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Fucking furniture and things around house

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Started by Blade at 19,Oct,23 04:39  other posts of Blade
I did this quite a bit when I was a teen. I've haven't seen video of someone else doing this, maybe ever. I had a few friends that were hornballs like me. We'd jerk off either hidden or openly. One friend had little bro, so we had to hide it well. I figured out I could stick my dick between cushions of their couch, while looking like I was just laying there if someone came in room. I came too much jizz to let myself cum in their couches, but I did a few times

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By wycowboy at 19,Oct,23 13:54 other posts of wycowboy 
I used to stick my cock between the mattress and coil springs or between the cushions on the couch and thrust until I came. My cousin and I would do it at his house too if we weren't sucking or fucking each other. He had a little brother who would watch and play with his little cock.
By Blade at 20,Oct,23 01:24 other posts of Blade 
Did you make a mess when you came? Or did you wear a condom or something? I never wore a condom. Id just get up quick and run to bathroom or a few times kitchen and shot in his sink. Then one time I was on stomach watching movie and my dick in between the cushions of a two cushion couch. I purposely didn't cum in that couch because it was perfect for this, and felt so soft and good. But my friends dad came down one night and ended up watching a whole scene of the movie. So I couldn't get up and I was beyond my limit and I just came in his couch.

I was just concentrating on not making a visual or audio sign I was cumming, and after 5 minutes of pumping my cum into the couch I could start to feel my cum half way up my dick. Finally the dad left, and I was still stuck until my friend got up to go bathroom. I ran into kitchen and grabbed a rubber spatula from strainer and fistful of paper towels and ran back to wipe out my cum. spatula worked great scooping up my cum into paper towels, and I just got back into kitchen when friend came back down.
By wycowboy at 20,Oct,23 15:28 other posts of wycowboy 
I always just shot my load in to whatever I was "fucking". I guess I didn't care if someone noticed.

By LGA6969 at 19,Oct,23 22:44 other posts of LGA6969 
My first real orgasm when I was 11 or 12
I use to hump my big pillow at night.
One night it happened I was going at it humping fast and furious and all of a sudden this feeling came over me. I shot a big load all over my pillow and sheets.. what a sticky mess
Great feeling

By JackHammer at 19,Oct,23 14:51 other posts of JackHammer 
I also used to use the couch, it was a soft velour or felt covering. I've also used a vibrating sander, without the sandpaper.

By #662360 at 19,Oct,23 07:49
When I was a young teen I used to lie naked on my bed on top of a big fat pillow and thrust my hard up cock against it till I came. I was trying to simulate the feel of fucking a girl laying under me.

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