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Would you lick my balls and fuck my gf?

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Started by #261662 at 02,May,13 05:19

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By leopoldij at 10,Oct,23 00:17 other posts of leopoldij 
I'd fuck her

By pornlover59 at 10,May,13 12:59 other posts of pornlover59 

By #364954 at 08,May,13 03:05
I would fuck Ur gf if you lick suck my balls
By #261662 at 10,May,13 12:12
that could be arranged..

By #343754 at 02,May,13 10:55
Oh hell yeah, that sounds like a good time
By #261662 at 03,May,13 02:48
damn right it does
By #343754 at 08,May,13 20:51
Would she like to watch you suck my cock?
By #261662 at 10,May,13 12:11
she would!

By #269409 at 08,May,13 14:29
I would love to fuck that beauty whilst you watch and wouldn't mind the rest to

By Reid43 at 08,May,13 13:19 other posts of Reid43 
I would love to lay under you and your gf while you are fucking doggie style and lick your balls and her pussy while you are sliding in and out and filling her with cum!

By #341960 at 04,May,13 16:03
I'd love to lick ur balls and suck ur cock but not sure ur god would want my small dick. It's only 3" hard and not thick!
By #261662 at 07,May,13 14:06
shes likes them all...she especially likes to see me suck them..

By #341960 at 04,May,13 16:05
I meant Gf not god
By #261662 at 07,May,13 14:06

By #220845 at 04,May,13 16:45

By #102374 at 02,May,13 21:53
Lick your balls and fuck her too. Wow a dream cum true.
By #261662 at 03,May,13 02:47
tell me about it!

By #381109 at 02,May,13 20:52
YES. ide love to lick your balls suck your cock inside out. And fuck your girlfriend. Not sure she would want it.
By #261662 at 03,May,13 02:46
ah, but what if she did? extra turn on?

By newwt10 at 02,May,13 17:13 other posts of newwt10 
Lets see if I can't squeeze my fat cock in there also!
By #261662 at 03,May,13 02:46
id be down for trying

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