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By Dev01 at 26,Sep,22 00:23
Courtesy of the SYC/SYD gift store.

By Dev01 at 25,Sep,22 23:45
Phart wtf is wrong with pineapple 🍍 on a pizza and or a burger

By Dev01 at 25,Sep,22 23:43
Ain't those a gift from the site?

By Dev01 at 24,Sep,22 11:36
That maybe true. Here shrimp is like Krill... Prawns are bigger and many varieties.... I don't eat seafood so probably wrong.

Paul Hogan was selling a thing to promote OZ. It's a shame our poster boy at the time. only registered users can see external links

Prawns here no shrimp soup, no shrimp salad, no bbq shrimp, no shrimp on shrimp.

Don't come the raw prawn with me

Lix knows where the big prawn is

By Dev01 at 24,Sep,22 07:40
Paul Hogan's Aussie motto was 'throw a shrimp on the bbq,' But prawns and shrimps are different. No wonder no one comes here. Prawns for Oz shrimps for bubba Gump and Lt Dang

By Dev01 at 23,Sep,22 10:57
We have had lane filtering for many years now. Was doing it way before it became legal... We called it pole position 😊

It is one of those laws that actually make Sense

By Dev01 at 22,Sep,22 20:04
It's all good, I have vented and feel better. I will forget the honey badger and Lego brick thing, But Beiber stays as is

By Dev01 at 22,Sep,22 06:33

By Dev01 at 22,Sep,22 05:31
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By Dev01 at 21,Sep,22 22:23
Blah blah. You need to join CNN chat, Not here.

It's like when you die, people ain't worried about your net worth..... And there would be a reason for that. just the fuckin idiot you are. So you would be remembered I guess.

Better a smartass than a dumb cunt.

At least when I stare at the sun I get a result. Listening to your wrongaganda is like broken record. White fuckin noise... Fuckin keyboard correspondent
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By Dev01 at 21,Sep,22 09:32
100% my friend

By Dev01 at 21,Sep,22 02:39

By Dev01 at 20,Sep,22 21:55
Her passing has jack shit to do with your rhetorical spin on politics.

Try where you can politicize everything from why some have a hairy ass to stinky wristwatch bands.

This is NOT a political thread ya fuckin monkey 🐒🐵

By Dev01 at 20,Sep,22 04:29
He was a real cunt....

By Dev01 at 20,Sep,22 03:26
All good, We human and misunderstandings happen

By Dev01 at 20,Sep,22 02:44
But Phart, Post your script. You made it sound like the UK paid for Bidet's security? That was not the case, And as for a picture of Charles shitting in the toilet well.... It did consume slot of media but she did serve for 70 years. Just asking for a little respect that's all

By Dev01 at 20,Sep,22 02:34
Why take your statement back???

By Dev01 at 20,Sep,22 02:32
Is that what they call... Redacted...

By Dev01 at 20,Sep,22 02:19
Oh fuck off... She probably didn't want Mr Bidet there anyways. Rather theatrical your point is mute. Hence and you have your own thread like anus on life matters.

America paid for 400 secret police. For him being there..... Not The Queen ...was not protected by Bidets onterage. lol

It's called the MI5... Think it has updated to MI6..

No funds were paid by the UK to America for her safe passage.

Black lives matters has nothing to do with this.... Google and links can be your own worst enemy.

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see, or just become a Sheep and count bodies to the rythem of war drums

By Dev01 at 19,Sep,22 23:34
Regardless of you're hypothesis, Show a little fuckin respect or maybe post your feelings in your thread.... Just saying....Sheesh 🙄

By Dev01 at 19,Sep,22 20:18
Might have went... Bye Bye

By Dev01 at 19,Sep,22 20:16
What a Ceremony....Have never seen anything like it, and highly doubt I ever will in my lifetime.... I'm speechless

By Dev01 at 19,Sep,22 07:09
There always has to be one . What an amazing turnout and very fitting

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 06:08

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 06:01
I can't speak for him. My cards are on the table, no need to hide.2+2 don't make five. So calm down princess. Things will be ok. Too many lipsipsuckits can turn the non seasoned drinker into an ass

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 05:48
Why so hostile for such a new member

Thanks for your analysis DrPhil.

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 05:10
Correct grasshopper 🦗

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 04:30
He is very giving....

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 04:18
Pretty sure it blacklisted Skitz

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 04:04
Yes and he straight into chat like an ol timer

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 03:46
A few days ago.. It's tied into another profile Alan81. He seemed to have a vested interest in Alisha69

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 03:39
That's sad, He was a genuine nice guy

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 03:37
He was Alisha69 and deleted on the panel for internet pics.... It's a funny system

By Dev01 at 17,Sep,22 03:18
Sep 16, 18:33 system: You were blacklisted by *69*Alisha*69*

Seems like he didn't like me calling him out as Fake lol

Zero fucks given

By Dev01 at 16,Sep,22 00:40
Was thinking of those old toilet roll covers. I am a beginner you know

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 23:21
It was a bad decision by Frenchie... I'm over Football now. Gonna take up knitting

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 10:25
It is still lurking but only you picked what I was saying

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 09:10
DG always you knew what I was saying

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 07:38
Was thinking more of smashed crabs..
An old member still lurking

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 07:36
It's all I got. Roosters in the NRL lost sooo We need this to happen.

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Reporter Dev... Not looking too good, Hooper still out
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10-10 close Reporting for syc #oldcunts

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 07:21

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 03:07
Big Red roo's will smash you every time. They can't be kept as pets. Anyways some need a good reverse heal kick to the head as a hard reset

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Rusty fucked wiseguy with an uppercut.

Cunts fight them overseas, YouTube humans fighting kangaroos.

A formidable apponent

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 02:16
By Dev01 just recently other posts Edit

2002 was the last time we had hands on what's called the Bledisloe cup. C'mon Wallabies... New Zealand are the softest they hay been in many years... Ask Andy81 Go the Wallabies
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Forgot tread was dumpstered

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 02:11
2002 was the last time we had hands on what's called the Bledisloe cup. C'mon Wallabies... New Zealand are the softest they hay been in many years... Ask Andy81 Go the Wallabies

By Dev01 at 15,Sep,22 01:15

By Dev01 at 14,Sep,22 23:38
She is a fuckin disgrace

By Dev01 at 13,Sep,22 21:55
But what about the cltty litter?

By Dev01 at 12,Sep,22 23:29
Was all good cunty

By Dev01 at 11,Sep,22 07:04

By Dev01 at 11,Sep,22 04:24
Alex Lloyd. Black the sun

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Black the sun
Oh no, look at what we done
Go away, oh no, won't you please stay?
And dream of me, I wish you
Would dream of me
And dream of me, I hope you
Will dream of me
Words we speak, pictures are the
Only things I keep. Rinse my mind
I'm sure it will join me in time
And dream of me, I wish you
Would dream of me
And dream of me, I hope you
Will dream of me
Up on your feet, around the bend
Searching, I hope it never ends.
Walking your lonely street again,
Where tide meets the shore.
whoa whoa
On a silent road
And dream of me, I wish you would
Black the sun
And dream of me, I wish you would
Black the sun
And dream of me, I wish you would
Black the sun,
And dream of me, I wish you would
Black the sun
The sun