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Started by Darthshame at 17,Nov,19 23:08  other posts of Darthshame
Who gives better bjs? Men or women. I have had a lot more from women, but I have to admit the best one I ever got was from a guy. I was only sucked off by him once so I don't know if it was a once experience. I've had other guys suck me off too and they were great also. I have came to both. Wondering what other guys experience has been? Maybe I've just had the wrong women.

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By Bicockwhore at 25,Mar,24 11:44 other posts of Bicockwhore 
Men are better than women at suck dick

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 19:34 other posts of nekekal 
The best blowjobs that I ever received were from men. Men who like to suck cock are very good at it. They don't try to rush so they can go read a book or something. They always swallow cum and will generally keep sucking as long as my cock is still hard. They know what a cock likes since they have on.

Women just suck cock because I ask for them to, they want it to be over, and act like I have thrown acid on them when I cum.

By #586324 at 18,Dec,19 21:22
For me, the best BJ's were from women. My wife's were the best, as long as it lasted, however, she could only last about 5 or 6 minutes before her jaws would become sore. I've been sucked by a few men, and I'm sure that they thought, in there own minds, that they wee the worlds greatest cocksuckers. They were awful. Some advice,..... most men don't like having your teeth scraping (puposely)across the skin of their shaft. Some men might like having a guy stick the tip of his tongue aggressively into the peehole, but I hated it. It felt awful! Also,one old gay guy thought that sucking as hard as he could would force me to cum. It did the opposite, it fucking hurt.
My advice? Make love to the cock using your mouth. Don't do the weird stuff unless a guy asks for it.

By knewbi at 18,Nov,19 15:38 other posts of knewbi 
The best blow jobs I have ever had were from women. My wife especially. She gives a killer BJ and we were swingers and the guys really loved having her suck them off... But the blow jobs that I exjoyed the most were from guys because I knew when they took a break I got to give them a blow job...

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