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Wife's Subtle Fetish

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Started by #709175 at 06,Feb,24 06:41
My wife has 2 very subtle fetishes, the first is probably no big deal and I'm sure many women are the same, not wearing any underwear when going out, and at home too for that matter. If she is taking the kids out then that is a no no. But going out with me, yes, all the time. I must add that this is a summer thing, skirts and shorts. This has been a thing all our married life and I never questioned it, why would I when I can get a feel anytime I want, so can anyone for that matter and I must say that I wonder about that sometimes, because she also goes out without me not wearing her underwear. The second fetish is a lot more hard core. She loves cum, she loves cum in her pussy, we have had many long term sex partners over the years, the regulars don't have to wear a condom, they get to cum in her followed by me, double's her fetish, she won't wipe it up, she likes it to just dribble out and more often than not will stand up and walk around the room, on some occasions when we have sex in odd places, in the bush, one partners office, she will put her top and skirt on and let cum run down her legs all the way to the floor or into her shoes. This is another one of her quirks that I never question, I'm sure many men would like to see that.

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