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Big head or skaft

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Started by #66142 at 09,Jul,10 06:09
large head or shaft

okay ladies and gentlemen, what is the best, a big cock head. or a thick shaft

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By #121361 at 23,Oct,14 04:37
What do think about this Coock [deleted image]
Its me
By #475905 at 23,Oct,14 04:50
Combination of both..
By #121361 at 24,Oct,14 05:17
THX Dude

By #476113 at 24,Oct,14 06:40
It really turns me on.
By #121361 at 25,Oct,14 11:14
Come over my Pic

By #464410 at 21,Jun,14 02:49
I have a large cock head and a thick long shaft, gf loves them both, although she can feel the head rubbing against her cervix when I fuck her, and she loves that sensation!!
[deleted image]
By #289712 at 21,Jun,14 20:23
My gf loves anal. Even lubed up it can be difficult squeezing my cockhead in her ass the first time.

By #289712 at 21,Jun,14 20:18
Although certainly not measuring up with the best, when my penis is fully hard, I get a nice thick girth, especially at the base, topped off with a fat ridged, decent bell head.[deleted image]

By swvsucker at 16,Jun,14 21:28 other posts of swvsucker 
Thick shaft any day! Nothing I love more than wrapping my lips around a fat cock.

By #443731 at 16,Jun,14 07:31
Definitely a huge mushroom head! Better to suck.

By MoeJoe at 13,Jul,10 10:27 other posts of MoeJoe 
I like a fat head!

By oldbugle at 09,Jul,10 14:00 other posts of oldbugle 
I think it's better to have a small(ish) head on a thick shaft because then you are well equipped for all types of sex with women....she can still get the head in her mouth,...there's no problem with starting penetration, and the thick shaft is good to stretch and pull the vaginal entrance and labia/clit when yu have it right up into her which most women seem to like once they are really turned on.

By gradurgaur at 09,Jul,10 07:19 other posts of gradurgaur 
For me ...I like both...

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