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Cum without cumming.

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Started by #459001 at 04,Nov,14 12:33
I am able to produce cum without cumming. When I press hard enough, my cum slowly comes out. I like that, cause I love to taste my own cum. And to taste it before cumming is always better than after. But I was wondering if that is normal. I mean, can everybody, or any of you guys, do the same??

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By Lvphose at 14,Dec,23 02:24 other posts of Lvphose 
Yes, I’ve had the same orgasmic feeling with no come production
By Cody8789 at 14,Dec,23 02:28 other posts of Cody8789 
That’s not what he asked

By Cody8789 at 14,Dec,23 02:29 other posts of Cody8789 

By #64328 at 09,Sep,18 14:23
I find in easier to eat my cum before I actually orgasm completely. After I orgasm I'm not as horned up and eating my load is not such a major turn on. I think many of us are like this. While jacking the thought of eating our cum seems so hot but right after cumming we dont feel the same

By #566722 at 09,Sep,18 13:17
Few times I have done that, but it was small amount of cum dripped out of my head and I instantly lick that off and enjoy my cum taste

By #513002 at 12,Jun,17 15:19
most times I can shoot almost a full load without orgasm, I get close jack real fast then stop ans I will shoot some cum, but half the time good 3-4 shots with no orgasm, takes time to prefect it but get to eat my load not just pre cum.

By smokieb69 at 30,May,17 09:22 other posts of smokieb69 
yes, i do this a lot
I try to maximise my precum so that i can eat it
I find that prostate play helps this a lot - if i do it right, i can edge/precum big loads into my mouth without actually having an orgasm (and losing the urge)

By Narcan at 28,May,17 21:58 other posts of Narcan 
This is one of the times when I edged, and started leaking cum without the orgasm, followed by the contractions and orgasm....

By dura2000 at 27,Dec,16 15:34 other posts of dura2000 
I often as you say edge, I then taste the cum that cums out. I love tasting my own cum.

By iowaguy at 12,Nov,14 23:12 other posts of iowaguy 
Yes usually if stopping right before full climax it's called edging. if you edge alot you generally have a larger load and more intense orgasm.
By #424385 at 28,Jan,15 15:07
I edge all the time; when I'm code to cuming I jack real fast then stop. Most times my cock will flow out some nice cum but not a full orgasm. I can do this 4-5 times till it's just to much and I have to fully cum.
By #479082 at 24,Feb,15 14:52
Yes, this is the same happened to me some times.
But you need time to come close enough to climax and stop... you can see something like that in some vids... cum control.

By #143536 at 10,Feb,15 16:58
Wow! That's a nice talent!

By #289712 at 31,Jan,15 19:02
If I the need is immediate and urgent, and I masturbate frantically and **** an orgasm quickly, sometimes either just a drop or no cum at all ejects.

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