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Friend's delema to break up blowjob on his car or not

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Started by Blade at 25,Jul,23 04:06  other posts of Blade
Went out for drinks with old friends. All but my buddy left. We were both super drunk. My friend admitted to me he had a delema weeks back. he started asking me what I would do.

Story was that he went out with work guys to strip club few towns over. He was super horny leaving and admitted he was debating jerking off in parking lot before driving home. He gets about 4 cars away from his car and sees a guy sitting on his hood with a blonde sucking him off.

A cars headlights going by lit them up and he saw it was one of the bouncers and one of the strippers. She still had on her outfit from dance she did a little while before. He said he was mad they were fucking up hood of his newer car. but wanted to watch her suck him off too. My friend is a big dude so he wasn't scared of guy, so that wasnt' factor.

He confessed later that night that he did pull out his dick and came almost as soon as he grabbed his dick, cumming all over the car he was kinda hiding behind. Then he remembered the people on his car, and he went over to them yelling to get off his car. the dude getting blown said 'are you fucking kiddin me' or something like that. Bad timing dude. and said he probably would have punched him if he wasn't about to cum. The girl backed off, but the dude grabbed her, all while his dick was hanging out, and plopped down onto the hood of the next car over. He said he could hear stranger's hood totally fucking dent in as he pulled the girls head down into his lap again. He said the guy was so pissed and was really pulling girls head down on his dick as he yelled at my friend threats. My friend backed out and right before pulling away thought he heard guy say that was him if he saw him there again.

He said there were scratches from when he slid off hood. Bearly could see any dent, but I didnt' tell him I did see the dent later when light hit it just right.

So he's asking me if he did right thing. Should he have let them finish? Went over right away without jerking off? Yelled to show dominance or just asked them nicely? He was also freaked that he couldnt go there again cause the guy surely got a look at his face. One, in circumstance, he wouldn't forget.

What do you guys think would have been best thing to do? Has something similiar happened to you going back to your car seeing people sitting on it? I won't say what I told him so it doesn't influence responses, until later.

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