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Swallow his load, not kiss his face

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Started by #622014 at 18,Jul,20 17:47
I ♥ sucking cocks! I prefer cut but have never refused when offered. Glory holes are great because I do not like kissing a guy's face. I will swallow his load but not kiss his face. Agree/disagree?

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By #622438 at 25,Jul,20 02:51
Totally agree with you.Only got turned on by hard cock
By #622014 at 25,Jul,20 09:47
I get turned on by all kinds of cocks. Hard, soft, black, white, gay, straight, tranny. I ♥ cocks!

By Sfax#17 at 23,Feb,24 00:32 other posts of Sfax#17 
I like circumcised Asian cocks. Straight not bent or curved.

By #621286 at 21,Jul,20 20:09
I consider myself bisexual 'light.

I love cocks. I want to look at them, touch and play with them, swallow cum from them and, maybe, have one fuck me in the ass.

However, I DO NOT want to kiss a man. That is reserved for women.
By #622014 at 22,Jul,20 10:42
I agree with you. Well, not about fuck me in the ass. I don't want to be fucked in the ass nor do I want to fuck anyone in the ass. It's OK for others, just not for me. Cocks were made for sucking and I love sucking cocks.
By Sfax#17 at 23,Feb,24 00:31 other posts of Sfax#17 
My fantasy is to suck a cock and masturbate while another man sodomizes me. And we would all come at the same time.

By #611458 at 22,Jul,20 15:34

By #651230 at 17,May,22 01:28
Kissing is when sexual experience turns gay, playing with cock doesn't make you gay but kissing a man on the mouth does, kissing is overrated.
By bearcub at 19,May,22 22:35 other posts of bearcub 
I think this is playing strange games with terminology 😅

Playing with cock is sexual, it's the sexual in homosexual if you're with another man. Kissing is just affection 😄

By knewbi at 19,May,22 16:33 other posts of knewbi 
Kissing is not my favorite thing to do but when having sex with a guy or guys, if kissing is what they want then I am willing to deliver for them. There are always two sides to a sexual encounter and it is always better if both side experience what they want. Hell, to refuse someone's desires would be an instant reason for no repeat performances.

By Lexieeloves at 17,May,22 04:58 other posts of Lexieeloves 
I think I could get into it I think it would be hot kissing while a man pushes his cock in and out 😘

By #667453 at 16,May,22 01:14
Kissing my lips is a must

By John1971 at 22,Jul,20 16:16 other posts of John1971 
I want to fuck, suck, and he sucked. I am sexually,not romantically, bisexual.
By #622014 at 25,Jul,20 09:44
Sounds like were of a similar mind. I like to fuck pussy. I LOVE to suck cock. I love to be sucked.

By bil47 at 18,Jul,20 17:57 other posts of bil47 
I like kissing a man (lots of tongue; lots of naked body contact!), but I've gotten with several "suck-buddies" who never kiss with a man.
By #622014 at 19,Jul,20 11:21
Guess I have not found the right guy that I want to kiss.

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