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By wycowboy at 06,May,21 21:12
That's how I did it. I started out at night, late at night for as long as I had the courage for. Then longer times until I could walk around the block totally naked. The did started going out in the yard with my cock out and now I take the trash out, mow the lawn, do other outside chores naked. My neighbors are used to it and rarely look or comment, except for the 40ish hottie next door. She has started going naked outside as well and comes over to talk frequently that way.

By wycowboy at 06,May,21 21:09
Like Sicilian I am in a sexless marriage so I jack off as often as possible, usually everyday. I don't, can't, cum every day but every 2-3 days is usual. I will sometimes deny myself a cum for 3 weeks or so and then edge for as long as I can. I get a great orgasm when I do that.

By wycowboy at 28,Apr,21 21:01
My wife is very vocal when she cums. I love hearing her grunt and moan and scream with her orgasm. The better her orgasm the louder she is.

By wycowboy at 26,Apr,21 18:36
I've been married for 37 years and have bated the whole time. I started masturbating when I was about 11. My wife considers it a form of cheating on her but I don't care, I still do it.

By wycowboy at 23,Apr,21 12:06
I drive up in to the mountains every summer and go for a naked hike. It always ends up with a nice jerk and cum. When not doing that I slip outside on my porch at night and jerk and cum.

By wycowboy at 20,Apr,21 23:19
I'd love to try it

By wycowboy at 20,Apr,21 23:17

fur babies

By wycowboy at 18,Apr,21 11:07
I would if I could, but, even if I didn't weigh 200 pounds it isn't long enough to reach.

By wycowboy at 14,Apr,21 13:02
Christy Canyon and Seka

By wycowboy at 06,Apr,21 15:23
Perfect explanation! Performing cunnilingus correctly is an art form that few men strive to learn. When you can make a woman squirt using just your tongue you've learned it.

By wycowboy at 06,Apr,21 15:21
Welcome to the nuts house

By wycowboy at 06,Apr,21 15:19
Plenty of it in Wyoming

By wycowboy at 06,Apr,21 15:18
I shaved a couple of months ago, maybe three. First time doing it. Loved the smoothness and also the feel of my cum on my skin when masturbating. My wife hated it and after a time I didn't like it much either. I had to shave every other day so I tried some Nair for men, didn't like that either. I finally decided that I would just be hairy so it is currently growing back out.

By wycowboy at 06,Apr,21 15:14
Love eating mine!

By wycowboy at 01,Apr,21 18:49
I didn't have any brothers to compare with but most of my friends and my dad were larger than I was. I didn't care though. I did get teased in school a little but since I never had a problem getting dates and getting laid I blew it off. Some girls laughed at my size but after I fucked them they quit laughing. You just have to know how to use it.

By wycowboy at 31,Mar,21 13:29
I rarely use any lube except for my precum.

By wycowboy at 28,Mar,21 11:08
I watched those hotties every week and had a stiffie after every show. Good times.

By wycowboy at 28,Mar,21 11:07
In todays times you are right they don't but 40-60 years ago they did. It was part of the exam.

By wycowboy at 27,Mar,21 13:19
Whats sexual and what isn't is in the mind of the person it is happening to. As a young teenager knowing that a female besides my mother was seeing my cock gave me a raging hard on. I don't remember feeling it was "sexual" at the time but I guess I was. I remember the orgasm after I got home was very good.

By wycowboy at 27,Mar,21 13:15
It's not something I would do but I don't think it's weird. I started with my fingers and then a dildo but have had hand tools, glass coke and beer bottles and other items in my ass.

By wycowboy at 23,Mar,21 16:56
Yes, I think I would let a bi or gay man suck me off as long as he didn't expect me to do him too.

By wycowboy at 16,Mar,21 15:05
I check out others at times. It doesn't excite me so not sure why. It does excite me when someone checks my small package out though It doesn't happen very often but I love it when it does.

By wycowboy at 15,Mar,21 15:59
When I was 17 and my little sister was 15 my parents were out one night playing darts at a bar. They did this often so we knew they wouldn't be home until very late. My sis had her friend staying the night. Her friend didn't have much for tits but had a great ass and was very good looking. We were all horny I guess and started messing around tickling each other and grabbing feels. As this went on we started taking our clothes off and getting hornier and hornier. My sis and I had seen each other naked often as being naked in my house in front of each other wasn't that big of a deal but seeing her friend naked and messing around soon had my cock pointing north. Her friend and I then started getting serious, doing 69 and then fucking until we both had satisfying orgasms. I had forgotten sis was there until I heard her groan. She had been finger fucking herself while I was fucking her friend.

By wycowboy at 08,Mar,21 16:02
My dad and I would go to the Y together to work out before he died and would then hit the showers, thats how I know he wasn't cut. I of course know about my sons because I made the choice there and I know about my grandson because we raised him for a year as a baby and had to change his diapers.

By wycowboy at 06,Mar,21 14:28
When I was about 12 I went to a doctor for an exam. My mom accompanied me to the exam room as she always had. The doctor pulled my tightie whities down in front of my mom and his nurse and felt my penis and balls which gave me a raging erection. I was embarassed as that had never happened before and it was in front of my mom and the nurse. He finished the exam and explained things while I got dressed, still erect. When I got home I went to my room and jerked off to get rid of the erection. I'm sure my mom knew why I was in my room, lol.

By wycowboy at 06,Mar,21 14:21
My dad was uncut, I am cut, he was bigger. All of my sons were cut, My oldest we didn't have a choice, I was in the military and they cut all the boys at birth, the other 2 we decided. All are bigger than me, it ain't hard to be bigger than me, lol. My grandson is uncut. He was born in Oregon and being circumcised is an elective procedure so my son and his girlfriend said no.

By wycowboy at 16,Feb,21 17:07
I jack off in my truck almost every time I go somewhere alone. Last summer I was coming home after delivering something to my wife at her work which is about a 45 minute drive from home. I edged the whole way there and closed up my jeans just outside of town, delivered what she needed and then opened my jeans back up as soon as I could on the way home. I took a different route home though, the more remote of the 3 possibilities, for a reason though. By the time I reached the spot I wanted I had been edging a total of about 2 hours. I parked my truck, took off my jeans, stepped out on the road and spent a few minutes jacking my cock. When I came I sent several ropes of cum a couple feet away. After I was done cumming I stood there for a couple more minutes getting my breath back when I noticed a car coming my way. I slowly got in my truck, put on my jeans and left. I'm positive the people in the car saw me naked and probably knew what I had been doing. I don't care though. I've been doing this for years and I'm sure I've been seen mroe than once and never got in trouble.

By wycowboy at 06,Feb,21 15:02
I don't try to see another guys dick when I am pissing but am always turned on when I catch someone looking at mine. It makes me get harder.

By wycowboy at 06,Feb,21 15:00
Such a great actor, I will miss him. RIP Mr. Plummer.

By wycowboy at 19,Jan,21 15:33
I saw my little sister, who's 54 now, nude just yesterday. We are in the habit of just walking in each others house without knocking so when I went over yesterday that's what I did. She happened to be in the shower at that time and when done she came out in the living room nude not knowing I had dropped by. Since we had seen each other nude many times as kids and teenagers it was no big deal. She just sat down and we had a good visit for an hour or so. I have to say that she is still looking very good and hot. I had an erection the whole time and there was a precum spot on my jeans when I got up, which she noticed and commented on. She just laughed about it and said she'll have to come over and catch me nude some day. I told her to just drop in as I am nude almost all day when home.

By wycowboy at 09,Jan,21 15:22
I'm commando about 90% of the time and naked at home 100% of the time. I also sleep naked and my blinds are also open a lot of the time.

By wycowboy at 09,Jan,21 15:20
Just buy/look at it, who cares what the checkers/others think. I bought myself some panty hose yesterday at Walmart and also spent some time looking at some nice lacy things for me. I didn't use self check out either.

By wycowboy at 08,Jan,21 15:19
A very pretty mid 30's lady I work with volunteered that she goes commando all the time yesterday. Something I had already noticed as she wears leggings almost every day that are see through when the light hits them just right. She said she likes catching men looking at her ass, which is very nice. The other man I was talking with mentioned wearing a thong, she would get the same looks. She said she can't because a thong makes her butthole itch, lol! I felt like telling her I would be happy to scratch that itch but I like my job, lol.

By wycowboy at 07,Jan,21 15:31
No, but at a sleepover one of the other guys pulled mine out and sucked me off. It was awesome.

By wycowboy at 03,Jan,21 15:26

First shave

By wycowboy at 31,Dec,20 15:18
15-20 I'd say, I never thought it important to keep count

By wycowboy at 22,Dec,20 15:10
Who cares? Why does it matter who has the bigger or better dick?

By wycowboy at 19,Dec,20 14:54
In a park, in my parked truck with a woman eating her lunch in her car parked next to me, at my desk at work, all over a hotel I worked as security at............

By wycowboy at 18,Dec,20 21:59
I'd like to try it

By wycowboy at 18,Dec,20 21:59
My wife can fart as good as any man.

By wycowboy at 16,Dec,20 14:57
It happens. My wife always has pussy farts when we fuck doggie style.

By wycowboy at 15,Dec,20 14:44
I haven't counted but the vast majority near me are men, most are either straight, as I am, or bisexual. A few are gay.

By wycowboy at 15,Dec,20 14:42
I must not be eating healthy. My cum last night was very salty.

By wycowboy at 09,Dec,20 15:36
I'm not big soft or hard but there is a lot of difference soft to hard. I'm a grower for sure

By wycowboy at 09,Dec,20 15:33

By wycowboy at 07,Dec,20 15:03
Mine was a step cousin. We were a year apart in age, I was 13, he was 12. We had some mutual jerk off sessions, then we played with each others cocks and progressed from that into sucking each other and anal. This lasted for about 2 years until his parents got divorced and he moved away. That was my only male/male sexual encounters but remembered with fondness.

By wycowboy at 18,Nov,20 18:58
When I bother to wear any I wear boxer briefs.

By wycowboy at 18,Nov,20 18:56
Yes, quite a few times

By wycowboy at 11,Nov,20 14:02

By wycowboy at 10,Nov,20 13:04
I'm nude from the time I wake up until I go to bed unless I have to go outside for some reason. So all my inside chores are done nude,sometimes with an erection, most times soft. I'd love to work outside nude but I live in ultra conservative Wyoming and my neighbors wouldn't understand and would likely call the cops. That doesn't stop me from opening my fly and letting an erection breath every now and then though.