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By thebeewolf at 18,Sep,22 15:49
Me too. West Bend.

By thebeewolf at 18,Sep,22 15:21
It's fucking awesome. There's great videos of it on major porn sites. I like the ones where the guy pumps is rod through a fleshlight quick shot.

By thebeewolf at 18,Sep,22 15:19
I almost never use a hand, right or left. If I'm getting myself off it's either with my vibrator or every now and then with my Fleshlight quick shot.

By thebeewolf at 20,Aug,22 17:29
It helps that I'm a straight guy looking to get his dick sucked. There's a LOT of guys who are down for that. Way more guys out there who want to suck than who want to be sucked. Which means I'm usually in demand.

By thebeewolf at 14,Aug,22 17:43
Horniest? Gotta be at around 13 or 14. I don't think it subsided until I was in my late 30s. By that time I would fuck my wife once a week. I found that I enjoyed it more if I let some lust built up for a few days. Now I'm in my 50s and I have local bi/gay guys service my dick. But again I don't really need more than once a week. Although twice is pretty good too. If I did it more often I wouldn't have as good of orgasms.

By thebeewolf at 14,Aug,22 17:41
Sure, they can work. If there's enough local guys on it. Back in the day we used Craig's List. Now I use, and I have hooked up off all of them multiple times. THIS site does not work for me. Not enough locals. Maybe if you live in a big city it would, though.

By thebeewolf at 14,Aug,22 17:34
I've experienced two methods that prolonged my orgasm. First, was a frenulum massage. A guy grabbed my dick with both hands and slowly moved his thumbs side to side over my fren. There's even a video example on my page.

The other method was with a vibrator. I held the vibe on my thigh and just rested my boner on it. When I started to cum, my dick would spasm, get extra rigid, to squirt. But this spasm would lift my cock off the vibe just a little. After the squirt, it would fall back down onto it. The vibe was somehow causing and disrupting my orgasm, making it take extra long to fully happen. I rarely have the patience to do this, but sometimes I do. It's super intense.

By thebeewolf at 04,Jul,22 21:28
It's your body's way of making sure your mouth and throat are adequately lubed in the event that it ends up in your mouth

By thebeewolf at 04,Jul,22 18:36
How do you like mine?

By thebeewolf at 04,Jul,22 18:33

By thebeewolf at 04,Jul,22 18:29
I like seeing a big drop of it form on the tip of my dick while I'm getting a long, lubed penis massage. When my masseur sees it, I watch as he carefully captures it and incorporates it into the lube he's using on me.

By thebeewolf at 04,Jul,22 18:20
I can't tell you how many straight guys I've met who are also addicted to sucking cock. I know because I answer their online ads when I feel like I need a blowjob. And yes these guys are married, fuck their wives, masturbate to straight porn, all of it. But they also secretly desire getting down on their knees and slurping on my raging boner until I burst a load of hot seed in their mouths which they swallow like they're starving for it.

By thebeewolf at 04,Jun,22 16:01
I like a variety. But when the squirting is about to start, yeah. Just the shaft please. Jack it out.

By thebeewolf at 04,Jun,22 15:59
I'm the opposite. I like to let another guy stroke my dick. I have it done regularly, about once a week. He's really good at it so I can't say no. It's way better than doing it myself. We like to watch it cum together.

By thebeewolf at 14,May,22 16:41
It can get even smaller than this.

By thebeewolf at 14,May,22 16:36
Here it is. End of thread!

By thebeewolf at 14,May,22 16:20
How about we put on a long Cock Hero video and stroke each other to the beat. Guy who cums first has to finish the winner orally.

By thebeewolf at 06,May,22 23:57
Depends if I'm with a man or a woman. if a woman, I'll have her suck for a minute and then bend over to bet pounded doggy style until I insperminate her. If it's a guy, then it's BJ time! I'd have him suck and suck and suck...take ball sucking breaks and make the whole thing last a good 30 minutes before I either pumped a load into his mouth or squirted it all over his face.

By thebeewolf at 06,May,22 23:54
Fuck yeah I have. And I did more than smell them. I rubbed them on my dick and got a big boner and I stroked off and ejaculated all over them.

By thebeewolf at 06,May,22 23:41
First google search I try tells me that coffee drinkers are at higher risk for erectile dysfunction. So I'm guessing the rest of it is bullshit, too.

I have taken Sildenafil many times. I just take it 60-90 minutes before I expect to be using that boner and I'm all set. Once on it I get hard very easily and very quickly. It's an amazing feeling to have a 100% bursting capacity boner at the drop of a hat. Feels so good. Many times I have just taken half a dose. Seems to work fine that way, too. Probably because I don't really have ED.

By thebeewolf at 29,Apr,22 20:49
I'd make you watch 10 hours of sissy hypno videos. Then you'd have to dress up like a slutty girl, wig, lipstick, everything, and suck my dick for half an hour.

By thebeewolf at 29,Apr,22 20:46
I think I was probably about 11. I had just gone to bed after having watched an episode of Charlie's Angels. I was thinking about Jaclyn Smith's lipsticked lips and...whooops! handful of sperms!

By thebeewolf at 29,Apr,22 20:43
Once or twice a month. I can easily go a week without getting off at all. And when I do it's almost always someone else doing it. That leaves me with very little masturbation to do. But when I do, I typically use a vibrator or a fleshlight. I'm 53.

By thebeewolf at 23,Apr,22 15:55
A young couple has me come over because they want me to fuck her while he watches. She loves it. I'm loving it. He's loving it and wanking his little dick while a real man fucks his wife in front of him.

Then it turns into a pregnancy scare. I'm going to cum in her, bareback. Big load of sperm. Knock her up with twins, maybe. I'm moaning and swearing and getting closer. She's panicking and doesn't want me to cum in her. I tell them I either cum in her his mouth.

Then she starts yelling at him to get over there and lay his head on her belly so I can pull out of her and shove it in his mouth. He doesn't want to, but she makes him do it.

Finally I can't hold it any longer and I pull out of that hot, wet pussy and plunge it into his (unwilling?) mouth and squirt, squirt, squirt all that baby batter inside.

By thebeewolf at 23,Apr,22 15:41

By thebeewolf at 23,Apr,22 15:29
Okay, Fine. I'll lube up my boner and shove it in if that's what you need.

By thebeewolf at 26,Mar,22 20:31
I'd have you suck my cock, then I'd fuck your gorgeous titties, then I would breed that pussy and insperminate you with big load of baby batter.

By thebeewolf at 26,Mar,22 20:24
Yes, I have hooked up off that site quite a few times. Also manhunt dot net and double list dot com. Never from this site, though. I come here just to chat and share photos.

By thebeewolf at 24,Mar,22 02:21
I had my pay cut in half in December. I just got it reinstated today. Things were pretty grim there for a bit. But business is really good now so it's all good.

By thebeewolf at 23,Mar,22 14:30
Working like crazy, but hangin in there. You?

By thebeewolf at 20,Mar,22 14:56

By thebeewolf at 13,Mar,22 20:55
Get a pro to do it. Then go do it!

By thebeewolf at 13,Mar,22 20:50
I keep my junk pretty well shaved. My ballsack and about an inch above and around my dick.

By thebeewolf at 12,Mar,22 21:47
I love that there are guys out there like you. Especially the one's who need to suck. This straight guy's received some amazing blowjobs from these cum-addicts.

By thebeewolf at 12,Mar,22 18:43
Almost never. Maybe on average...once every 3-5 weeks. I get off by other means once or twice a week, though. I gotta look out for my ejaculatory health! I have a guy come over every sunday for a good penis massage. He milks me so good that I can go a whole week for the next one. But sometimes I score a BJ from someone mid-week. I only do the job myself if I'm desperate.

By thebeewolf at 06,Mar,22 18:10
I use a multi-blade razor from Harry's. I often use Dollar Shave Club shave cream. I get everything hot and wet and creamed up and then I shave above my dick, about an inch above it and about six inches across. Then I do on the sides of my cock and balls, just pull everything to one side and shave. Then I do my ball sack. I pull them up and get way down low. I hold them gently and get the front part. I don't get too aggressive on my sack. I find that it's not necessary to be thorough if you shave frequently. Do it two or three times a week and it's a guarantee nothing will be missed. Don't have to get it all in one go. As far as the bush above, I use the same electric clipper on it that I use for my face (every couple of days) and head (every 5 days). I use a light touch here. I want visible hair there, just not bushes of it.

By thebeewolf at 28,Jan,22 23:47
My first time was when I was about 35. I was newly divorced and horny AF. That's when I saw the guys ads in Craig's List. One guy said he would put on straight porn and stroke you off. I answered that ad and I showed up at his apartment. It was very awkward for me, but the porn and the lubed hands did the trick. It wasn't long before I was letting guys suck it. I sometimes had some buyers remorse after, but I have largely gotten over that with time. Now I get the most exquisite blow and handjobs ever, totally no strings, and easy too hook up.

By thebeewolf at 23,Jan,22 19:12
I'm a straight guy who has other guys service my penis on the DL. When started doing this in my late 30s, I realized that men really like my dick a lot. It's average size, but many guys say it's beautiful. I like being complimented like that. So, I show it here and I get nice compliments. That's fun.

By thebeewolf at 22,Jan,22 16:15
I'm glad you like them :

By thebeewolf at 21,Jan,22 01:41
I largely agree. To me the term bisexual means you're sexually attracted to both men and women. It is why I consider myself straight, even though I have guys give me hand and blowjobs regularly. I've chased pussy for 40 years. I've been married, raised children. Having guys get me off is just for no-strings convenience and the fact that they're better than women at sucking cock. I'm a straight guy on the DL. I sometimes raise an eyebrow at guys who desire to suck other men but also say they're straight. Maybe it's splitting hairs, but I'm with you: it's based on your sexual desire.

All of which is probably superseded by my other guiding principle: if you ever feel the need to correct someone when they tell you who they are, stop and think, and then STFU. Everyone gets to say who they are and no one should tell them they are wrong.

By thebeewolf at 21,Jan,22 01:27
Double list dot com, squirt dot org, manhunt dot net

By thebeewolf at 19,Jan,22 23:47
I don't think I have ever masturbated to other members pics. I love knowing that they do to mine, though.

By thebeewolf at 16,Jan,22 15:58
Should you suck his cock? If you want to, sure! If you don't, don't.

I have had dozens of guys suck my dick, but I don't suck theirs because I have no desire to. The thought of it does nothing for me. I make clear to them that I am "no recip." The guys who are good with that can then proceed to suck me off. There's no obligation.

By thebeewolf at 16,Jan,22 15:54
Craig's list? Back in the day. Yes, between CL and two or three other sites I have met up with guys, mostly to get my dick sucked. There have been a couple of not-so-great encounters, but for the most part they have all been great. Some have been spectacular.

Craig's List isn't a thing anymore. Try double list, man hunt or

By thebeewolf at 16,Jan,22 15:51
For me, being rimmed like that is super intense. It makes me moan and swear uncontrollably. It's highly stimulating, but in a way that does not further my journey toward orgasm. For this reason, it's a great way to make any blowjob last longer, which is always a good thing in my book.

By thebeewolf at 15,Jan,22 20:09
You have a totally normal sized penis and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Seriously. Totally normal. And I'm sure a lot of guys/gals would love to play with it.

By thebeewolf at 15,Jan,22 18:16

By thebeewolf at 15,Jan,22 18:14
Yeah, the guy who's been sucking me lately just keeps on sucking until I pull away from him. I think he'd just suck it all night if I let him.

By thebeewolf at 15,Jan,22 17:06
As a guy who regularly unzips for cocksucking guys, I just want to say how glad I am that you're all out there. The only thing better than squirting a load of hot seed into someone's mouth after an excellent blowjob is...squirting a load of hot seed into someone's mouth who really, really wants that sperm. It's extra good knowing that it's feeding the hungry.

By thebeewolf at 15,Jan,22 16:51
I don't think anyone has "a" sexual fantasy. I have many and they come and go over time. One that has stuck with me a while lately is this one.

I'm straight, but I troll gay dating sites to find guys who'll suck a straight guy's dick no recip. Guys are so much better at it. I put on straight porn and it works out great. So one day I'm chatting up a young guy in my hometown, just outlining what I want and if he's willing to do it.

I say I need someone to suck my dick without reciprocation. Someone to take their time and really worship my penis until I nut in his mouth. He just needs to be my cocksucking bitch for 20 minutes. He says it sounds perfect, just what he wants. So we negotiate a time and I start telling him how to get to my place where I can host.

That's when things get weird. Instead of responding, I hear a knock at the door. I open it. It's the femmy young guy who just moved into the apartment across the hall.