurgaur at 21,Dec,21 21:21
JustWill have you heard anything new lately from Smell my wristwatch guy?

By gradurgaur at 21,Dec,21 00:28
JustWill I was wondering the Santa guy he travel round the world in one day to bring gifts but dose he need a passport?
and one more thing what if am both naughty and nice will i get both a good present and cole ?

By gradurgaur at 08,Dec,21 08:53
Hi @Justwill you are so Wise maybe you can help me out.

1.Why is the sky Blue?

2.Is Santa real?

3.What dose @JustWill want for Christmas?

By gradurgaur at 30,Jun,21 23:44
Welcome back my friend

By gradurgaur at 12,Jun,21 19:01
That is right my friend
My thought on this is just ask people to look out for the fellow man specially in this Pandemic times

By gradurgaur at 12,Jun,21 18:58
Thank you my friend I think this is the best time for us to Reflect and think about your fellow man we all can make a Differences and kind phone call to friend or family that are alone can be live changing.

By gradurgaur at 11,Jun,21 23:23
Thank you dear bella that is very kind of you.I wish that i have done more for him but I live in Iceland and he Lived in Canada time zones was doing us no favors.I think we all need to look into what we can do more for those that are in need of friend and are feeling alone I will try to make more effort to contact those that i have not heard from in some time and see how they are doing and feeling

By gradurgaur at 11,Jun,21 22:47
This Pandemic is still going strong people are feeling alone and have no family or friends to speak to.I had friend like that i tried to massage him and speak to him on the phone but he did not reply my massage or phone calls today i learn that he past away early this month my last massage to him was June 2

Thank you Bella for Reply to my Post here that was very kind of you

By gradurgaur at 17,May,21 20:04
I Like both for me I do not mind if the Person is Uncut or Cut both look amazing and we are to be proud of what we have

By gradurgaur at 16,May,21 20:13
Yea he found the problem in No time.I was worried that some one was maybe using my account to hurt or send hateful massages to Members here but that was not the Case and that was so nice to hear

By gradurgaur at 16,May,21 20:11
Nice is Always nice to see something writing in Icelandic

By gradurgaur at 16,May,21 16:45
You are Learning Icelandic

By gradurgaur at 16,May,21 16:43
It turn out that some one From Florida was sending massages on my Account name i have changed the passwords and locking So it are to be OK now

By gradurgaur at 15,May,21 20:16
Thank you so much Bella for the Help

By gradurgaur at 29,Oct,20 21:46
Iceland has A penis Museum called Icelandic Phallological Museum
the world's largest display of penises and penile parts. , the collection holds well over 300 penises from more than 100 species of mammal. Also the museum holds 22 penises from creatures and peoples of Icelandic folklore

By gradurgaur at 23,Oct,20 20:56
You have very beautiful meaty cock my friend is not small
Is good sizes
And be proud of you cock my friend

By gradurgaur at 15,Aug,20 21:28
Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Uni matrix Zero One.
She was mighty fine in Star trek voyager
played by Actress Jeri Ryan

By gradurgaur at 22,Mar,20 19:43
First i want to give big hug and thank you for all that works in healthcare system hospital workers and doctors and nurses around the world  that have are working day and night to care for sick and the dieing I wish i can give you all a big hug you are awesome people.Please stay safe...

To those that are infected with  this nasty virus around the world i wish you all speedy recovery.

To the families of the love ones that sadly has lost a love ones a family member my heart and prayers  and my thoughts goes to you in this sad time and may god watch over you all in this hard and sad times.

To the countries round the World that this virus is spreading my hope and prayers and thoughts are with you and this is the time for all of us to take good care of one and another and help the fellow man.this Virus is not going to Defined who we are as a people we are all one big family and we are all in this together and together we will over come this

please Stay safe everyone and be kind to one and another

love from Iceland

By gradurgaur at 15,Nov,19 22:14
What is the deal about new terminator dark fate?
this me-too movement is taking over holy-wood and now more and more films are now going woke woke woke.

Am not sure this woke deal is going to make stronger woman.

And what is the deal with trump he is all over the place building walls all over USA strange

By gradurgaur at 16,Mar,19 21:36
After manny years of safe song that was not working this song was chosen to go to eurovison 2019.
this song have been talk alot about and is very out there.the main theme of this song is about hate will win if we dont to remmber to love first

By gradurgaur at 12,Sep,18 19:13

By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 22:58
The game against Argentina was Awesome
I was working and i saw the game at work and i was so hype watching the game because this was history for us playing for the first time ever in big major tournament and playing against one of strongest teams in tournament and have 1-1 draw is awesome result..

We can now say we played against one of the best players in the world and did that in major tournament

By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 18:38
I saw the game is was good game for Russia and Russia start strong in the tournament

By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 18:36
thank you my friend

By gradurgaur at 16,Jun,18 18:35
Iceland played today with strong team from Argentina and we draw 1-1.

It was awesome to see my country team walk into the stadium and play against one of the strongest teams in the world..

1-1 is great results for us is win