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Thoughts on twinks?

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Started by tarantino at 12,Aug,20 03:12  other posts of tarantino
does a cute smooth twink with a nice ass turn you on? what are your thoughts?

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By tecsan at 24,Nov,20 08:09 other posts of tecsan 
I use my own pics here...Then get accused of stealing them...I ask anyone here to prove any pic of mine a fake or stolen...I say fuck off little shithead bastards with accusations without proof...Show proof or shut your fucking pie hole or in some's cases cock holes...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 24,Nov,20 06:15 other posts of tecsan 
Be a twinkies twink and shit in the woods...Think I care...DA...༼☯﹏☯༽
By Dev01 at 24,Nov,20 07:07 other posts of Dev01 

--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

fuckin howling. Stop stealing off montard and get ya own pics ya fuckin degene...Rat
By tecsan at 24,Nov,20 08:05 other posts of tecsan 
Sorry to disappoint your sorry ass...Prove it is not me and you win dumbass...Stop stating shit you cannot prove, maybe you are a tinkerbell too...I do not know so cannot all you one yet...༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 24,Nov,20 04:25 other posts of tecsan 
Live in oz all you want, but there are tinkerbell twinks present...༼☯﹏☯༽
By Jamie at 24,Nov,20 05:26 other posts of Jamie 
so tesan so your tinkerbelltwinies.? .༼☯﹏☯༽
By Dev01 at 24,Nov,20 05:27 other posts of Dev01 
By tecsan at 24,Nov,20 06:18 other posts of tecsan 
Learn to speak with a phone...Why always the stupid emojis...Oops dumbfounded are you???༼☯﹏☯༽

By tecsan at 24,Nov,20 06:16 other posts of tecsan 
By Dev01 at 24,Nov,20 06:28 other posts of Dev01 
Pot meet kettle you little dick bandit ☯﹏☯☯﹏☯☯﹏☯

By Dev01 at 24,Nov,20 05:22 other posts of Dev01 
By tecsan [Ignore] at 23,Nov,20 23:25 other posts

Live in oz is all i want, but there i would be a twinkies twinkie. Nothing like a good bear ༼☯﹏☯༽
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

Yes bears really do shit in the woods

By Strongmember# at 23,Nov,20 22:09 other posts of Strongmember# 
Not my preference but clearly many men like that look or there wouldn't be so many young men out there trying to perfect that thin build, waxed skin, bubbled butt look.

By Dev01 at 23,Nov,20 01:07 other posts of Dev01 
We don't have twinkie bars in Oz
By #551147 at 23,Nov,20 03:24
We have a shit ton of Twinkies, Nutty Bars, Cup Cakes, Ho Ho's, Snowballs, and Ding Dongs. Now you know why America is going to Hell in a handbasket. THIS place has several of them...
By Dev01 at 23,Nov,20 03:43 other posts of Dev01 
By #551147 at 23,Nov,20 09:55
😉 I was serious!
By Dev01 at 23,Nov,20 21:19 other posts of Dev01 
I know

By #upnorth6969 at 23,Nov,20 00:59 other posts of #upnorth6969 
I love young smooth slim guys, like to start on their toes and lick every sexy inch of them.

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 05:45 other posts of JackS 
We share porn, as part of the relationship, together, when I am with someone. Most like "Twinks" but don't know the term, and just love watching two young, gay boys loving, when she shares what she really likes!!
I Wouldn't play with those boys, but she likes getting off, watching them, and so, OK, and should I shave, so I look like them?

By #622014 at 21,Aug,20 19:23
I think about twink cock! Give me a young, slim twink walking around my house naked with his hard cock swinging and I will lock my lips on his cock and swallow his cum over and over and over again.
By tarantino at 23,Aug,20 21:36 other posts of tarantino 

By Jamie at 19,Aug,20 22:00 other posts of Jamie 
Iike to have one sitting on my cock
By lawrenceo at 21,Aug,20 10:57 other posts of lawrenceo 
Just to have one sitting on my knee would be fine.

By #623140 at 19,Aug,20 21:11
I love the thought of a bunch of hairless twinks gang banging me so I can swallow a ton of their sweet young sperm. And being young they would be quick to erect and ejaculate so I could get more loads in less time.
By liketoedge at 19,Aug,20 21:51 other posts of liketoedge 
I have to agree that quick cummers are a major turn on

By lawrenceo at 14,Aug,20 08:55 other posts of lawrenceo 
Always. If he is small enough - sit on my knee.

By tarantino at 13,Aug,20 07:48 other posts of tarantino 
i love a hot young smooth twink

By dreamnow at 12,Aug,20 16:51 other posts of dreamnow 
Yes! saw 4 members of track team yesterday, all smooth and young! too bad I'm older now and waited too long

By SluttySarah069 at 12,Aug,20 14:32 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Love twinks - I fucked a young black guy in the toilets of an adult cinema once - he was really appreciative

By JackHammer at 12,Aug,20 11:56 other posts of JackHammer 
Yes, Jesse Starr cums to mind.

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