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Jerk Off Buddy

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Started by #462792 at 23,May,15 02:43
How old were you with your first jerk off buddy . his age ? was his dick bigger than yours and was it a turn on. love to here your jerk off stories.

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By Alexx55 at 03,Aug,23 23:52 other posts of Alexx55 
Anyone down to jerk off in Miami?

By XJacker at 03,Aug,23 19:38 other posts of XJacker 
I was about 14 id heard about jerk off buddies at my all boys school. .

One day at school as part of our English literature course we were all sitting in a darkened lecture theatre watching a historical movie of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Another boy was sitting a couple of seats along and we were by ourselves in our row.

He moved to sit next to me. A moment later I felt his hand on my thigh through my thin school trousers. In the dark and with the seats in front of us no one could see us. I knew immediately what he wanted. When I didn’t stop him his hand began to move across my thigh toward my sex kit.

In response I spread my legs wide to show him I was interested. He started stroking the bulging ridge of my by then erect cock through my trousers, then he undid my zip.

Underneath I was in school regulation grey briefs with a big fly slit easy to get a cock out through. He fumbled with my briefs and an instant later my cock was out sticking up erect.

He started fondling my cock shaft and reaching down to stroke my balls and ruffle my cock bush. I had quite a bit of pubic hair by then. I couldn’t believe the sexual excitement and pleasure I was getting from his hand on my cock.

Then he started to jerk my cock of. In the confined space he couldn’t do much more than wrap his thumb and forefinger round my penis and tug my shaft up and down. Even so I still remember the exquisite pleasure.

I came much more quickly than when I masturbated solo probably because I was so excited. I managed to suppress my usual orgasm grunt and my juddering as I involuntarily thrust my hips in my cum. My semen fountained up over the front of my shirt and trousers.

After I’d shot my load I heard him unzip and saw he had his own cock out sticking up vertically like mine had been, obviously inviting a feel. I reached down for a feel of his cock and balls. It was as stiff as mine, and it was bigger. I gave his foreskin a couple of tugs. But with my shirt and trousers covered with cum and the movie approaching its end I was too desperate to clean myself up and I didn’t jerk him off. Instead I watched as he masturbated himself. When he came he caught all his spurting semen in his pocket handkerchief.

A couple of hours later we were crammed together in a school toilet cubicle with our trousers and school regulation briefs down round our thighs. We hand jobbed each other till we spurted our cum against the cubicle wall.

He became my first jerk off buddy and we continued for a year or more.

By lawrenceo at 14,Dec,17 08:13 other posts of lawrenceo 
The one who was best was actually my second.

He had a cut cock and was just a bit older than I was at 13. He asked me to take him camping when I went with my two-person tent. After we set up camp he wanted to see my cock (I found that he had heard that mine was uncut and he wanted to wank it as he hadn't done it before with an uncut cock.)

We sat together and I was stripped to the waist and he wanked me until I spunked. He lay back then and I pulled his shorts down and it was then that I found he was cut. I had some problems with trying to wank a boy's cut cock before as it was too sensitive (or I was to clumsy).

However, he was not showing any signs of discomfort and I liked the feel of his cut cock as I rubbed it just over the frenulum. He eventually spunked silently and he had a great amount that ran down his cock and into his pubic hair. I went on wanking him after he spunked to let him see that it was good to do that. (He had stopped doing me as soon as the first drops of spunk came out.)

He got the idea and we had some good times. The only regret (with hindsight) was that I did not know about docking as it would have been good to have given him the chance to feel my foreskin around his cock head.

By #473011 at 26,May,15 20:52
my first was one of my best friends from school. we would hang out a lot and eventually started having **** overs on weekends. you could say our friendship was pretty typical until a couple weeks after i turned 14, and he was staying the weekend at my house. he was also 14, few months older than me. we were alone in my room, it was late my parents were already asleep. we were laying on my floor watching tv and channel surfing when we came across some cable porn. this naturally led to a conversation about watching porn, as well as masturbating, sex ect. at some point it led to us talking about our dicks. im not sure about him, but by 14 i was already somewhat bi curious, and decided to take a chance and asked if i could see his. thinking he would laugh or call me gay, i was taken by surprise when he agreed but only if i showed him mine. it turned into a double dare that we would both get naked, and we agreed wed both do it. we stood up and took off our shirts. my heart was pounding. then together, we dropped our shorts and undies and stood naked facing each other. it felt strange at first. this was my first time being naked around anyone since puberty. it was also my first time really seeing someone naked. my eyes locked on his dick. he looked similar to me, his skin was more tan then mine. not sure the exact reason, but being naked with my friend was exciting me, and just like that my dick steadily grew to a full erection. i felt a little embarred and said sorry, but my friend was quite intriqued seeing me hard. he watched it a second, then asked if he could touch it. i said sure, and just like that he reached over and grabbed me. it was the first time i was touched by another person, it was quite a feeling. i watched as he examined my hard dick, and next thing i knew he had gotten hard as well. naturally i began touching him. we began talking again and agreed we wanted to try masturbing each other. we sat on the floor facing each other and without speaking just reached over and stroked each other. everything was moving so fast all i could do was go with it. it only took a couple minutes before i said i was cumming and shot all over the floor. he came a few seconds after. it was really something seeing and making another guy cum. we became hooked after that night and it became a regular thing after that.
By #64328 at 14,Jun,15 20:51
Making another guy cum is a powerful feeling

By lawrenceo at 13,Dec,17 09:05 other posts of lawrenceo 
Nice when it works out like that.

By #64328 at 12,Dec,17 17:52
First time i was 8 and he was 13. He taught me all about masturbating. Growing up i had several buddies from 8 through high school. Those were great time and wish i had a jo buddy still. I have always wondered how many other guys did the same and wished they still did

By lawrenceo at 12,Dec,17 10:06 other posts of lawrenceo 
I was about 13 and as a boy scout it was easy to find others who wanted a weekend camping in my two-person tent. We weren't fanatics; the first time with each other was the best, after that we did it just when we were horny.

By #220845 at 27,Jun,15 18:42
Jr high,wish I had one now

By #211891 at 17,Jun,15 20:14
I do not remember the date, or even who I was with. In my early teens I would be with my buddies and we would masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate. We never touched anyone else but we would have contests. Ready, set, GO! We would all start jerking as fast as we could to see who could cum first. Another time we all jerked our cocks at the same rate. Again, who would cum first. We would line up shoulder to shoulder to see who could shoot their cum the farthest. We stood in a circle jerking our cocks, the winner would shoot his load on an opposing cock or cocks. We never thought of any of it as gay. We just loved jerking our cocks together.
By #143536 at 19,Jun,15 19:15
Wow! fun fun fun!!
By #211891 at 27,Jun,15 11:15
Not exactly jerking but I remember painting each others cocks. We were in building model cars and I had all the supplies in my bedroom. Don't remember who had the idea but I remember my friend standing up, dropping his pants and shorts letting his big cock hang out and telling me to go ahead and paint his cock. Of course, I did. And he painted mine, too.

By #378894 at 28,May,15 21:36
A friend and I were both 13. I had a very strict religious family and his, well, wasn't. He had found his dad's porn stash and I begged him to show me. He spent the night and to my surprise, had slipped a couple of magazines out of his house. Looking at the pictures made my dick hard and I told him so. He said his was too and that he usually played with it when he was looking at the porn. I told him I wasn't shy, so we both pulled off our pants and started stroking. His dick was about the same size as mine and it was hot watching him work it. When he had some precum worked up, he wiped it with the tip of his finger and licked it off, so I tasted mine too. We both shot a couple of loads that night and many times after.
By Blade at 19,Jun,15 02:10 other posts of Blade 
That reminded me of college. My first college roommate & I would jerk off in our beds at night, in the dark, but then it went on to just jerking off with the lights on, then whenever and where ever.

My roommate was heavy and lazy, and I saw him, when he thought I couldn't see him, lick his cum filled hand clean the night he complained of running out of tissues. I caught him a few more times after that, and near the end of the semester, he we prob both got more brave and open. He was transferring to another school out of state, so maybe we figured we'd never see each other again.

We were jeking off right in front of each other that last month. then on day, while jerking off at his desk, he came, then cleaned up with a towel or something, but then after throwing the towel across the room, he looked at me, then just licked the edge of his jerking hand that had cum on it.

I couldn't let it go, and asked him what it tasted like. He was suprised I never tasted it, but I hadn't. he kept harping that I try it, so later that night, with him repeating for me to try it, I jerked off next to him, and came all over because I didn't block my cum.

I then put my hand to my mouth, and licked it. he was getting frustrated with me for acting so wimpy about it, that he stuck his finger in a puddle of my cum on my stomach, and licked his finger. then "dude, do it", and I did. Those of you who have know what it tasted like. But at the time, I was more interested in what he thought. He said he was always curious, and he said it was basically the same, if not slightly more watery consistancy.

By #188764 at 27,May,15 11:39
When I was 12, and just coming into puberty, I was invited by three boys in my neighborhood to join their sex club(!). The oldest boy was 13 and the leader. Another was 12, and the last 11. The two younger ones weren't into puberty yet, but the older boy was well along. When we got together for meetings of the club, we would either all get naked together and play with each other's boners (doing "sword-fights", etc), or else go one at a time... doing a strip-tease and letting three boys feel him up. Strip-poker was a fun way to get naked too. When the older boy and I got together one-on-one, however, we did the REALLY fun stuff. He taught me how to masturbate, and we jacked off together, or one at a time, or masturbated each other. He taught me about blow jobs too, and I was pretty good at it. Unfortunately, the "club" didn't last very long, because the older boy got a girlfriend and didn't want to do "queer stuff" anymore.
By #64328 at 14,Jun,15 20:57
Around that age we had club in our fort and did the same type of stuff with several of us from the nieghborhood.

By #149019 at 29,May,15 04:29

By #204188 at 26,May,15 17:59
I have this straight friend who I think is very hot, he is 28 and has this nice bulge sometimes where I fantasised about a lot.
One day, we both got drunk and we fell asleep in the same bed. When I woke up in the middle of the night I took my chance and slowly moved my hand on his buldge on his boxer. I massaged it a bit so his penis would get hard. I felt it getting bigger and bigger so I slowly moved my hand under his boxer, and touched the tip of his dick and try to get it out of his underwear. I almost had it perfectly in my hand to give a handjob (and dare to look) when he woke up. I didn't know how he would react so I pretended to be asleap while my heart was racing.
I guess he actually liked it because at first he tried to fuck my hand. Then he petted my hand to make me move it. I got a few good strokes when he got out of bed and finished it by himself. He later went to lie in another bed.
I was horny the whole night, but we didn't talked about it. I think he still thinks I was asleep and don't know what happend, but I'm sure he still knows what happend. I regret for not looking at his dick, and maybe I had to 'wake up' too so we could get it really on, but maybe he would get scared off.
I still wank at this when I picture it and fantasise about what could've happend

By Blade at 25,May,15 02:38 other posts of Blade 
We were both 15. It was a neighborhood friend. We used to watch R rated movies; ones that had sex scenes when his parents weren't home. my friend was so laid back. It started with us with our hands down our pants. Then we used blankets. I got so much cum on his blankets, he told me not to cover up anymore...hahahaha

The first couple time exposing each other, we touched, and played with each others a little bit. He liked how big my head was, and I was amazed how straight his was. (yes we measured and all that too) we were about the same size, but I was slightly longer.

His cum just poured out, but I could really shot far back then. At first he let me shoot my cum all over, as he thougth it was the coolest thing, but then he got concerned I was making a mess again, and we would get caught. It then was a game where if he wasn't right there looking, I let the cum fly. Otherwise it was captured....ahahah I had to cool it though. One day I really sprayed his coffee table while sitting on his couch. I cum really heavy, so I had to clean up what was obvious. That night his mom was home, and she yelled at my friend. She said we must have spilled something on the coffee table, as the TV guide was all wet/wrikled. (you know how paper gets after its wet then dries) she examined the table and saw the spots from my cum. she yelled again and I helped my friend clean it up. We told her I laughed and spit out my drink. My friend was very mad at me, and the slowed down our daily adventures for the most part.

By bi1953 at 24,May,15 19:14 other posts of bi1953 
I was 12, my buddy was 13. After school one day he showed me his dad's stash of porn magazines which included both gay and straight. One magazine was titled "jack off buddies" we started stroking each other rubbing our dicks together. I didn't take long for us to try cock sucking like we saw in other magazines.

By #64328 at 23,May,15 21:51
He was 13 and I was 8. He jacked me off to my first dry orgasm because everytime I got right to the edge I would stop not knowing what that building up feeling was. After I stopped for the 3rd or 4th time he grabbed me and within seconds I was hip bucking involentarily and he just kept at it for seemed like a few minutes dry cumming repeatedly for the entire time. It was the longest orgasm of my life. I was hooked for that day forward.

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