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Started by Bobbyd73 at 03,Jul,22 15:31  other posts of Bobbyd73
Who likes to save all their precum and then rub it all over their shaft for final climax?

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By Mrjoshua at 07,Aug,23 12:08 other posts of Mrjoshua 
I usualy rub it over the head and taste i4 aswell
By Bobbyd73 at 14,Aug,23 23:34 other posts of Bobbyd73 
I'd love to see it running down your shaft
By Mrjoshua at 15,Aug,23 01:01 other posts of Mrjoshua 
Maybe when im doing more pics il try do vid for you
By Bobbyd73 at 15,Aug,23 12:52 other posts of Bobbyd73 
Omg that would be so hot and very amazing I'm sure
By Mrjoshua at 17,Aug,23 16:57 other posts of Mrjoshua 
cool see what i can sort out

By Kansaswillyk at 10,Aug,23 18:06 other posts of Kansaswillyk 
I love the taste. I'm constantly letting it run down my cock head when I'm edging. Then I put it on my fingers and suck on them while I am stroking. I don't waste a drop of it. I also enjoy getting it on the lips of my lover then kissing and licking it all off.
By Bobbyd73 at 14,Aug,23 23:35 other posts of Bobbyd73 
I love the taste too and I would really love to taste yours
By Kansaswillyk at 15,Aug,23 22:11 other posts of Kansaswillyk 
Mmmnnn ok bobby

By Kansaswillyk at 16,Aug,23 14:06 other posts of Kansaswillyk 
Mmmmnnn yes

By LGA6969 at 07,Aug,23 12:39 other posts of LGA6969 
I have a lot of precum I usually rub it on my nipples or all over my cockhead while masturbating

By Pistonbroke at 06,Jul,22 00:04 other posts of Pistonbroke 
I enjoy mine , it tastes great! Like an appetizer for the main dish!

By thebeewolf at 04,Jul,22 18:29 other posts of thebeewolf 
I like seeing a big drop of it form on the tip of my dick while I'm getting a long, lubed penis massage. When my masseur sees it, I watch as he carefully captures it and incorporates it into the lube he's using on me.

By #674286 at 04,Jul,22 12:21
As my cock drips with precum, I scoop it up with a spoon from the tip of my cock until I have enough to eat it and appreciate the sweetness of it, jummy
By Bobbyd73 at 04,Jul,22 12:38 other posts of Bobbyd73 
Awesome. I have a little syringe type thing that I suck it all into.
By #674286 at 04,Jul,22 16:17
Tastes nice doesn't it,

By Barry at 04,Jul,22 08:13 other posts of Barry 
I use it as I go, if I don’t swallow it all. Yum
By Bobbyd73 at 04,Jul,22 12:36 other posts of Bobbyd73 
Yea, I understand. I love the taste myself.

By Roberto2020 at 03,Jul,22 16:45 other posts of Roberto2020 
I'd like to but I find these days I am more a use-as-i-go kind of guy

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