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By WristThick at 16,Jul,21 22:53
Thanks for the explanation

By WristThick at 17,May,21 06:38
I love everything about it

By WristThick at 17,May,21 06:38
Amazing looking asshole, but I never do the ass first. I would be very greedy with you. I definitely want both holes. So tight!!!

By WristThick at 14,May,21 02:47
I'd love to put you to the test

By WristThick at 13,May,21 23:20
Scorching hot girl. Very loud sex addict I'd love to chat again soon.

By WristThick at 30,Apr,21 01:33
I'm in the longest locked down region on the entire planet. Ever. There are no plans to reopen. It's a total fucking nightmare. Even worse for sex addicts.

By WristThick at 12,Apr,21 23:37
Sorry... what?

Do you mean I need to talk about the internment camps of over a million Uighurs, the brutalization of the Tibetan people for decades, the disappearance of the Panchen Lama in 1995, the disappearance of everyone who questioned their government in 2020 about COVID (including billionaire Jack Ma), the extreme brutality of the Cultural Revolution, their re-education camps for decades, the 30 million people who died during the Great Leap Forward, or the social credit scores everyone is subject to today?

Yeah. Clearly the evil, evil US is worse than China in every way!!!

By WristThick at 02,Apr,21 22:36
"I would trust China over the US any day."

Wow. Unfuckingbelievable.

By WristThick at 02,Apr,21 22:33
Just messaged you.

By WristThick at 02,Apr,21 22:27
That would be Corona. Everyone's favorite.

By WristThick at 02,Apr,21 22:25
Yeah, that really sucks. The past year has been total hell for all of us sex addicts.

By WristThick at 02,Apr,21 22:24
About 70% is the most that anyone has taken and she was a deep throat specialist, could open WIDE and had no gag reflex. I ended up hitting something in the back of her throat and couldn't go deeper. With everyone else the teeth are the biggest problem because of my thickness.

By WristThick at 06,Nov,20 04:00

By WristThick at 18,Sep,20 21:08
Very attractive. And very tight.

By WristThick at 15,Aug,19 23:31
It's the hardest position for me because of the angle, my size and the tightness. I get pushed out every time she cums. But of course I love it

By WristThick at 15,Aug,19 23:29
Not at the swinger's club. But otherwise it's 100%. Even the petite girls with small mouths.

By WristThick at 15,Aug,19 06:07
Almost always... unless it's at my local swinger's club. Or if my hookup is extremely horny, soaked, stretched and ready to go.

By WristThick at 23,Jul,19 06:24
People don't realize that a legitimate 7 inches is longer than over 97% of all men out there. I don't think many would guess you're less than 8" from your pics

By WristThick at 19,Jul,19 06:57
Haha exactly what I said!

By WristThick at 19,Jul,19 06:56
Most women have told me they love to be "filled up" which is really volume over length or girth. But girth determines volume much more than length, so that'll matter more if you have to choose between the two.

By WristThick at 19,Jul,19 06:35
100% man! That's why comparison and measured pics are the only way of knowing for sure.

By WristThick at 18,Jul,19 22:22
Me too. That's why I posted this way back in 2016. Size Me Up is an accurate site to know how big (or small) you really are compared to all other men. About 1 out of 30 men are 4" or less in length. Same for girth. 1 out of 3 men are under 4.85" in length and under 4.4" in girth. I've long said this site is NOT representative of anywhere near average size!

By WristThick at 20,Jun,19 23:56
Wow. Sucks to be you

By WristThick at 20,Jun,19 00:54
Really hot! It's not often I get to do this because I need a BIG pair to be able to fit my cock in between. Love it when I can find a woman who's that top heavy!

By WristThick at 05,May,19 00:10
In my experience married women love to fuck... just not exclusively their husbands.

By WristThick at 05,May,19 00:07
That's pretty tight!

By WristThick at 05,Nov,18 23:38
Because I would really stretch her out for everyone else. I've done this at my local swinger's club. Once I'm done with a woman, she's completely done for the day or night.

By WristThick at 22,Aug,18 00:14
It should also be said that the smell and taste of a pussy is determined by the vaginal flora (bacteria type and concentration), diet and hormones. Strong smell (not necessarily bad) can be caused by dairy. And a bad smell can be caused by an imbalance of vaginal flora, often from antibiotics or a hormone problem. So a good smelling and tasting pussy really is a sign of good health. No joke.

By WristThick at 20,Aug,18 04:58
"What's the best smell you've come across?"

Cinnamon. It tasted AND smelled like cinnamon. Just slightly, but it was clearly there. And no, I'm not kidding. I've been told I have a very good wine palate. That may translate to pussy, I don't know

By WristThick at 20,Aug,18 04:54
I would have guessed Carnal Knowledge, which is a must see for the crowd here. But Fonda isn't in that one, so I don't know.

By WristThick at 17,Apr,18 00:40
Exactly. This is the whole reason why I posted it.

By WristThick at 27,Jan,18 18:10
The pink lady feels like the avg MILF cunt. Very tight on me and I need plenty of lube to squeeze into it. Feels really good, but like I said it sucks up lube and I have to keep putting more in with warm water. Real women keep on churning out lots of sticky juices, so I don't have that problem otherwise

By WristThick at 26,Sep,17 06:51

By WristThick at 26,Sep,17 06:50
Always wanted to. Got close on the weekend, but I'm still wondering what it would be like. Their pussies are TINY.

By WristThick at 26,Sep,17 06:48
I can tell you that my epididymis, which are the mass of tubules on each testicle, swell full of cum. So much so that my balls bloat up to the size of a couple of extra large chicken eggs. I do produce huge loads and know when my balls are swollen full my loads are biggest. But I've seen other guys on here who don't have huge balls who cum massively. Definitely confusing as far as anatomy goes.

By WristThick at 28,Sep,16 23:53
My cock gets hard in two stages and is never fully hard when waking up. If it were closer to average size I'm sure it would be hard like most of the other guys who have responded here.

By WristThick at 28,Sep,16 03:57
It's big, but my base is quite a bit thicker:

By WristThick at 28,Sep,16 03:54
No. Mine is level with the floor. I think it's literally too heavy to point higher than that.

By WristThick at 04,Aug,16 03:00

By WristThick at 03,Aug,16 04:20
I've tried Viagra and Cialis for fun and curiosity. They didn't make me any harder than usual and I got bad headaches each time I used then. The Cialis headache was especially bad. Definitely not worth it for me.

By WristThick at 19,Jul,16 23:09
My girth kills any chance for deep throating, even for the most experienced of sluts. Most of the time I'm very disappointed with getting sucked off because of the teeth or the lack of depth my cock will get. I have to settle for half my cock in a mouth. It's rarely more than that and even when it is, not much more. That's the problem with having a thick cock to begin with and then having that thickness gradually increase towards the base where it's the thickest.

By WristThick at 19,Jul,16 23:02
I've commented more than a few times that coming to sites like these to compare your size will destroy your confidence. According to the latest size stats you're actually average, but compared to many here you'll feel tiny. Some pics are photoshopped. But a lot are legitimately bigger than average. Some MUCH larger than average. Definitely not representative of the population. Not even close. Yes, larger cocked men congregate here and the women who love them congregate here too. If you need to know the latest size stats and distribution, see here:

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Surprising numbers for many, I'm sure.

By WristThick at 18,Jul,16 00:57
Depends. Ass and hair if I'm behind. Or face and eyes if I'm in front. I've had both combinations turn my head many times

By WristThick at 09,May,16 00:24
Everyone loves your wife's ass

By WristThick at 09,May,16 00:18
I'm very dominant, but never self centered. I love to give and receive super strong orgasms. So what does that make me?

By WristThick at 08,May,16 23:59
Least viewed:

2nd least viewed:

I guess comparing the size of your cock to a door knob isn't that popular with people here!

By WristThick at 11,Feb,15 23:57
Comparison with a large can of Nivea shaving cream:

Tape measured girth:

Rock, throbbing hard:

By WristThick at 31,Dec,14 05:52
We need to see more pics!

By WristThick at 24,Dec,14 23:51
Lookup Human Penis Size on Wikipedia and see the sources. Also look at the discussion pages, which have a lot more data and sources. That spring break survey was done by one of the condom makers and it was that very survey where guys who weren't able to get completely hard were disqualified. All measurements were taken by nurses present.

By WristThick at 23,Dec,14 21:00
In my view, you were doing your friend a favor by taking care of his girl's needs. Stay with me here. If you hadn't stepped in, she just would've broken up with him. Instead, she's still with him and he's none the wiser.

There are lots of relationships and marriages which don't end because one of the two is stepping out to get their satisfaction. When kids are involved, this gets really serious. But in the end, is it better to go through a horrible divorce and custody battle, or stay together for the kids? If your answer is the latter, then you probably agree with me if it ever comes to this.

I don't know why two people who aren't sexually compatible stay together long enough for it to become an actual relationship. Let alone a marriage. I just don't get it. That's what leads to situations like this. The guy couldn't get it up, but at that age I STRONGLY doubt that's because of something physically wrong with him. It's that he's not sexually compatible with this girl. He should've just moved along and if anything, it's wrong that she kept the relationship going with his bad problem.