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girth measuring

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Started by #7532 at 24,Feb,09 01:45
let us know your girth. thanks

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By asianboy at 06,Jun,23 00:24 other posts of asianboy 

mins is 17.8cm or 7inch girth
--------------------------------------- added after 234 hours

By gradurgaur at 11,Jan,12 16:09 other posts of gradurgaur 

By #327529 at 20,Dec,12 01:05
very nice cock; love the purple head...mmmmm

By bluemn7 at 27,May,11 07:56 other posts of bluemn7 

I am 6 inches around
By #7435 at 14,Jul,11 10:08
What's the secret of that beauty buddy?

By #154073 at 14,Jul,11 02:22

[deleted image]

By WristThick at 23,May,11 19:26 other posts of WristThick 
I'm sorry guys, but you can't claim you're over 6" in girth (which is substantial and rare) unless you show us some picture proof. Here's mine:

I wasn't 100% hard there, so I lost a little bit of thickness. The base is the thickest part of my shaft. The head is 5.75". Midshaft it's 6.25". Avg girth for the whole shaft is a bit over that. And it gets as hard as a steel pipe- when I'm not measuring, that is.

By rodger100 at 20,Jan,11 18:15 other posts of rodger100 
compared to a toilet roll, i have a few pics up, check em out

By #102233 at 20,Jan,11 14:08
6.5 inches

By Vita at 12,Nov,10 17:11 other posts of Vita 

By #35732 at 09,Nov,10 09:45
16 cm (6.3 inch) on girth...
By hytiger at 10,Nov,10 01:15 other posts of hytiger 
No it isn't!
Learn how to read a tape measure... it isn't difficult!
That pic shows 14.5cm at best (the tape is quite loose)

By #46165 at 25,Mar,10 01:07
a hair over 5. and just under 5 in length

By #5273 at 24,Feb,09 02:54
18 inches around
By slipper at 24,Mar,10 05:36 other posts of slipper 
"18 inches" Damned impressive!

By tipitou at 10,Sep,09 22:00 other posts of tipitou 
Mine is 5 inches around when hard.

By #6374 at 10,Sep,09 13:07
About 17 centimeters in girth

By vene at 23,Aug,09 23:58 other posts of vene 
6 in

By #5440 at 03,Mar,09 13:10
just a little over 4 inches

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