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Curved dicks

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Started by #352475 at 20,Mar,13 17:24
i have a curved dick, would like to know if you guys prefer curved ones or straight ones ( a curved dick is a turn on or off )

would like to hear your oppinions
here's mine:

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New Comment

By hair_today at 31,Aug,23 15:14 other posts of hair_today 
Well, my wife says she prefers a slight curve, so I'm satisfied with mine

By JackHammer at 02,Sep,23 12:18 other posts of JackHammer 
Simply gorgeous,curved, hard & hairy.

By XJacker at 01,Sep,23 07:16 other posts of XJacker 
My cock curves when it’s at the peak of erection stiffness and pleasure sensitivity and about to shoot its load. Otherwise it sticks out fairly straight.

By #644842 at 30,Aug,23 14:07
[deleted image]Im proud of my Curved Cock and I like showing it I barley get any negative feed back my cock most people like my curved cock and that’s get me hard!

By Mrjoshua at 30,Aug,23 07:12 other posts of Mrjoshua 
No real prefferance straight cururved cut or uncut its all cock

By #361268 at 21,Mar,13 21:04
a curved dick is a very big turn of for me if your dick is curved or bent you should go to the doctors and get it straightend or fixed as most of the time it is bad thin and is a very big turn off
By bigone21 at 21,Mar,13 21:52 other posts of bigone21 
what a load of bull!! there is very little the doctors can do to change a bent or curved erection to being straight without dangerous high risk operations with uncertain results!

for guys with Peyronie-disease the problem can NOT be fixed!

and why should a bent or a curve be a problem?
By Raypark at 26,Aug,23 22:36 other posts of Raypark 
Wow, your so wrong on this one! Mine bent to 80 degrees to the right and upwards, penetration was impossible, and the penis stretcher straighten mine to about 20 degrees. And that’s why !

By Francesco at 26,Aug,23 21:59 other posts of Francesco 

By Sh3ogora7h at 24,Aug,23 19:17 other posts of Sh3ogora7h 
Definitely have a curve. The ladies love it hehe

[deleted image]

By #691730 at 24,Aug,23 18:54
When fully erect Mine curves up [deleted image]

By #644842 at 24,Aug,23 17:01
[deleted image]When I was younger I didn’t like my curved cock I was embarrassed as a got older women liked it and I also realized my cock is bigger than some guys now I’m proud of my curved cock I like showing it and I get hard knowing people get turn on by my cock my favorite pics are the ones with No Underwear you can really see my whole cock and I like it.

By #428350 at 07,Sep,13 09:34
[deleted image]
girls like curved

By langloot at 13,Jul,13 10:10 other posts of langloot 

Angry Bird?

By Pierogi80 at 11,Jul,13 03:05 other posts of Pierogi80 
First guy I ever jacked off with had a beautiful hook to the right and could shoot clear across the room. Can't even remember how big he was but only how stellar his cock was. I still fantasize about him.

By xdjxx1 at 10,Jul,13 22:25 other posts of xdjxx1 
Nothing wrong with a curve - got a slight one to the left myself and never had any complaints!

By #33070 at 10,Jul,13 15:00
Curved up is ok but when off to the side that hurts being fucked then

By Frenum at 09,Jul,13 12:38 other posts of Frenum 
I am curved to the right i get a lot of nice comments on this

By #345207 at 06,Jun,13 02:49

By #345207 at 06,Jun,13 02:49
it,s it curved//showitoff.org/4cqi18tcxbvlpic.html

By #78174 at 06,Jun,13 02:38
[deleted image]

By xxx25 at 28,Mar,13 16:11 other posts of xxx25 
I have curved dick and I want to fix it with Penis Extender.
Photo of a boner from xxx25

[deleted image]
By berty35 at 05,Jun,13 12:16 other posts of berty35 
Learn to love your curved cock, I recon you are lucky gr8 cock

By berty35 at 05,Jun,13 12:13 other posts of berty35 
Mine curves to the left, and enjoy seeing other curved cocks

By mike81 at 11,Apr,13 19:41 other posts of mike81 
i love curved dicks
[deleted image]

By bsd7 at 11,Apr,13 13:48 other posts of bsd7 

By Narcan at 02,Apr,13 18:08 other posts of Narcan 

By Chandu at 30,Mar,13 13:26 other posts of Chandu 
What about this

By #279682 at 23,Mar,13 13:14
[deleted image]
and to the left
[deleted image]

By #200265 at 21,Mar,13 09:59
Haven't had any complaints, but I would much prefer a nice straight cock. I used to be very self conscious about it when I was younger - especially with a new partner.

By #360392 at 21,Mar,13 01:31
Mine curves up

[deleted image]

By #124665 at 20,Mar,13 18:17
Mine has an upward curve and gets rock hard. This makes bj's more of a task I'm sure, but for sex it's the perfect shape, or so I'm told

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