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By bigone21 at 05,Nov,21 01:51
It IS happening! And our grandchildren won't care S H I T about our ways to deny it..! They will ask us why we were so stupid!!!

By bigone21 at 05,Nov,21 01:27
Beautiful uncut tasty cock! So, why not 10!
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And look at that shiny glance..!

By bigone21 at 05,Nov,21 01:23
Easy, left! The uncut one!

By bigone21 at 05,Nov,21 00:41
Right-on Ananas2xLekker!

By bigone21 at 13,Sep,19 20:44
In a FREE society, there is abslutely NO RELEVANCE to the answer of this question... Be what you are or/and be what you want to be, it's all OK!

By bigone21 at 25,Sep,18 23:39
ever so right bella! jelqing did work for me. so: i have never met that younger & bigger guy..!

By bigone21 at 25,Sep,18 23:33
OK!! let's lynch him!!

By bigone21 at 22,Sep,18 23:11
what easely comes to mind, great guitar solo's in a pop-song:

larry carlton in "k i d charlemagne" (steely dan - the royal scam) only registered users can see external links

steve lukather in "back on the road" (earth, wind and fire - faces) only registered users can see external links

jeff beck in "people get ready" (jeff beck - flash) only registered users can see external links

and if you like to freak out a little: how about this all time fusion-master: allan holdsworth! only registered users can see external links

By bigone21 at 21,Sep,17 00:24
Hush little baby don't cry like that
God's gonna buy you a Cadillac
He's chosen you to do his will
You can spread his word in your Coupй De Ville

So jump in the river and learn to swim
God's gonna wash away all your sins
And if you still can't see the light
God's gonna buy you a satellite!

By bigone21 at 15,Jan,17 01:07
Anyway, I think times have changed!

The times of reaching out to eachother have stopped. Point. From now on, we are going to take what we want and when we want it!

Straight? Haha! I don't care! Just grab them by the P****!!!

No more being nice... I just love our future!

By bigone21 at 09,Oct,16 22:11

By bigone21 at 09,Oct,16 00:21
i have to say: kittens are the best!!

By bigone21 at 07,Oct,16 22:45
so, we're getting at the end of this discussion.

you say: there is no proof that a clipped penis is less sensitive than an uncut penis;

i say: i think you cannot have feeling in parts you lost.

bottomline in the discussion is: is it a good thing to cut up all new-born boys? you don't want to answer that question, and i say: NO!

By bigone21 at 07,Oct,16 00:42
i'm uncut, and i think cutting it up is stupid!

By bigone21 at 06,Oct,16 23:44
I, like I said, copied that from intactamericaDOTorg.
Why wouldn't that be a credible source? I don't know..! Because you say so..? The argumentation seems fairly solid to me, makes perfect sense!

What seems to be your problem Will, is that I claim, among other things BUT I never stated it in THIS discussion, that a circumcised penis looses sensitivity. And that, if you will or not Will, makes perfect sense! You cannot feel anything in a bodypart you don't have, and you are the first one to aknowledge that! (In your statement 03,Oct,16 22:5 (And let's stay away from phantom-feeling to shorten this discussion!)

So apart from that, do you think it's a good thing, and do you have a valid argument, to cut up any new-born boy?

By bigone21 at 05,Oct,16 20:30
From intactamericaDOTorg:

Myth – Routine circumcision of baby boys cannot be compared to Female Genital Mutilation.

Fact – Rationales offered in cultures that promote female genital cutting – hygiene, disease prevention, improved appearance of the genitalia, and social acceptance – are similar to those offered in cultures that promote male circumcision. Whatever the rationale, forced removal of healthy genital tissue from any **** – male or female – is unethical. Boys have the same right as girls to an intact body, and to be spared this inhumane, unnecessary surgery.
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And THAT is what it's all about!
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Also from intactamericaDOTorg:


If you are expecting a son, it's likely that people will ask you, "Are you going to have him circumcised?" Circumcision continues to fall out of favor among Americans today, and with good reason. We think that the fact that you've come to Intact America means you're considering keeping him natural — intact or "uncircumcised." We hope the information provided here will make it easier for you to feel comfortable with your decision.

Here's 7 Things New Parents Should Know About Circumcision...

There is no medical reason for "routine" circumcision of baby boys. No professional medical association in the United States or the rest of the world recommends routine circumcision. People in Europe, Asia and Latin America — where 90% of men are intact ("uncircumcised") and suffer no negative consequences — are often shocked to hear that American doctors and hospitals remove part of a boy's penis shortly after birth.

Times and attitudes have changed. The circumcision rate in the United States is down from 81% in 1981 to about 55% today (and much lower in some regions). This means that nearly half of all baby boys leave the hospital intact as more and more parents realize that circumcision is unnecessary. Many say it's not a choice they should be making for their son.

The foreskin provides protection and sexual pleasure. The foreskin is a natural, functional part of the body. In baby boys, it's attached to the head of the penis (glans), protects it from urine, feces, and irritation, and keeps contaminants from entering the urinary tract. The foreskin also plays an important role in sexual pleasure, due to its specialized, erogenous nerve endings and its natural gliding and lubricating functions.

Caring for and cleaning the foreskin is easy. A natural, intact penis requires no special care beyond gentle washing. In babies, the foreskin should never be forcibly retracted — just "clean what's seen." Once natural retraction has occurred (sometimes not until late adolescence), a male simply needs to pull back his foreskin to wash his penis. (Most boys and men thoroughly enjoy this process!) Read our Foreskin Care flyer for more information.

Circumcision is permanent, and your son might not appreciate it. Circumcision permanently alters a boy's genitals, removing healthy, protective, functional tissue from the penis and exposing him to unnecessary pain and medical risks. More and more men are voicing their displeasure over having lost a natural part of their sexual anatomy.

Circumcision is painful, and there are risks to the surgery. Both common sense and medical research confirm that babies are sensitive to pain. Even when analgesia is used, circumcision pain is not eliminated and the effects can be long-lasting. Also, complications can and do occur with this surgery. These include infection, abnormal bleeding, removal of too much skin, loss of part or all of the glans, urinary problems, and even death. All circumcisions result in the loss of the foreskin and its functions, and leave a scar on the penis.

Circumcision does not prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) or other diseases. Over the years, the claims that circumcision prevents various diseases have repeatedly been proven to be exaggerated or outright false. UTIs occur more frequently in girls than in boys, and are treated with antibiotics. While most adult men in the United States are circumcised, our rates of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV) are as high — or higher — than those in countries where circumcision is rare.

By bigone21 at 04,Oct,16 23:14

"In keeping with the point I have been making all along, you actually CAN'T say it's better to have a clitoris because--by virtue of your not ever having a clitoris--you have no idea what being equipped with one feels like."


"Slicing up a girl's clitoris often results in life-long pain and total loss of sexual stimulation."

SO? if slicing up a girl's clitoris would NOT OFTEN (but ONLY SOMETIMES) result in life-long pain and total loss of sexual stimulation, you would be OK with it?????????????

man, man, man..!

By bigone21 at 04,Oct,16 23:04


"slicing up a girl's genitalia and male circumcision are radically different things (and you KNOW this!)."

NO, i do NOT know this!

(by virtue of not ever having had a circumcision, male and female!)

By bigone21 at 04,Oct,16 22:32
i changed ONE word in the next quote:

"Because you don't know what it feels like to be circumcised, you can not say that it feels better to have a CLITORIS."

so, there it is...

and again you will say that it is completely irrelevant and different and god knows what..!

but you seem to think that it is a good thing to slice up boys genitalia, someone else might think it is a good thing to slice up girls genitalia, and i just think it is a good thing NOT to slice up ANY kids genitalia.

and THAT is my point!

By bigone21 at 03,Oct,16 20:32
size AND appearance!
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but more important is NO overweight and NOT a hairy asshole..!

By bigone21 at 02,Oct,16 22:27
that is a strange way of reasoning..!

because i don't miss something, i cannot promote stopping having someone else from missing something, beacause i wouldn't know how it feels to miss something...


because i'm rich, i cannot say i want to stop poverty, because i don't know how it feels to be poor;

because i'm white, i cannot say that i want to end racism because i'm not black (or anything other than white);

because i'm male, i cannot say i'm against sexism because i'm not a woman;

because i'm uncut, i cannot say that i am against cutting up a c h i l d, b o y or g i r l, because i didn't meet the knife myself...

please will, explain!

By bigone21 at 30,Sep,16 23:51
same here!

By bigone21 at 30,Sep,16 22:47

read what the man says!

"the feeling when his or her tongue tickle my foreskin is awesome much happiness and fun i get when someone's mouth covers and uncovers my dick head with my foreskin....its really very great....."

that seems to be the experience(s) this statement is based up on.

what you are going at, justwill, in all your statements in this forum, is like saying:

"all this fuzz about music, good music, bad music, i'm deaf and happy, so music is of no matter!"

we uncut guys CAN hear the music, and we enjoy our foreskin, you better believe it!

and it would be best to let a boy decide for himself, at the time the law says he is wise and old enough (18 y/o) to take that decision, if he wants to be cut, or STAY UNCUT, the way he came at birth..!

By bigone21 at 11,Aug,16 21:11
i think it's a beauty!!

By bigone21 at 10,Aug,16 21:35
well, my bisexual friends tell me that a LOT of their ladyfriends are really interested in a big cock.

and in the gay scene, having a big cock is like carrying 10.000 cash around, but hey, that's as deep as it goes...

and not being able to handle a big cock? if the guy with the big cock is taking his time to let you adjust, you'll learn!

By bigone21 at 17,Sep,15 22:18

By bigone21 at 13,Sep,15 21:12
that's not so big a cock...

By bigone21 at 13,Sep,15 21:07
right! but you have a great time with that big cock!

By bigone21 at 09,Sep,15 23:41
seems the bush is bigger than the tree...

By bigone21 at 04,Sep,15 22:25
can or could???


By bigone21 at 31,Aug,15 20:04
@bella! and again: an intelligent answer!

By bigone21 at 31,Aug,15 19:59
thanks will

By bigone21 at 31,Aug,15 19:55
might be... might not be...

women are no saints, not by defenition

By bigone21 at 30,Aug,15 23:38
first: yes you do, you have a rhetoric talent to bend, distort and/or put things in different light to take someone's words out of perspective. you shouldn't feel bad about it though, it's just the language-barrier that is in your advantage. should we speak dutch, i could eat you alive most of the times! but hey, you don't, so i have to talk with you always knowing i can not ever keep up with you in the english language. but that's my problem, not of your concern.
second: i do NOT in any way NOT care about morals! you understand? NOT! i care about morals. you sensed right that i got cynic when the priest with his hard dick out his pants came to scream: WRONG, SICK, DESPERATE!
but leave it there please! don't follow me down with: you said this, so you mean that, so what you say is, if that is so, you want to, or you don't mind, etc. etc. etc.

(als we in het nederlands verder kunnen praten, prima! ik fileer je!)

By bigone21 at 30,Aug,15 22:07
no, the women take their role in looking away...

they see or sense what is happening, and yet they shut up and look away...

By bigone21 at 30,Aug,15 21:43
again, you want to put words in my mouth, frame what i say in a way i do not mean, and in general bend and distort until you have it your way... THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID!!

what i DO say now is:

what's wrong with fucking a goat? ...or a unicorn????



oh, and by the way. since you brought this up mr. UC, FUCK religion!! ALL of them!! morality can do without it!

By bigone21 at 30,Aug,15 17:53
@TheUnicorn: no, i'm NOT suggesting that! i said that sinanff47 had a "very intelligent reply".

are you suggesting that ANY consented sexual contact between family-members will lead to:

"signs of chronic depression, displays inappropriate sexual behavior, develops trust/boundary issues, manifests little self-worth and low-self-esteem and acts-out physically and sexually"

is THAT what comparing size and a jerk/suck off with your b r o t h e r or a nephew will lead to?

By bigone21 at 30,Aug,15 17:39
i'm not voting FOR or AGAINST, two (or more) grownups can decide that for themselves! and hey, as a little boy, i played doctor too...
don't try to put everything (or me) into a frame of black/white and good/bad.

By bigone21 at 30,Aug,15 17:28
155 years of eating yoghurt and lots of vegetables, not smoking and missing out on my beer??? NO, it's NOT going to happen...
I must be happy with what i've got...


By bigone21 at 29,Aug,15 23:34
for that, i need another 155 cm's = 155 years of jelking... being 51 y/o, i think that's not going to happen...

By bigone21 at 29,Aug,15 23:27
thanks admin! good new functionality!

By bigone21 at 29,Aug,15 23:24
so worrying about morals you came to showyourdick/cunt to tell us about what is WRONG, SICK and DESPERATE??

By bigone21 at 29,Aug,15 23:14
very intelligent reply!

By bigone21 at 29,Aug,15 23:03

By bigone21 at 29,Aug,15 22:54
NO WAY i want to have a beard in my underpants! YUCK!!

By bigone21 at 28,Aug,15 22:59
wow! nice wet scene and uncut cock!

By bigone21 at 28,Aug,15 22:57
great uncut cock!! great body! love it!!

By bigone21 at 28,Aug,15 22:55
i think you have a good eye for what lives in men's underwear bella!

By bigone21 at 28,Aug,15 22:51

you live in the US, why is your English so poor??