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first time, fuckin a cuckolds wife

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Started by #430076 at 11,Nov,13 07:29
some parts were fastfoward ,

ive been fucking sexy 37 year old married woman for awhile, but behind her husbands back. her man caught her one night because he went and through her phone, he questioned her and she didn't deny , she told him she was seeing me because i had a big dick. and that we had been fuckin in his bed for quite sometime, and if he didn't like it he could leave because she has a big dick to give head too tonight turns out he was just mad because she didn't tell him about this because he would like to watch. she told me i am comin over tonight and told him to be on his best behavior with me. he asked how big is my dick she said twice as big as his,
hours later i guess,
i came over and i saw him and i panic, she said "its cool baby he is just here to watch me give you head and get pounded by your big dick" afterwhile of pressure, they convinced me and so i fucked her infront of her man. was gona cum i n her mouth but the pussy was so good i came inside her because i wanted him to lick it off her she said good idea, snapped her fingers and told her husbands to lick the cum off her pussy, might make your dick bigger, she said
after few minutes i told her i wanted to leave, because i was still uncomfortable, she said " ok baby he wont be here next time it'll just be and you, byee.. text me.."

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By nakedjim at 09,Mar,24 18:58 other posts of nakedjim 
Very similar story. A co worker saw my cock & invitied me to his house. The have an open marriage He he wanted his with to have my 8' cock. After some coaching I settled down & let her strip me and use me for both our pleasure. Billy was naked & watched while playing with his hard little 3"s.

By #400850 at 11,Nov,13 10:06
By #68656 at 11,Nov,13 10:14
Hello Peewee.
The actual story itself was deja-vu, however the punctuation and grammetrical structure was both entertaining and enthalling.
By #23212 at 12,Nov,13 08:29
John, my friend, your post is surprising here:
This 'Peewee/black list' 'Tagalog' member here has possibly been 'black-listed'/banned by others here more than anyone else, for his obnoxious behaviour!

And your spelling here is, unusual for you, "entertaining"--'grammetrical', 'enthalling'.

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