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Big cock head or a girthier shaft!!!

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Started by #400850 at 26,Jul,13 00:15
To all:
Which do u like better inside of u, a girthier shaft with a normal head (head that is proportion/same size to the shaft or a bit smaller) or not so girthier shaft but with a big head?
Which creates the most rubbing on sensitive spots including of course the gspot?

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By lawrenceo at 30,Dec,18 08:47 other posts of lawrenceo 
I am greedy I like a big cock head and a thick shaft......length does not matter to me.

By #410126 at 29,Jul,13 17:47
wanna chat with me now bb those r online bb

By WristThick at 26,Jul,13 22:12 other posts of WristThick 
Because we men love to thrust deep, the best type of cock is one that has the same thickness throughout the shaft, or one (like mine) which starts out thick at the head and just gets thicker and thicker towards the base. I know that with enough thrusting and the right hip work, I can make some girls squirt huge. I can feel the really tight fit and know that I put tremendous pressure on the G-spot and other areas of the vagina. And pressure is what sets off those kinds of powerful orgasms.

One more thing: the cock has to be long enough to reach all of those areas inside. If it isn't you can still set off some G-spot squirting, but not the cul-de-sac or even the AFE if the length is less than 6 inches. Same goes for the ass.
By #400850 at 26,Jul,13 23:57
That was quite informative though. i wonder how it feels like from your end hitting and rubbing those parts you mentioned. Is it far more deep than the cervix?
By WristThick at 28,Jul,13 20:20 other posts of WristThick 
No. When a girl is really horny and being fucked properly by a large enough penis, her pussy will open up a lot and her cervix will move out of the way, exposing the cul-de-sac at the end of the vagina. That's the furthest part. The clit is the closest, followed by the G-spot, then the AFE.

How does it feel? The G-spot can get really engorged, even to the point of making me work harder with each thrust because of the extra tightness. The cul-de-sac can go pretty crazy during an orgasm, which is always super fucking strong.

I can hit some of those spots indirectly from the ass. I really believe that the A-spot in the ass is tied to one or more of the hotspots in the vagina. Either way, the pussy and asshole will convulse during each orgasm. The stronger the orgasm, the stronger I'll get squeezed. Feels GOOOOOOOD!

By #315268 at 26,Jul,13 19:24
my girls favorite is a regular size head and the shaft flaring out befor tappering down by the base. myselfs favorite? not sure yet, need tomdo more research

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