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Shaved men at public gym and showers  30,Sep,13 16:32


By Raypark at 17,Jun,21 18:02
Spot on

By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 03:06
The average male is 13.2 Cm or 5.2 inches. Of course people will often see bigger ones on sites such as this one as the average or smaller cocked people are shy or intimidated to post their pics. It’s impossible that most men are 6-8 inches !! Many men will stretch the truth, use photoshop, or tricks of the camera.

By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:56
Not in Canada, most men locker rooms showers and public pool showers are wide open, no dividers whatsoever

By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:53
The average penis is 13.2 cm or 5.2 inches, anything an inch above or under deviates from the average. The percentage of much smaller or much bigger is very small.

By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:48
Look average to me which is 5.2 inches

By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:47
The average is 13.2 cm, your much above average

By Raypark at 16,Jun,21 02:45
Average is 5.2 inches, your average

By Raypark at 25,Apr,19 23:32
Looks pretty average sized to me. The average cock is 5.2 inches so any cock an inch above or below the average will do the trick your wife was just being hurtful

By Raypark at 09,Feb,19 04:01
I was about 10 or 11 years old when I first was shaved by a friend. Apparently if you shaved, pubes would grow faster and thicker, lol. Have shaved entire pubes, balls and ass smooth most of the time or kept it trimmed very short since my late teens. Prefer the smooth feel, look and hygienic aspect, and hate flossing when eating pussy or sucking cock. After shaving several times and exfoliate, it doesn't itch or get ingrown hairs, just like shaving your face.

By Raypark at 24,May,17 14:31
According to the most recent and most accurate research on penis length, the average penis is actually 5.25 inches erect. Only 3% of men are longer and same for smaller. Some guys seem to exagerate a little in this department. And race has no difference in penis size or shape At least 90% of the men on this site or anywhere actually fit here if they are honest !!! And yes, I do fit in this category now since I have lost length from peyronies. I don't feel less of a man, I actually love my smaller average cock and its new curve. All men should be proud and flaunt their manhood no matter size or shape, everyone is unique and beautiful

By Raypark at 10,May,17 14:38
You are lucky, most. Guys would love to have an understanding wife like yours

By Raypark at 24,Mar,17 13:56
Any cock exposure gets me hot, not size. The average cock and growers get me even hotter under the collar.

By Raypark at 24,Mar,17 13:48
I'm the same, can't pee if someone is even in the bathroom no matter how long I try to relax, never mind having someone beside me. It's such a pain and can control a part of your life, planing how your going to pee in public avenues.

By Raypark at 26,Feb,17 21:53
Depends if attractive to me and free from ..... Definitely would enjoy a friend with benefits, especially if next door

By Raypark at 26,Feb,17 21:49
I would say so, but I'm mostly attracted to the smaller members than I, five inches or less, something I can truly deepthroat and enjoy its entirety

By Raypark at 23,Nov,16 15:47
Don't remember ever having one during ****, mind you I'd masterbate 2-3 times a day in my teen years

By Raypark at 21,Nov,16 03:06
Northern Ontario

By Raypark at 21,Nov,16 03:06
Northern Ontario

By Raypark at 01,Oct,16 17:06
Hot pics and cock

By Raypark at 23,Sep,16 06:42
It's just experimenting and just enjoying a blowjob, it don't matter who it's from. If you return the service, it's enjoying the sight of pleasuring another person. It all depends on your reasons, excitement,..... Just enjoy it and who cares really about the labelling ?? Will it help or change anything ? NOT !!!! So enjoy !!!!

By Raypark at 09,Sep,16 15:08
According to last and most current survey, the average penis is actually 5.25 inches. Some of the previous surveys relied on the word of its participants which can add a bit ... Lol. The percentage of smaller and bigger penises from the average is only 3% respectively. Therefore, there are very few men that are huge ( 6" or larger). Another thing to consider is that men who are endowed will more likely flaunt it than the average men, making the larger penis seems more common than it actually is. let's also not forget the angle of those pics and touch ups that many men use to make themselves appear bigger than they really are, why ???

By Raypark at 20,May,16 16:25
Nope, made sure she knew about my toys from day one, and she loves it when I introduce a new one too.

By Raypark at 01,Mar,16 15:58
And did you like it ? Did it again ???

By Raypark at 01,Mar,16 15:41
Looks plenty long to me !!! How long is it ?

By Raypark at 15,Feb,16 13:10
Good news, your just a tad above the average. According to the newest and most accurate penis size survey, the average penis is 5.2 inches long, and only 3 % are bigger and 3% are smaller.

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 11:10
So right, I'm the same By the way, very succulent looking cock !!!

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 11:09

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 10:54
I so much agree with you

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 10:50
So do others And it ain't that small, it's perrrfect

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 10:47
Me too !!!

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 10:46
I must agree with you, that is so ignorant !!! All cocks are beautiful, but the smaller ones are even hotter in my eyes

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 10:40
Nice, mmmmmm

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 10:38
Read the most accurate penis size survey, and the average penis is 5.2 inches and only 3% are bigger as well as 3% are smaller. You are in the normal range bud

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 10:10
I'd love one too, a neighbour would be even better for access !!!

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 10:03
How true !!!!!

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 09:58
Hell yea, and most men manscape now, gets me leaking every time

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 09:40
Sexy as hell

By Raypark at 12,Dec,15 17:34

By Raypark at 12,Dec,15 17:27

By Raypark at 12,Dec,15 17:24

By Raypark at 12,Dec,15 16:49
Smaller than average cocks ROCK I prefer looking at and blowing a dick smaller than 5 inches, they give me an instant boner and can actually enjoy deepthroating them without gagging. They are even better looking if smooth shaven, mmmmm. They are easier to take anally too, I'm assuming as still a virgin in that department but would love that to change Big cocks are good too, but I'm guessing that they intimidate me. Different sizes for different folks

By Raypark at 12,Dec,15 16:34
Nicely trimmed or shaved is much more sexier, hygienic, and pleasurable. Those thick bushes hides your organ or pussy, and I **** flossing during sex. Most men shave their face, what's the difference, the hairy face is not manlier !!! Do what is comfortable for you, everyone has different tastes.

By Raypark at 10,Apr,15 15:24
This also happened to me some time ago, and presently. Let it go and don't worry about it but do talk with ur partner about what ur going thru. Stress and worries was my culprit and relationship issues which where unresolved. Things turned out alright and sex resumed and got even better. Presently going thru similar situation and my culprit is being in constant pain with health issues. We discuss things and feelings, she takes care of her needs when I cant thru masterbation for time being until I have surgery to fix problems. I am bothered about it a bit but don't worry about it as I know things will return to normal if not better again. Have faith Bud and relax. If you want great sex, ur partner needs to be a good friend you don't resent or have hang ups about. Pick ur battles, some are really not important, but makes a big difference for a happy relationship.

By Raypark at 10,Apr,15 15:03
Yes, had this guy in next stall who wanted to suck me in a roadside bathroom about 10 - 15 yrs ago. I obliged, and he was so good, first time and only time I came within a minute or two. I was so horny but soft. Damn he was good !!!!!

By Raypark at 10,Apr,15 14:57
Wow, must have been embarrassing for you both

By Raypark at 25,Feb,15 17:15
Mine. I can reach places no other man can lol. Wife ain't complaining

By Raypark at 25,Feb,15 17:06
My curve cock. This is curved !!!! I can reach places no other man can, haven't had complaints yet

By Raypark at 25,Feb,15 14:19
What a perfect arrangement

By Raypark at 15,Mar,14 06:28
Asked urologist. He says there is nothing that will increase volume.

By Raypark at 26,Feb,14 15:09
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