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Difference in perception of male and female bi/homosexuality

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Started by #301038 at 19,Dec,13 08:54
As one of the members pointed out, there is a significant difference how gay/bi females are perceived vs gay/bi males.

"I will give you this scenario: if I'm at a party and two girls start making out and get to groping and are going hot and heavy,a crowd of guys would form and be all into it with a lot of hooting and hollering. If I'm at this same party and two guys started doing the same they would probably be thrown out, maybe physically. Not saying this is right but this is probably how it'd go."

Any idea why there is such a difference in perception. IMO, this perception might be the cause of the problem, when it comes to "straight cocksuckers" or "het males, who like to have sex with other males", who can't admit that they are at least bi.

Did anyone witnessed a "straight" female, who liked pussy, but would get into fights for being considered "bi"? Anyone?

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By #201583 at 19,Dec,13 15:33
The other thing I like to say is, "did you know there is documented cases of men lactating? Why do you think us men have nipples? Maybe because the only difference between men and women is hormone levels. We humans have 46 chromosomes, 23 pair's, and between male and female 22 pair's are identical, so really what's the difference?"

By #201583 at 19,Dec,13 15:18
I agree with you 100%. Ask a homophobic alpha male if he eats pussy. When he says, "I can eat pussy all night long." tell him, "women and men share the same privates for 9 weeks, and the clit is nothing more than a mini-penis without a urethra. So in one way you can say that you love the cock." They get pissed. I get in the heads of a lot of bashers on Youhoo with that one.

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