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By Dev01 at 11,Feb,21 05:23
You're thread mate . I'm a little sick of people twisting my words tho. Just saying

By Dev01 at 11,Feb,21 04:14
, But seems to have changed from the Authors question some time ago. Nimda will decide if it goes to the dumpster. Yes no comments archive for sure

By Dev01 at 11,Feb,21 03:32
No not at all, But on the same I don't call coloured people (Blacks). I call indigenous Australians (abo's). Have many aboriginal friends that are pillars of society.
And yes the 313. What my point was you could be purple with a gun . I don't give a. But a liar with a straight face poses more problems then. Blacks , greens yellows. Politicians maybe, Who am I to judge. He'll im a wog and my wife is Skippy... if we listen to politically correct. Look past the words of my statement... just for a minute and see the truth --------------------------------------- added after 10 minutesOh and as for the Cunt word. What I said is true too. I guess it's like saying... That was good or That was fucking good. I love that cunt. Equals They love you. It's a passion thing. He is a mad cunt = He is awesome. There is only two things in Oz that will get you negative = p3dos and r@pists who I would happily sort. Hey I'll do ten. Go in in like slim come out like Fifty cent. I love all except for the grubs I just mentioned. Rant over

By Dev01 at 11,Feb,21 03:18

By Dev01 at 11,Feb,21 03:17
My question is... Can you read?

By Dev01 at 11,Feb,21 01:30
Bella, I already knew that
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You did mean this tho

By Dev01 at 11,Feb,21 01:18
No and I could have said coloured. I wanted to catch the eye. For the record I have three close mates who now live here and we call each other that. They from the 313 or (Amityville) as they call it. Kenny is married to my wife's sister. Very nice gent that's just how we speak..

It's like Cunt in Oz is like a term of endearment. Call mates cunts and calls random people mate.

Regardless of the wording the message stands true.

By Dev01 at 10,Feb,21 04:01

By Dev01 at 10,Feb,21 04:00

By Dev01 at 10,Feb,21 02:56

By Dev01 at 10,Feb,21 02:02
Fuck Sydney, Goldcoast is where its at

By Dev01 at 09,Feb,21 23:31
Just want to say I would trust a n##ga with a gun more than a liar with a straight face. Shit feedback # Dev01

By Dev01 at 09,Feb,21 22:55
Don't start me bro

By Dev01 at 09,Feb,21 06:03

By Dev01 at 08,Feb,21 23:09
Brrrr. Feel cold reading this.

By Dev01 at 08,Feb,21 23:04
Oh I miss the "gladiator" days. Anonymous chat and logs
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Jamie you look different.. can't pinpoint it tho

By Dev01 at 08,Feb,21 00:48
I might be dumb, But I do know what love is

By Dev01 at 08,Feb,21 00:42
takes less muscles than to frown

By Dev01 at 08,Feb,21 00:31
Yes and thankyou

By Dev01 at 08,Feb,21 00:25

By Dev01 at 08,Feb,21 00:10
George.... Breathe

I see love and beauty all around, I also see the sadness that's embedded in your frown
I wonder why you choose not to talk to those who surround, I sense a fear of lifting heavy feet
Higher than you want to, I just want to believe your truth...
You stand there but you do not cast a shadow, you walk away with every word you choose not to say
I suppose that moving on paints a new colour for each day, I don't like to see
Dreams put on the shelf, to deal with on that one day, I just want to be happy for you
'Cause I only have one second, this minute today
I can't press rewind and turn it back and call it now
And so this moment, I just have to sing out loud
And say I love I like and breathe in now
And say I love I live and breathe in now
I move on holding on to what I learn, it's time to let go of the notion
That the whole world's against me
Break free of shackles that formed young, time free in now
And now I know, it's not all up to me, I can count on another
So move on lighter and be free ...
'Cause I only have one second, this minute today
I can't press rewind and turn it back and call it now
And so this moment, I just have to sing out loud
And say I love I like and breathe in now
And say I love I live and breathe in now
I believe in for today I just want to know that you're okay
Cause I believe in breathing just for today
I just want to know that you're okay...
'Cause I only have one second, this minute today
I can't press rewind and turn it back and call it now
And so this moment, I just have to sing out loud
And say I love I like and breathe in now
And say I love I live and breathe in now
And say I love I live and breathe in now
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By Dev01 at 05,Feb,21 01:28

By Dev01 at 03,Feb,21 03:59
Breed was rude to everyone

By Dev01 at 29,Jan,21 06:06
Always wear a helmet on a job site.. Occupational health and safety requirement

By Dev01 at 27,Jan,21 03:53
Thanks DG... Gotta take it when you can 🙃😉

By Dev01 at 27,Jan,21 03:52

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It even won of robben

By Dev01 at 27,Jan,21 03:45
Yep.. we have just had Australia day.
I have nothing but respect for indigenous Australians but getting on the blm wagon does not sit right. I have many indigenous friends that are something in life. We all around the world are the same regardless of skin colour. Change the flag, change the day, Become a Republic. Why fix what is not broken. Why should I say sorry for something that happened way before my time. Ain't it just respect? Anyways Rant over 🙂

By Dev01 at 27,Jan,21 02:00

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I will take the win

By Dev01 at 27,Jan,21 01:24
It was a snapshot moment. I have not won but I have.. Get me 🙂
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Been trying forever to get my cock to win 🤣

By Dev01 at 27,Jan,21 01:14
Look my cock won KOTM.. Finally

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Ok maybe by default 🤣

By Dev01 at 27,Jan,21 00:34
True story Bella

By Dev01 at 27,Jan,21 00:00

From Blue's page

By Dev01 at 26,Jan,21 08:59

By Dev01 at 25,Jan,21 21:42

By Dev01 at 25,Jan,21 21:35
Stupid cunt paid for his own sandshits anyway

By Dev01 at 25,Jan,21 03:36

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Another fake cunt

By Dev01 at 25,Jan,21 01:25
Dg i prefer catching, I'm a shit fisherman

By Dev01 at 25,Jan,21 01:23
Just found some old school music from my younger years. SUBLIME... I forgot how much I liked this band. Robin de hood.. Best sublime album my opinion

By Dev01 at 25,Jan,21 01:08
They only get better...

By Dev01 at 25,Jan,21 00:34

By Dev01 at 22,Jan,21 01:25
Micro..soft ok
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Ok it was vista then... now 10

By Dev01 at 21,Jan,21 22:58
List too long.. now the nanny site.
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Fairy and hot where the best on here

By Dev01 at 21,Jan,21 22:51
John S. No loss anyway

By Dev01 at 21,Jan,21 21:59
In regards to the below post, People's personas on site can be quite different to real life. I know many so called (cunts) on site and all in real life. Eg. Back in the gladiator days the member Everyready was a force to be reckoned with. We had a place called the office, where we would meet up and plan attacks on fake fuckers...anyways my youngest daughter loved evers and his accent and evers in real life was just like you and I. Nothing but respect for that man.

Skitz is another, Real cunt on site but a mate you want on your side. A true mate not an associate. There are so many. The site has changed over ten years and good people are still here. Ego and emotions play a big role. Just remember on the other side of the keyboard is a human with feelings. Scorps is a legend and most anticipate his return.
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And a big shout out to Happy Guy.

We went to war bigtime. My wallet is still recovering but we are tight as now. Just another example of my rant

By Dev01 at 21,Jan,21 21:13
Jack and twinkies, The breakfast of champions

By Dev01 at 21,Jan,21 00:59
Yes this place can take a toll on a person, especially if you fell passionate about something. Hopefully he just needs a break and he will be back 🙂

By Dev01 at 21,Jan,21 00:25
Received a message from Scorps this morning. He is having a break from site. Look forward to his return.

By Dev01 at 20,Jan,21 03:07
🤣🤣🤣 FFS

By Dev01 at 18,Jan,21 23:33
Lips, unequivocally cunty

By Dev01 at 18,Jan,21 01:59
DG is that a hairy cucumber